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TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2016 (1-25)

The idea of setting in stone 200 tracks as the undisputed greatest works of music in a given year is slightly daft (especially in February the following year). What is...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2016 (26-50)

The penultimate part of the top 200 countdown brings numbers 26-50 and every single one of these tracks could and arguably should have featured higher up the chart. PLAYLISTS Listen to...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2016 (101 – 150)

Time for numbers 101-150 in the 12th edition of the Music Like Dirt Top 200 tracks of the year. PLAYLISTS Listen to the top 200 at your own leisure with playlists on...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2016 (151-200)

A dozen years in and the Music Like Dirt end of year 'best of' gets later and later but hopefully the music remains ever fabulous. Here's part one (numbers 151-200)...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2015 (51-100)

Numbers 51-100 in this ridiculously late end of year best of list. There are various flavours of playlist below, Whyd has the most tracks, whereas Spotify is missing almost a quarter...

Belle and sebastian end of year

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2015 (101-150)

It's almost February so we're definitely overdue numbers 101 to 150 in the painfully late 11th Music Like Dirt end of year list. There are handy playlists below for your...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2014 (1-25)

[highlight] TOP 200 PLAYLISTS: WHYD.COM (embedded below) / SOUNDCLOUD / SPOTIFY (Web / Player) / YOUTUBE Read/listen to more: TOP 200 OF 2014 - 26-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 [/highlight] So much...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2014 (26-50)

The penultimate entry in the seemingly never ending countdown to the finest piece of music officially released onto this here planet in the year of 2014 is here. Wake up...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2014 (51-100)

Almost 10 years ago I wrote "You can’t have a music related blog and not have an end of year chart" and so it remains, as this particular edition reaches...

TOP TRACKS OF 2013 (51-100)

Another fifty modern day classics as the top 200 countdown reaches the point where pretty much any song on the list could’ve been in the top 10.  Skimming through the songs I’m almost embarrassed to damn some of these with what may seem like faint praise… but my longlist was 500 tracks so some mighty audio beats have fallen at the wayside long before here.

Also I’m sorry for the almost complete lack of text or description, I’m a little busy right now but I figured it’s the music not my waffle that counts ultimately!
As ever there are Whyd, soundcloud and spotify playlists below although the number of tracks available on each service decreases from 199 on Whyd to about 100 on Spotify.


Top 200 of 2013 – 101-150 / 151-200 [/highlight]


100. 100. Avec Sans – Shiver

You got carried away, you got carried away,
you said walking walking walking right over my grave

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