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As Britain cack-handedly extricates itself from 40 years of mutual entanglement with Europe, I find myself doing a ‘Brentrance’ - if that’s the opposite of Brexit - having moved (sort...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2014 (1-25)

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My continuing inability to master the work/life/obscure music blog balance means another delayed collection of my favourite tracks from the last four weeks. You can listen to forty or so...

Jonnie Common – I’ll Be Back

Jonnie Common is a Glasgow-based sonic boom of majestic devilry forged in the pottery kiln fires of Highland Perthshire, or so says his website, and since being introduced to him via SongByToad I’ve not found any reason to dispute that description.

The latest reason to love Mr Common comes in the form of an unlikely poignant ballad about the love that exists between a boy and a T-800 Series Model cybernetic organism otherwise known as The Terminator.

I’ll Be Back” is a tribute to the film that made Schwarzenegger’s name, and hopefully its just the kind of charming, slightly oddball gem that’ll spread the word about Jonnie Common. It’s surprising how lines “you came and you saved me from untimely death… by a razor spike through the head” get stuck in your head. So please forward the video below to friends, retweet it, facebook it…and all the that social media malarkey.

If that tickled your fancy then be sure to go directly to last years “Master Of None” album (BUY), its on Manchester’s Red Dear Club label who also put out Young British Artists Everything In Front Of You.
Photosynth” (below) was No.28 in my end of year countdown, and provides the answer to the question no ones been asking “What would Kraftwerk sound like if they lived in Glasgow?”. The opening bars alone almost make up for the hours I spent fruitlessly trying to get tickets for their 8 night residency in MoMa, New York.

Jonnie Common – Facebook / Twitter / Website / Soundcloud

Red Dear Club have also posted an alternate version of