I’d like to claim I’ve been keenly following the music of Fabiana Palladino from the second I heard her voice on Ghostpoet’s “Survive It” last year. Unfortunately though I simply loved the tune, swooned at the gorgeous vocals and then didn’t bother my arse finding out who was responsible for said voice.

Thankfully Ghostpoet places more value on the people that made his debut such a success and tweeted a link to Fabiana’s new demo late on Sunday night. And what a demo!

Fretless Bass alert! As Fabiana herself put it in the tweet to the right “Young Thing” has a wonderful 80’s soul feel courtesy of the lesser spotted fretless bass. And if you’re going to feature a bass player it could be described as good fortune to have Pino Palladino as a father. Pino’s bass playing stretches back as far as Paul Young’s “No Parlez” LP, but in the 90’s he pretty much supplied the bottom end for the entire Neo Soul movement with his work on D’Angelo’s classic Voodoo album along with Erykah Badu, Bilal and Common.

The bass is one thing but as any good chef will tell you it’ll count for nowt if you dont get what’s on top right and thankfully “Young Thing” is a treat. Palladino is blessed with a beautiful voice, the song is understated but reels you in and the production has more than a hint of Paisley Park.

Fabiana Palladino – Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter / Soundcloud
Listen: Download her first EP “Long Nights Of War for free on Bandcamp.
Embers – “Soft Rain” (Soundcloud) – a track from Fabiana’s other band

A few extra Fabiana goodies…
Ghostpoet feat Fabiana Palladino – “Survive it”

Fabiana & Ghostpoet on Jools

Fabiana doesn’t feature on this special Ghostpoet performance for Channel 4’s Random Acts series but Ill take an excuse to post it as its flippin’ brilliant.

And finally to hear some of the music Fabiana’s inspired by read her Tumblr blog – the highlight of which has to be this old Prince produced stormer from The Family. What a TUNE!!!