God Bless John Kennedy. Not content with his radio show, and one of the best live new music showcases around (review), he’s now the first Radio DJ to give dan le sac VS Scroobius Pip some decent exposure… sorry X-posure.

Thou Shalt Always Kill” (review) melted the X-fm telephone exchange when played last week, so in response John wisely bestowed the title of “Hot One” on the track. A trailer load of txts/calls/emails later and its been upgraded to this weeks “Big One”!

In honour of this achievement Dan sent me a little exclusive to share. Unfortunately Mr. Le Sac’s new years resolution is to communicate only through the medium of vintage analogue synth sounds, and I’m not fluent in Juno 60, so Pip penned this message:

“Hot from the hot hands and big mouths of John Kennedys recent Hot/Big Ones, Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip, this is an exclusive little look at the current UK hiphop scene. Tearing apart a classic and putting it back together again after painting bits of it with water colours. Whatever that means?
At present there are no plans to put this up for download or even streaming again in the near future so the only other way to hear it will be at the forthcoming live shows which can be found at www.myspace.com/lesacvspip, www.myspace.com/scroobiuspip and pretty much any other combination of the following terms: le pip danom www. my sac scroobius space .co.uk beard sweat monkeypedalers.
Hope you like it.

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip – “Fixed” (MP3) (24 hr downlaod)  (Sorry times Up)

Visit www.myspace.com/lesacvspip to hear “Thou Shalt Always Kill” and more

Dan & Scroobius also reviewed and recommended some tracks a few months back. Check here for “Listen To This“. See also review of Scroobius Pip @ The Fly… or catch them live yourself more details on Myspace.

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then again you may hate them… what do I know!?

Coming in the next few days: Top 100 tracks of 2006 – Better late than never!

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