The BBC’s Electric Proms has taken over Camden for the week, and last night I was at Young Tiger, Jamie T, and Damon Alburn’s new “supergroup” who don’t officially have a name, but everyone’s calling “The Good, The Bad, and The Queen“.

Usually I’d write a long sprawling review, pilfered from hundreds of other blogs, but I’m off to see the Godfather of Soul, James Brown this evening, and then I’m flying to New York tomorrow morning.

Who needs words though when the Beeb have the full shows, radio, pictures, and reviews online, on the telly, and on that red button thingy. They’ll be available for a week. Everyone from Billy Bragg, Kasabian, Klaxons, Paul Weller, Squarepusher, the list is huge and many are available online.

BBC Electric Proms website

The Good, The Bad, & The Queen – Full Set Video / Audio / Gallery

MP3: The Good, The Bad, & The Queen – “Kingdom of Doom (Live)” (MP3)

Jamie T – Full set Video / Gallery

Young Tiger – Full set Video / Gallery

For an alternative to my rose tinted view of the BBC, please visit “Biased BBC“. Its a superbly demented look at all the evil perpetrated in license fee payers names. Its actually well written, and usually entertaining, and who knows you might agree. It sometimes oversteps the mark, for instance ridiculing Frank Gardener pleading for his life in Arabic, but mostly its entertainingly barking.


If you’ve read The Guardian, and are looking for the “Alright, Steal” compilation, its here. Leave a comment and say hello… would be nice to come back from NYC with a few comments that don’t start “c*m piss c*ck sluts”! (Bloody spam)