Back from the Royal Welsh Show with a couple of tunes that soundtracked my drive to and from mid Wales. How was the show? Massive, 200,000 people over four days, although I only had lunch breaks to explore. “The Welsh Sheeptacular” a presentation of 20 breeds of sheep was surprisingly engaging – proof perhaps that you can take the boy out of Cumbria but you cant take Cumbria out of the boy.

Another highlight was the very happy and exceedingly posh woman careering around the show ground with her horse and trap. If she ever had the inclination she could have a great career dubbing “niche” movies as her running commentary sounded “just a shade too excited”

“Now, then Jasper’s really breaking into it… oh good Jasper! Jasper! Oh a little faster! You too, Starlight! Really go for it! There we are! Yes!”

Oh yes this is a music blog isnt it sorry! With a five hour journey each way I had plenty of time to listen to music, and its interesting how certain tracks come to life on the car stereo. So as Jeremy Clarkson might say here’s Boston with “More Than A Feeling“….

Actually my driving song features Antony of “and the Johnsons” fame guesting on a My Robot Friend track. I’d listened to it a few times before but after it popped up on shuffle while driving I clicked back to listen to it again, and again, and again. Clocking in at 2’45” its criminally short, but superbly references 80’s classics like Soft Cell with an added hint of disco. Over the top of this Antony is powerful and emotional in the role of scorned lover “You looked the part but you let me down / And from the start you just messed around“.

Fantastic stuff, and I’m sure I looked a picture of masculinity charging through Wales at the wheel of a 998cc Nissan Micra while belting out my best Antony singalong vocals.

My Robot Friend – “One More Try (feat. Antony)” (MP3) / Buy from Amazon

Next up the overdue and very welcome return of Jarvis Cocker. Featuring a few dozen “C words” its unlikely to be popping up on Chris Moyles anytime soon, but its Jarvis back with the Pulp sound as opposed to his more electronic Relaxed Muscle material. Originally inspired by Live8 and Iraq, the lyrics are wonderfully acerbic and witty but at the same time very catchy. Its good to have you back Jarvis 🙂

“Well did you hear, theres a natural order

Those most deserving will end up with the most

That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top

Well I say, “Shit floats”.

Jarvis – C*nts are still running the world (MP3) / Buy from itunes

Dedicated to New Labour, the Israeli government and George Bush.