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Small Wonder Records: Pete Stennett interview Part.1

If you were to list the great musical landmarks and locations in London, it would be a while before Walthamstow tripped off the tongue. However in Hoe Street, around the corner from the crumbling art deco cinema where the Beatles once played is a nondescript shop at the very centre of the punk explosion.

Today, 162 Hoe Street provides tasty Kabanos and other Eastern European grub but in the late 70’s kids from across the capital would make a pilgrimage to Small Wonder Records for the latest Punk and post punk sounds. Crass, Bauhaus, The Cure, The Cravats, Patrik Fitzgerald, Cockney Rejects… to name but a few of the bands who had their first release on the Small Wonder label.

Top 200 Tracks of 2011 (1-50)

Like a 2011 Annual, pasted with price reduction stickers and sitting forlornly in the bargain bin, my end of year list may have slightly missed its moment.

However as it’s the 7th year Ive engaged in this ludicrous pastime it’d be a shame to let it sit in “draft” status forever, even if it is the equivelent of being given a creme egg on halloween.

Someone once said that in the obsessive effort to try and hear everything, they’d managed to lose the joy of listening to anything. As my original 1000 song shortlist expanded rather than contracted through January I almost began to feel the same.

But these are 200 songs I absolutely adored in 2011. The order is a little suspect, and listening last night to a few between 100 and 150 almost had me tearing up the whole thing and starting again.
But “Best Of’s” are supposed to be individual, arbitrary, and of course hugely self indulgent. As an ex once said of the whole concept of having a music blog “why dont you just put up a picture of you blowing yourself“.

Visit the Music Like Dirt page on Facebook and let me know what tunes Ive criminally overlooked? Theres also Twitter or the comments section of this page.

You can watch/listen to a 200 song Youtube playlist featuring most of the top 200 (and a few excellent standins), I’ll possibly look into Spotify at some point.
There’s also a ZIP featuring some tracks

Read/Listen to numbers 51-100 and 101-200

1. Adele – “Someone like you”
“Sometimes it lasts in love,
But sometimes it hurts instead”

Why do I feel like I need to apologise for putting Adele at No.1? The girl didn’t so much own 2011 as have it blindfolded, tied to the bed, and begging her to do as she please. Aside from the trifling matter of almost career ending throat surgery, Adele spent the year breaking records and hoovering up awards like cat hair. She even found herself a new fella, or album number 3 as he’s otherwise known.
And yet with success comes sneering. The Guardian declared her the leader of the New Bland, sitting astride a wave of beige pop that the paper somehow failed to notice during the preceding 40 years.
In January ’11 I saw Adele perform the song at a launch gig for the 21 album at Notting Hill’s Tabernacle. I’d not heard it before but instantly felt the same as I had when hearing her perform “Daydreamer” to a handful of people back in 2006 (my favourite track of that year).

“Don’t forget me, I beg,” – You haven’t really given me the chance, have you?

Please read The Quietus’s hilariously accurate critique of the lyrics to “Someone Like You” but while the article makes me chuckle I still think theres a no nonsense raw honesty to the lyrics. Back in January, she sang it barely a few feet from me accompanied by piano, lost in the words and by the end struggling to hold back the tears. Everyone present gave a huge gulp as it finished, breath taken by the beauty of both voice and words just as the audience at The Brits were later in the year (and by extension the 100 million viewers of that performance on Youtube).
HolyMoly who were also there summed it up better than i can, “Adele feels like an opened window on the sweaty bus of popular music. There’s no artifice, no bullshit“.

Not content with the ballad of the year Adele with a little help from Jamie XX, Heatwave and assorted MC’s also provided one of THE tunes of this years Notting Hill Carnival.

Adele – “Rolling In The Heat (The Heatwave Re-Fix)”[audio:http://cdn03.cdn.gorillavsbear.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Adele-Jamie-XX-vs-Cecile-Mr-Lexx-Timberlee-Rolling-In-The-Heat-The-Heatwave-Refix.mp3]

Without doubt I have my moments of musical snobbery but sometimes you just have to admit the most popular may also actually be the best.
You see that limited edition DJ Only dub plate remix you got from a friend on an amusingly shaped USB stick, well let me break it to you softly, the woman who buys 3 CD’s a year exclusively from ASDA with her groceries, well this year her tunes were better than yours.

2. Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”
How is it that the only ones responsible for making this mess
Got their sorry asses stapled to a goddamn desk
Facebook / Twitter / Website

There were two or three tracks on Waits latest album that could easily have occupied this slot, particularly the joyous rockabilly stomp of “Get Lost”. In the end though the sheer ferocity, anger and inventiveness of “Hell Broke Luce” wins out.
Inspired in part by the story of Iraq vet Jeff Lucey who committed suicide on his return from the Gulf. To the sound of a military march Waits barks his fury as discordant percussion crashes around him,  machine guns fire and The Stone’s Keith Richards draws thunderous riffs from his guitar.

3. Flash Bang Grenada – “In A Perfect World”
In a perfect world tomahawks blow up in a bouquet of penises
Facebook / Twitter (Busdriver / Nocando)

LA Hip-Hop stalwarts Busdriver & Nocando have guested on each others records – notably Busdriver’s brilliant “Least Favourite Rapper” but Flash Bang Grenada (pronounced like the explosive, not the Caribbean island paradise) is their first and hopefully not last full length collaboration.
If it was upto me everyone in the tea-party would be able to speak Farsi
Busdriver packs more lyrical punch in one line than some do in entire careers, and “Perfect World” doesn’t disappoint. Listen to it on repeat to appreciative every quip filled couplet. The fact that it has the fattest squelchiest beat underneath doesn’t do any harm either.

Busdriver’s also back with his own new album too:

4. Speech Debelle – “Blaze Up A Fire (feat. Roots Manuva & Realism”)
I am not a pop star I’m a mother fucking thug

Speech Debelle wrote “Blaze Up A Fire” months before the English riots of 2011, but in the wake of them she felt compelled to release it as a free download in advance of her 2nd album.

Speech Debelle (read full statement):
I feel it could give insight into the hearts and minds of some of the people that have taken part in, not only the peaceful marches for Mark Duggan in Tottenham and the Smiley Culture march for justice, but also I believe it speaks of the frustration of many young people who took part in the rioting and the consequent looting over London and areas of the UK. I am not attempting to condone, I’m attempting to be a voice of understanding.

It’s without doubt that what these young people have been doing is destructive and shameful….

These young people are not aliens dropped down from outer space on Friday night, they are our children….
Only people who cannot envision a positive future will take part in the destruction of their own community and if we acknowledge that, then we to ask the question why somebody so young feels they have so little to look forward to? I cannot allow myself to dehumanise these kids and see them as my enemy

5. Drake – Marvin’s Room (Shlohmo’s Thru Tha Floor Remix)” / Burial – “Shell Of Light (Shlohmo Remix)”
I’ve had sex four times this week, I’ll explain, Having a hard time adjusting to fame

LA’s Shlohmo has been turning out remixes to die for all year. His take on R&B colossus Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” is so laid back and soporific that putting it on a loop this morning transformed the hideous sweaty tumult of a London commute into something akin to chilling out in a floatation tank. Every shove, every bead of sweat, every disgruntled rustle of newspaper was nowt when given the unlikely soundtrack of Drake’s tale of 4 times a week sex and ill-advised hook ups with ex’s.

Shlohmo himself had this to say:

I forgot i had this drake remix lyin around. this is seriously one of my fav songs of the year, if not ever. if youre one of those people that hates on pop music because you wear a backpack or smthing then plz chill out. try and appreciate shit even if u have to forget the context sometimes. good music is good music and u don’t have to front and pretend it’s below ur intellectual level“.

His remix of Burial’s “Shell Of Light” is if anything even better. Simply gobsmacking.

been workin on this for the past few days. i just really couldn’t stop listening to the ending of “shell of light.” shit is so beautiful. so i did this so i could listen to it more. hope u like it ::)


6.The Soft Close-Ups – “Fireworks” / The Melting Ice Caps – “Strike In The Dark”
I was in love for at least six hours. You didn’t seem to notice.
I must be more subtle than I know.”
Facebook / Website / Download back catalogue free

David Shah’s The Melting Ice Caps have taken up permanent residency in my yearly Best of list, and with a new album due in Spring 2012 I may as well announce there’s only room for 199 others next year too.

His side project with Aug Stone “The Soft Close-Ups” also put out a collection and set of videos of their previously released songs this year and so qualify according to the strict “Its my list and ill do what I want to” rules.

Fireworks” is my favourite, with its beautifully sparse production leaving little but a burbling 80′s synth to accompany David’s plaintive voice.  It’s even more special when coupled with a simple but very effective video.

The Ice Caps “Strike In The Dark” was hard to pick out from the “Strike EP, given that its up against the superb “Pavlovian Boy”.
I was lucky enough to have David and his Ice Caps play at my Oxjam gig last year. “Strike” in particular whipped the crowd up in to the sort of frenzy you only really get on a Wednesday in Walthamstow (video).

7. Willie Evans Jr. – “Nerd English”
It’s okay if you’re just workin’ 9 to 5 my boy, actin’ like you in the streets ain’t fly boy
/ Facebook / Soundcloud / Billie Lotion LP Free DL

Willie Evans Jr,  Producer, Rapper and video cut-up artist, not to mention sounding the spit of MF Doom at times.

Nerd English” features an absolutly stonking guitar sample (what is it??) and a snarled refrain of “You Dont Have To Lie

In the video Evans mocks wannabe thugs or gansters while playing Dungeons and Dragons, X-boxes and Comic books. References to Ben 10, Ninja Scroll, Grand Theft Auto abound and when delivering his beat version of Aloe Blacc’s “Good Times” album Evans posted this message:

The good people over at High Water Music asked me to stop playing Tekken 6 long enough to talk about Billy Lotion. Billy Lotion is essentially the product of Sucio Smash letting me hear Aloe Blacc’s most recent album and then saying “What if you made a beat cd out of this album?”

In between making his Aloe Blacc album, regular video cut-ups (like The Beatles Strawberry Fields and the incredible live cutup video (to the left)), he’s also lining up a street fighting video game themed tour, and of course dropping his debut album. When does the guy sleep?


8. Jóhann Jóhannsson – “Freedom From Want And Fear”

9. Roots Manuva – “Wha’ Mek”

10. The Caretaker: “Camaraderie At Arms Length”

11. Akira The Don – “Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Envy)” / Akira The Don – “Living In The Future 2 (feat Scroobius Pip, Big Nastie, Eddie Argos…)
I used to have a soul, but it got suck out… Cheers
Facebook / Twitter / Website

2011 was a vintage year for Hackney’s one man multimedia empire, Akira The Don. His Stephen Hague produced pop opus of a 2nd LP “The Life Equation” burst into life, he got married (and shot a video dedicated to his wife on honeymoon), and to cap it all he headlined the Music Like Dirt Oxjam night in Walthamstow (actually that last one may have been one of my highlights, not his).

Nothing Lasts Forever” joins the pantheon of classic duet breakup songs stretching from Fred & Ginger calling the whole thing off, Streisand admonishing Diamond for a total failure to visit Interflora right upto Dusty asking Neil Tennant what she’s done to deserve this?

Akira & Envy may break up with less 80’s pop gloss and syn drums than the similarly Hague produced Dusty & Pet Shop Boys but its none the less a straight out belter of a pop song.

Living In The Future 2” on the other hand is an hillarious ode to the future and the past. Scroobius Pip plays the caveman with non internet enabled phone while Akira declares the revolution wont be televised itll be embedded (tshirts available) and Big Nastie’s RIP’s the floppy disk. The highlight though is Eddie Argos’s absolute need for Ghostbusters 3.

12. M83 – “Midnight City” / Lupe Fiasco – “The End Of The World”
This one dedicated to the soldiers
Throw up peace signs in the face of bulldozers

13. Psychologist – “Comes In Waves”

Top 200 Tracks of 2011 (51-100)

51. The Bullitts- Close Your Eyes (feat Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu)

52. Elzhi – “Halftime” / Will Sessions – “Detroit State Of Mind (The Elmatic Instrumentals)”

53. Breton – Edward The Confessor

54. Jay Z & Kanye West – “Otis feat. Otis Redding”

55. John Stammers – Idle I’m Remix (Colorama Coloured In Remix)

Original version:

56.Not the 1s – “Your Dad Hate Me”

57. Lucas Santtana – Super violão mashup

58. Jeffrey Lewis – “Cult Boyfriend”

Top 200 Tracks of 2011 (101-200)

101. Amerigo Gazaway – Breakadawn

102. FourTet – Pinnacles

103. Dillon – Thirteen ThirtyFive

104. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Can U Luv Me

105. Has-Lo – “Light Years”
“It’s thick like a novel of Tolstoy
A black kid impregnates the system hustlin coke, cracks and boy”

106. Bon Iver – Perth

107. Blood Orange – “Sutphin Boulevard”

108. Active Child – “Hanging On”
“Every day I feel this pain
But you just turn and walk away”

109. Woodkid – “Iron”

Goodbye, So Long: Gil Scott-Heron 1949-2011

We do what we do and how we do because of youChuck D (who’d just recorded a rap for Gil’s next album)
The last conversation I had with Gil by Richard Russell of XL Records.
New York Is Killing Me: The unlikely survival of Gil Scott-Heron poignant piece from New Yorker magazine.

Don Lett’s fabulous documentary for BBC 4 “The Revolution Will
Not Be Televised
” will hopefully be repeated in tribute but in the meantime someone bootlegged it on Youtube. It features contribututions from The Last Poets and Chuck D.

Newsnight’s Steven Smith travelled to the States to meet Heron on the eve of his comeback album “I’m New Here”.In 2000 Sean Rowley featured Gil on his much missed “All Back To Mine” series discussing music that he loves or was influenced by.

Gil Scott-Heron – Goodbye, So Long by Kane33

Gil Scott-Heron – Whitey on the Moon” (MP3) / (words)

Gil Scott-Heron – Message to the Messangers

Gil Scott-Heron – “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
Esther Phillips – “Home Is Where The Hatred Is (MP3)
Gil Scott Heron – “Home Is Where The Hatred Is (MP3)

StopMe’s Top 50 Songs Of All Time

Long time MLD readers will remember my brother Ryan’s regular “TEN4SEVEN” series.  Each and every week for a year he hunted high and low to find the 10 finest songs, until finally bowing out a spent husk of a man back in April 2010.

Now he’s resurrecting his blog Stop Me If You Think Youve Heard This One Before with a broader focus on popular culture.  So if you’re going to return why not do it with a bang and declare the 50 best songs of all time?

Why not? Because its a ridiculous task and just the thought of trying to boil down all the songs bouncing around my tiny mind is enough to push me closer to the funny farm.

I’m filled with a mixture of admiration at the enormity of the task and incredulity over some of the chosen tracks.  Older brothers are meant to act as some kind of fount of musical inspiration for their impressionable siblings but I can only claim influence over Billy Bragg, the Pet Shop Boys and Coldcut’s go-go/reggae/hiphop classic “Stop This Crazy Thing“.  My obsession with that track extended to painting a mural of the sleeve across the entire length of my bedroom wall.

Happy birthday Ryan, and over to you.
UPDATE: RoomyBonce kindly created a Spotify playlist containing 40 of the 50, but no Luxembourg or Gifthorse: Spotify playlist

StopMe: I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a top 100/top 50 list of my most cherished songs for about a year now.  As my thirtieth birthday is weeks away I’ve decided nows the time to sit back and reflect on m musical life.  For a bit of “Fun” I analysed my Top 50 and found out my tastes are 22% Pop-Rock and 18% Folk and that 2005 was the best ever year for music (Who’d have guessed).

I’ve included a selection of the best video clips below but you can watch all the available videos on my youtube channel by clicking here.  It was tough going whittling it down to only 50 tunes and even harder to put them in order.

1. Bruce Springsteen – Jungleland
Born To Run LP – 1975
“Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a dodge, drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain”
Nine and a half minutes of shear epic Rock grandeur. Most full novels don’t contain this much beauty and narrative power.  It also features Clarence Clemons delivering the greatest Sax-Solo in history building to an almost unbearably emotional climax across 2 minutes. I could listen to this every day for the rest of my life and never tire it out.

2. The Magnetic Fields – Papa Was A Rodeo
69 Love Songs LP – 1999
“Home was anywhere with diesel gas, love was a trucker’s hand, never stuck around long enough for a one night stand”
A story of lonesome one night stands and fleeting affairs. When the cathartic duet kicks in at my heart at 4.11 once breaks and yet rejoices. Over the years Stephen Merrit has written at least 50 of the greatest love songs ever written and this is his best.

3. The Indelicates – Savages
Songs For Swinging Lovers LP – 2010
“We are ash, we are books, coffee stained and overlooked, We are ornamental swords, forged for the peace after the war”
The lyrics to this song read like beautiful poetry.  It’s a searing celebration of the outsider spirit.  This says everything I ever wanted to say about great music.

4. Luxembourg – (I Need) A Little Bit More (Than You Give Me)
[audio:http://www.musiclikedirt.com/wp-content/MP3/top50/ALittleBitMore.mp3]Best Kept Secret: Demos & Rarities 2001-2004 Compilation – 2004
“I guess that when i told you I would leave you if you cheated, you took it as a promise, not a threat”

It takes a man of David Shah’s calibre to write a lyric this funny and yet sing it with so much power it’s like he’s tearing out his soul for your listening pleasure.

5. Ed Harcourt – Apple Of My Eye
Here Be Monsters LP – 2001
“I drink a lot of wine when I am alone, I lose my track of time, my ideas turn to stone”
I can’t fully describe why I love this song so much. There is something hidden in the giddy mix of handclaps, Hip-Hop percussion, woozy Jazz orchestration and raw Soul vocals that enthrals me everytime.

6. Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots

Connections LP – 1980

“Not talkin’ ’bout the roots in the land, I’m talkin’ ’bout the roots in the man”

Roaring Soul vocals, Funk instrumentation, proto House Pianos and Disco beats building to a level where you just have to move your body.

7. The Pogues – Rainy Night In Soho
Poguetry In Motion EP – 1986

“We watched our friends grow up together, and we saw them as they fell, some of them fell into Heaven, some of them fell into Hell”
Simply one of the most beautiful things ever created by the hand of man. Shane MacGowan was in his late twenties when he wrote it but it reads like a death bed revelation.

MLD Sessions: James Mathe

For the first MLD Session we headed to the Pure Evil Gallery in deepest Hoxton.  Down in its basement, surrounded by sculptures, spray paints and a buzzing tv set, we recorded three songs from one of our favourite artists, James Mathe.

Introduced via The Daily Growl blog back in late 2006 when recording under the guise of “Barbarossa” (“Red Beard” in Italian), James’s latest EP gave a taster of what to expect on his eagerly awaited LP “Care Cracks“.

In the past Ive compared his vocals to Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor (a comparison reinforced when they played after each other at one of the final Luminaire shows). Thankfully he also shares the Chips gift for melancholic lo-fi electronic beauty coupled with beguiling melodies.

First up the beautiful “Bloodlines”, it was a real privilege to see James and his band play this track live. Thanks must also go to Pure Evil for letting us film after hours.

You can hear more from James on the links below. You’ll also get a few musical tips too, like this gorgeous Findlay Brown remix which completely passed me by back in January.

James Mathe – Facebook / Myspace / Soundcloud

For the second track James put the Omnichord to one side, grabbed a drumstick and joined the drummer for the urgent stripped down sound of “Turbine“. Lovely guitar work, especially as the guitarist had only learnt the songs the previous day!

Back in 1995 Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine were less than flattering about “Lenny and Terence”, but James is clearly a fan. He covered

Top 200 Tracks of 2010 (1-50)

As the sun sets on the first month of 2011 hopefully a few will still indulge me in my annually late look back at the year just gone. Now in its 6th edition (2005,2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) it should like all “best ofs” be taken with a pinch of salt. I dont even agree with half the placings but if you think Im retyping 200 numbers again…

Ask me tomorrow what my favourites are and ill have changed my mind or remembered a classic that somehow escaped my thoughts. Loving a piece of music depends so much on where you hear it, whats happening in your life or who you’re with. There are tracks that only feature because they seem to work particularly well when played repeatedly at volume while pummelling up the M6 late at night.
Its a personal selection at pray to my whims, if Im in love ill overload the chart with slush, break my heart and ive a terrible weakness for Country and Western. Quite what putting an experimental Norwegian Jazz collective at No.1 says on that front is probably best glossed over.

Hopefully somewhere among this ridiculously long list there might be one artist you’d never heard before but will go on to love in 2011. Regardless of their order everyone of these 200 pieces of music has something very special about it.

Visit the Music Like Dirt page on Facebook to tell me just how wrong my selections are or what tunes Ive criminally overlooked? Theres also Twitter or the comments section of this page.

Theres a ZIP featuring some of the music featured here or listen to all the tracks on the Hype Machine. (I tried Spotify but it only had about 45 of the tracks).

1. JAGA JAZZIST – “Toccata

Jaga Jazzist – Twitter / Facebook / Website

Watch: Jaga Jazzist perform a dogma version of “Toccata” in Tønsberg’s grand church, Tønsberg Domkirke (below)


But we are ash, we are books
Coffee stained and overlooked

The Indelicates – Twitter / Facebook / Website / Shop

“All Matter”

So what is love? (What is it)

Bilal – Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud / Website /
Listen to the original version – Robert Glasper (feat. Bilal) “All Matter”

“To Something (feat. Rox)”

“try, try again, maybe we can start it over, like a record at the end”
The buzz around Obaro Ejimiwe aka Ghostpoet built slowly but inevitably in 2010. His soft, sleepy, dulcet tones first came to my attention via blogging stalwarts Cubikmusik & Jus’Likemusic, then in February at The Worldwide Awards his performance was so packed, security had to enact a strict policy of one in, one out (unfortunately I never got beyond out).
Gilles Peterson was just one of the people spellbound by Ghost’s everyday tales, sonorous delivery and mix of wonky beats, hiphop & electronica, snapping him up for his Brownswood imprint.
To Something”, his unofficial mix of Fourtet’s “She Just Likes To Fight” featuring another up-and-comer Rox is a new high watermark. Absolutely beautiful. Count the days to his debut album.

GhostPoet – Twitter / Facebook / Blog / Soundcloud
Listen: The Sound Of Strangers FREE EP
Watch: “Cash & Carry Me Home” (Video) – The first big Ghostpoet single!
Read: Ghostpoet tells Cubikmusik about the acts that have most influenced him.

“Best of Times”

go on and listen when they tell that these are your best years, don’t let anyone protect your ears, it’s best that you hear what they don’t want you to hear, it’s better to have pressure from peers then not have peers.”

Sage Francis – Twitter / Facebook

“Ride (feat Ludacris)”

I can do it up and down, I can do circles
To him I’m a gymnist, This one is my circus

Ciara – Twitter / Facebook

“Pacha On Acid (Original Mix)”

Afrojack – Twitter / Facebook

“Rolling In The Deep”
The scars of your love, remind me of us.
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all

Adele – Twitter / Facebook
Watch: “Daydreamer” Live on Jools Holland
“Rolling in the deep” – Slightly odd video featuring a room filled with cups of water, a dancer flicking talcumn powder and Adele unable to get out of a chair.

“Love Lust”

Oh, lust only grows like anger and revenge or beauty comes and goes but love stays until the end

King Charles – Twitter / Facebook / Blog
Watch: Love Lust (Video) / Cover of Billy Joel “We Didnt Start The Fire”

“Love conversation”

Youuuuuuuu… are so very precious to me

Jose James – Soundcloud / Facebook / Website

“Human Eyeballs On Toast”

Feathers and a cage too small
Chemicals that make us tall

Peter Broderick – Facebook / Website / Flickr
Watch: “Human Eyeballs On Toast” Video of Studio Recording

“Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”

What I have is what you need
And I’m never gonna give it to you

Owen’s trademark looped violin and vocals given extra oomph by the Czech Symphonic Orchestra.

Owen Pallett – Twitter / Website / Soundcloud
Download: FREE Export EP
Watch: “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” – Suitably bizarre video

“Dancing On My Own”

Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?

Robyn – Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud
Watch: “Dancing On My Own”

“Great Britain (Akira the Don vs. Joey2Tits Remix)”

And we’re so so bitter, we never got over when Marathon got renamed Snickers

In a flagrant abuse of the one song per artist rule I’m opting for three Akira The Don related tracks at No.14.

Back in May Akira’s website went up in smoke after his ATD 23 Streetfighter tribute mixtape was declared “The Best Gaming Mixtape You’ll Ever Hear” by the ludicrously popular gaming site Kotaku.com. In the name of adding to the buzz, my dulcet tones could be heard on Hype Machine Radio enthusing about standout track “Be Brave”. Shortly afterwards an unholy alliance of MLD and ATD’s twitter followers propelled the tune to the top of the Hype Machine chart.

14. AKIRA THE DON – “Be Brave”

All I need a beat and sample
I hit it and it goes pop… example

No best of the year would be complete without an entry from Polarbear, this year its as a guest on Akira’s all done in a day LP. Listen to more here, and he’ll also be guesting on “Concrete Pigeon” from Sound Of Rums new album.

Finally a quick mention for PolarBear’s AfroBear side project, this month a few new demos popped up on Polars Soundcloud page.

Akira The Don – The No.1 artist site in the world / Twitter
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Facebook / Twitter (Dan / Scroobius)

15. GIDEON CONN – “Wildfire”
Money fucks money and money is sexy

Gideon Conn – Facebook / Twitter / Website

“Butterfly Crab Walk (feat. Riddla)”

If you’re drinkin’ Tennants, you need to sober up

Roots Manuva – Twitter / Facebook / BananaKlan
WrongTom – Twitter / Website / Soundcloud

Watch: Music Like Dirt talks to Wrong Tom about the album and heads to the launch party

Read: Tony McDermott talks about his classic Greensleeves sleeve designs – Must read
WrongTom selects 10 all time favourite tracks for CMU Weekly

Top 200 Tracks of 2010 (51-100)

Musically this list is a bit all over the place, if you want a more dance focused look back on 2010 have a listen to Joakims mix below.


“Beautiful Black Ethiopian Skin” (MP3)

Who says romance is dead… Shaheed pays audio tribute to his beautiful wife…

Taken from BamaLoveSoul.Com‘s first remix compilation, The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1: The Remixes!

The finest knob twiddlers in Alabama got their hands on tracks by Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Jaafar, Jay Z and more. Its free so head over to BamaLoveSoul and say thanks.

Shaheed – Myspace

“Herbal Verbal”

Amarik Singh aka The Psychedelic Singh doesnt seem to appear on the blogging radar, or indeed any radio bar the BBC’s criminally threatened with closure Asian Network. Quite why is a mystery to me as everyone’s life would be improved by a little slice of Psychedelic Bhangra. On “Herbal Verbal” he takes HipHop pioneers The Last Poets down to the Bollywood disco.

Psychedelic Singh – Myspace / Soundcloud

“Dreckly” (MP3)

When I drink Tea, It’s usually Tetley

The Busking Champions of the South West, Hedluv & Passman return with that difficult 2nd LP. Having confused/delighted/irritated audiences near and far, from Brazil to a string of 40th birthday parties “Dreckly” was the first taster of their new material.

Its everything you’d expect from Hedluv, ie. is it bad, is it good? Have Morris Minor & The Majors reformed? Daft, unabashed and embarrassment free as Hedluv lays his rhymes over Casio keyboard loops.
As many people will hate this as love it. To those that hate, I’m sorry I can see your point but whats that?.. I can’t hear you very clearly.. I’m just playing “Dreckly” 6 times straight on my ipod.

Hedluv – Website / Facebook / Blog / Twitter / The Online Pasty Guide
Watch: “Hedluv – The Musical” (Video)

“Ladder” (MP3)

Peepholes – Twitter / Facebook / Website
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55. KATY B
“Katy On A Mission”

Sip the bottle now don’t be slow, Keep up with me as we lose control

Katy B – Twitter / Facebook
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56. WRETCH 32 – “Traktor”

My lifestyles terrible wild
but you’ll never find me on the Jeremy Kyle show

Wretch 32 – Twitter / Facebook
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“Nigeria What?”

Debruit – Twitter / Facebook
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“Night Sin” (MP3)

Ricky Rasura – Twitter / Facebook
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Top 200 Tracks of 2010 (101-200)

Read 1-50 & 51-100

“Lost In Kinshasa”

“Rattling Cage”

103. B. DOLAN
“50 Ways (Paper Planes Remix) (Live in London)”

“Blue moon”


“A Statue that is Perpetually Unveiled”

Dam Mantle – Soundcloud


“Let It Out”

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A few of my favourite things 6

Please excuse the introductory self-promotion but the music industry types at Record Of The Day have rather surprisingly nominated this 'umble site in the best blog category for 2010. Results are...

A few of my favourite things 5

In the five and a half years this site has been meandering along the number of music blogs has mushroomed. Dozens pop up every day adding to the thousands...