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TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2016 (101 – 150)

Time for numbers 101-150 in the 12th edition of the Music Like Dirt Top 200 tracks of the year. PLAYLISTS Listen to the top 200 at your own leisure with playlists on...

TOP 200 TRACKS OF 2015 (1-25)

[highlight]TOP 200 PLAYLISTS: WHYD.COM / SOUNDCLOUD / SPOTIFY (Web / Player) / YOUTUBE Read/listen to more: TOP 200 OF 2015 - 26-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 [/highlight] The definitive list of...

Kendrick Lamar gets the Sarah Winters treatment

Sarah Winters Pools

It took a while for last year’s “Find Restless Covers” EP to slow burn it’s way across the internet, but thanks in part to a bearded cheerleader called Scroobius Pip coupled with it’s sheer bloody brilliance, the play count sits at over 30,000.
Now ahead of the release of her own material Sarah has turned her attention to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”.

Sarah Winters – Buy on Bandcamp / Twitter / Facebook

I love fish sticks

Kanye West / South Park - "Gay Fish" (MP3) When South Park parodies Kanye West you know you're good for double the laughs. Watch the "Fish Sticks" episode above then enjoy...