There are some nights worth walking over hot coals to get to, worthy of scaling mountains, a select few even rank high enough to warrant getting a bus to Dalston on a Thursday night! The launch party of Roots Manuva & WrongTom’s dub-delicious “Duppy Writer” album is one such night.

12,” 7,” CD, MP3… my record rack runneth over with the output of Rodney Smith aka Roots Manuva, dating back to the mid 90’s. A chance to catch him old school style in a tiny East London basement crammed with a 100 lucky punters is one sticky sweaty opportunity too good to miss. During the course of the evening Rodney himself casts his mind back to bygone Brixton parties and 3 pound draws, before summing it up succinctly while wiping his brow… “I’m sweating me balls off here“.

I’d arranged to interview Mr Manuva MC so when Ninja’s lady in command Maddy spotted Rodney strolling towards us she asked “Quick Interview?,” I gulped in trepidation, or more accurately terror. A shake of the head in the negative later and without breaking stride he was gone and I have to say Ive never been happier to be blanked in my life. No more stressing, just enjoy the show!

A week or so later I caught up with the “Duppy Writer” himself (Ghost writer in Jamaican patois) DJ Wrong Tom to chat about the debut live performance, if he was happy with reviews like “the best reggae album of the last 30 years” and how he was first introduced to the sprawl of musical styles covered by the term, Reggae.
Watch the interview below, featuring clips of the live show and a multi-location interview (entirely planned obviously and nothing to do with me running out of batteries 5 minutes into the interview).


Roots Manuva – Twitter / Facebook / BananaKlan
WrongTom – Twitter / Website / Soundcloud

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Buy: Order “Duppy Writer” Now

Roots Manuva Vs. WrongTom – “Butterfly Crab Walk (feat. Riddla)” (MP3)
Roots Manuva – “Join The Dots (Drums of Death remix)” (MP3)
Roots Manuva – “Witness (Floorman M20 Edit)” (MP3)

Listen to a “Duppy Writer” minimix below courtesy of Pop Matters.

Kid Koala “Skanky Panky (Wrongtom Dub)” by wrongtom

A quick glimpse at a track by a band WrongTom has been producing called Phantom – WrongTom say “in shit-journalese I’d describe it as Link Wray goes on a murder spree at the hop then sits back and lights a cigarette contemplating who might be next”.
Phantom “Monster” (excerpt) by wrongtom

DUPPY WRITER ALBUM  launch party 12