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Music Like Dirt/Small Wonder Records

Small Wonder Records

Penny Rimbaud Q&A

Penny Rimbaud from Crass: Q&A 23rd September

Penny Rimbaud Q&A: Tales of the life and times of Small Wonder As part of the Small Wonder exhibition and Punk Waltham Forest programme, Penny Rimbaud will be heading to Walthamstow from...

Record Store gay - Repeal the 8th

Poison Girls covered for Record Store Gay 5

Each Record Store Day for the last five years Little Gem Records have punned in the name of charity and diversity with their annual 'Record Store Gay' compilation of cover...

Small Wonder Records: Pete Stennett interview Part.1

If you were to list the great musical landmarks and locations in London, it would be a while before Walthamstow tripped off the tongue. However in Hoe Street, around the corner from the crumbling art deco cinema where the Beatles once played is a nondescript shop at the very centre of the punk explosion.

Today, 162 Hoe Street provides tasty Kabanos and other Eastern European grub but in the late 70’s kids from across the capital would make a pilgrimage to Small Wonder Records for the latest Punk and post punk sounds. Crass, Bauhaus, The Cure, The Cravats, Patrik Fitzgerald, Cockney Rejects… to name but a few of the bands who had their first release on the Small Wonder label.