Top 200 Tracks of 2012 (1-25)

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joshI’ve always taken the lament, “Music’s just not as good as it was when I was young” to mean “I’m just not as interested in music as when I was young“. Over the eight years this blog has run a ‘best of’, styles have come and gone but there’s never a shortage of wonderful sounds.

These lists are always subjective, personal and far from definitive. Having witnessed pedestrians breaking out into horse riding inspired dance moves as I took a vaguely embarrassing cycle rickshaw journey up Oxford Street with Gangnam Style blasting out, I can safely say it is the song of 2012. It’s just not my song – not that I hate it – but i’m sure Psy will cope with a snub from an obscure music blog.

The rules are simple – if slightly malleable – one entry per artist, and a 2012 ‘release’ date (whatever that means in this digital age). Songs like Kishi Bashi’s “Manchester” & Late Night Tuff Guy’s Acid rework of 10cc missed out due to my own sloppiness as 2011 releases I pricked my ears up to in 2012. Similarly a few songs heavily featured in other end of year charts were in mine last year…because Im like so cutting edge, innit.

Other loves but still omissions were “Millionenspiel from CAN’s “Lost Tapes”, a 2012 release but recorded in 1969. Potential Kid’s hugely catchy Yah Suh Nice disqualified on what I’ll call the “Buju Banton” rule, thanks to the line, “Before mi tun a battyman, mi wudda tun a raper”.

Anyway enough about who missed out, here are numbers 1-25 in the chart.

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25. Adje – Hele Meneer

I won’t pretend to be an aficionado on Dutch Hip-Hop… I haven’t a clue what Adje is talking about, although google translate suggests something along the lines of “Whole Mr” or “Entire Sir”???
Whatever… Adje intones his lines in a deep soporific voice and even if you don’t connect lyrically, the beat on this track will knock you off your feet. If the instrumental of this tune had an English speaking MC like Kanye or Jay Z sitting on top of it, there’d be a gold disc on the way and a host of A-listers demanding the production skills of the man responsible.

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24. Pronto Mama – Still Swimming