Yesterdays first attempt at breaking the back of my overflowing inbox went fairly well I thought… 450 emails read and errr 5 tracks posted!  It’s honestly not that I get sent a lot of terrible music (although I do get my fair share) its more I don’t see the point in featuring tracks I think are merely “alright“.
There was also a huge amount of junk, “So You Think You Can Dance” updates, and PR lies… “Hi Music Like Dirt, We’ve been reading your blog for some time now and think its one of the best there is… We thought you’d really like to hear the new single by Jamie Cullum/Celine Dion etc“.

Anyway on with the remaining 553… lets hope there are some gems hidden within!

At the risk of getting side tracked before I even begin I have to feature a monster of a track that popped up on Twitter.  I’d read a few mixed reviews of “One Armed Bandit” the latest LP from Ninjatune’s Norwegian Jazz collective Jaga Jazzist but if the free edit of “Toccata” is anything to go by I’ll be heading to emusic to get the album later.

Recorded as a homage to avant-garde composer Steve Reich, “Toccata” begins like an lost track from “Music for 18 Musicians“.   The free edit is “only” 5 and a half minutes long but there’s plenty of time for Reich-like repetition, and gradual build over that time.  A piano riff repeats throughout, beats kick in half way through to be joined by what sounds like the entire brass section of the orchestra booming down.  Its a simply glorious sound.

Jaga Jazzist – Toccata (edit)” (MP3)
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Ok who’s stupid idea was this!? I’ve not found anything that really grabs me and now I can see the clock ticking since my last recommendation.
There are plenty of the usual suspects, the bands that occupy the upper heights of the Hype Machine charts.  Numerous remixes of Marina & the Diamonds of which the thumping house of Juan MacLean’s version comes out top.  The genius that is Chilly Gonzales recorded a orchestral piano remake supposedly for an Eastern European TV show. Watch that here.

Marina & The Diamonds – Hollywood (Juan MacLean remix)” (MP3)

Another bloggers favourite Yeasayer have been remixed by the uber-cool XXXchange, but to be honest I prefer the unashamedly bouncy pop remake by Alan Wilkis. Be sure to check out Alan’s own solo work, and a host of tasty remixes on his website.

Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp (Alan Wilkis mix)” (MP3)

Any room for some more electronic pop? Dan Black has released one of his unofficial mixtapes featuring borrowed lyrics and un-releasable steals from Goreki, Beastie Boys, Kate Bush and Drake. Grab the Weird Science mixtape here:

Dan Black – Slave To Paper” (MP3)

And finally with the lighter poppier sounds is Laurel Halo from NYC, but who emailed to say she’d just been in Bethnal Green. She describes her music as “funky and dreamy“, although at the start of  “A Single Breath” I thought I was in for some more Steve Reich.  Visit her blog for more downloads including a “Vampire drum and Bass” version by London’s Radiant Dragon.

Laurel Halo – A Single Breath” (MP3)

Right, before all that pop rots your teeth, its time for The London Snorkelling Team. They create cocktail, crime, space music that they imagine happened sometime in the 1950s at a party for experimental scientists with an obsession for cartoons. It sounds a bit like the theme music from Inspector Gadget as played by a cocktail band.
They’re playing King’s Place in February as part of the Arctic Circle festival featuring The Willkommen Collective, and to mark the occasion theyve put together a 13 track sampler of all the artists playing the concert series.

CLICK HERE for a free to download 13 track sampler

The London Snorkelling Team – Samuel Langoustine” (MP3)
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Hildur Gudnadottir – Erupting Light” (MP3)


How could I forget to mention the latest Akira The Don mixtape!!? ATD 20 is available to buy in various bundles with tshirts and the like, or as a Free lower bitrate MP3.
The Don didnt sleep for 40 hours while creating this epic mix that takes in the Jungle Book, Black, a new version of Thanks For All The Aids and all kinds of new Akira goodness.

Listen to The Bare Neccesitys (Akira The Don) remix below or watch the video here.
Akira The Don – Bare Necessities by Akira The Don

The man has even branched out into spoken word territory with the beautifully shot version of “Security“. Filmed on location at the Olympic construction site just across the canal from his Hackney home.

Emails are great ive learnt about fresh revenue opportunities, that Mr Motivator has confirmed his appearance at an Austrian music festival, and that the Heavy rocked David Lettermans world so much he forgot to sleep with a member of staff (and asked the Heavy to play the same track twice). Watch it, they’re fantastic live.

19:59PM 0 Emails left to be opened… 433 tracks to potentially be listened to! Not sure this experiment in clearing my mail really works as a spectator sport.  Now to cook some dinner and start listening to a few of these tracks… where to start!

I’ll sign off with a video from Benin City who did send me a link to their new single but by the time I’d checked it out the link had expired. If this video of “The Beat” Live is anything to go by it’ll be well worth snapping up. Check their Myspace or become a Facebook fan, then watch the video below which reminds me of old style Hip-Hop mixed with a little Go-Go. The Beat does indeed sound very very nice!