Kid Koala @ Cargo 20/09/06

What with internet problems, and the gig fest caused by my brother visiting I’ve not had a chance to post in a while so this is a bit of a hip-hop live / mix roundup. After the response to the Lily “Alright Steal” compilation any post following it is bound to be a let down… thanks to everyone who mailed suggestions… glad so many people liked it!

Kid Koala (above) & Jurassic 5 live to follow but first a couple of very tasty mixes well worth grabbing.

First dating back to August but still essential DFA are kindly sharing:

DFA Radio Mix by Tim Sweeney (MP3)

Mixes by LCD Soundsystem main man James Murphy are also there for you to download.
For a real treat though head over to and grab their two hour Steinski special. They don’t get much more legendary than Steve Stein… Part 1 features a set he did for Wire magazines “New Music Festival”, while the second half has an interview with the man himself interspersed with a Simpson’s cutup, a few Lessons, and such delights. Grab it while you can by downloading this:

Put The Needle On The Record – A Steinski special
Once you’ve got it, drop the ‘-n’ from the end of the file name and boom, you’ve got 2hrs and 16mins worth of Steinski goodness.(thanks to Bos Bos on the ninjatune forum for this)

For a track list and link to the “Put the Needle On the Record” podcast visit here.

Finally before I move on to Kid Koala, Big Dada have launched their very own podcast. The ever excellent Ty provides the first episode, playing some tunes, and talking through his new LP. Ty’s new album is further proof of his place at the top of the UK pile… actually scratch the UK from that sentence (Preorder the LP here).

Big Dada Podcast Ep 1 or subscribe with itunes.

Now back to the man featured in the picture above, the return of Kid Koala! A couple of weeks ago I squeezed myself into a heaving Cargo for the launch party of “Your Mom’s Favourite DJ“. Its ten years since Koala first blew Coldcut’s minds playing them his demo tape “Scratchcratchratchatch” and this album/live show marks a “back to basics” of sorts so its 3 turntables instead of 8, and no bingo.

That’s not to say its po-faced like your average “turntablist”, Eric is ever the showman from the second he bounds onto stage grinning ear to ear like a child who has drunk one too many additive packed orange juices. He gets the crowd on side straight away – as if he needed to – cutting up some dialogue “Lets begin in London… one of the worlds truely great cities” before the music proper starts with a cut up version of Erol Alkans Franz Ferdinand remix (Youtube video).
Over the course of 2 hours he grins and scratches (all without headphones might i add) his way through everything from Radiohead, Bjork, Spank Rock, and De La Soul. With his mesmerising 3 deck, five minute reworking of Judy Garland’s “Moon River” Koala almost has the crowd in tears (youtube video), but after a pause for a collective sigh he briefly transformed the place into a student union with Rage Against The Machine, an Amon Tobin remix of Slayer, and the debut of what he called “Grungelism“. Take two stupid words and combine them into a longer even stupider one he said. There was more rock featured than your average DJ show, with the test cuts of his new guitar based band “Slew” highlights (as they are on the Mom album).

Mosquitto scratchMoving to the stage side and grabbing a portable lap sized turntable Koala previewed another of his many side projects “Mosquito Blues” (youtube video). An animated book about a clarinet-playing mosquito, he recreates the insects buzzing dialogue on a Vestax QFO, a turntable & mixer in one developed with the help of DJ Q-Bert.

There were times when the Koala of old was missed, the extra turntables and the friends of previous tours, but its difficult to be bored by a DJ with the breathtaking skill, and endearing charm of Eric. He ended the show with a typically quirky Koala flourish, flipping over messages on a board thanking the crowd, and saying he was off to dance now.

With that he left the stage, leaving a lady who’d been stood to the side of the stage all night to uncover the remaining messages (Youtube video)…

Thanks to Ninjatune, cargo, soundcrash and Corinne (arrow pointing to woman turning over messages)


Isn’t She Lovely?


In January I asked her to marry me


She said yes! (huge roar from crowd)


Thank HER for letting me do shows on our honeymoon


good knight (british spelling)

With that Corinne removed the needle from the record with all the skill of a master turntablists wife, ie not much, and exited the stage to rapturous applause.

Kid Koala

Website / Myspace


Kid Koala – “Scratchcratchratchatch mix tape (Part one)” (MP3)
Kid Koala – “Scratchcratchratchatch mix tape (Part two)” (MP3)

A track from the new album over on “listen to this“.


Grab the superb “Your Mom’s Favourite DJ” from Amazon or Ninjatune.


You Tube videos of the Cargo gig courtesy of Rob Red Alert.

Kid Koala – “Fender Bender” (QT)

Kid Koala – “Basin Street Blues” (QT)

Kid Koala – “Floor Kids (Part 1) (Myspace link)

Jurassic 5 @ The Astoria 01/10/06

More on this later as I’ve got to dash to a “Duck tour” and wedding celebration! Needless to say they were excellent… i’ll leave you with a golden mp3.

Jurassic 5 – “What’s Golden” (MP3)

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