The last time I ran

Please forgive the non music post but on Sunday I’m running my first (and last) London marathon.

With 7 weeks training missed due to a severe case of dodgy knees its pretty terrifying but with luck, crowd support and a force 9 wind behind me I might just finish the thing. It would be nice to beat the guy in the full deep sea divers outfit but I’m taking nothing for granted.

There doesn’t appear to be a charity that cares for lanky people with knackered knees into their dotage so thankfully any money raised will go to a far worthier cause.


Macmillan Nurses provide care and support to people affected by cancer. Knowing that making it to the line will help those dying of cancer see out their final days with some dignity will hopefully spur me on over the final miles. More importantly it will make a real difference, even if only a small one, to families who have to deal with losing a loved one to cancer.

Donating through the site is simple, fast and it won’t result in hundreds of emails offering to increase the size of your bank balance or anything else. If you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your donation at no cost to you.

In a vague attempt at posting some related music I typed in run, jog, knackered, and why did I agree to do this into my ipod. This is what came out:

Survivor – Eye of the Survivor” (MP3) – totally unnecessary hiphop scratchy version of Rocky’s motivation music

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (12″ version)” (MP3)

Juliet Turner – Take The Money & Run” (MP3)

LCD Soundsystem – 16:54 – 28-53” (MP3) – excerpt from LCD’s work out mix

Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish mix)” (MP3)

The Ethiopians – When Will Be The End” (MP3)

and hopefully finally

Cobra Killer – Yes, I’m Finished” (MP3)

Any other suggestions? Aside from Jarvis’s “C&*ts are still running the world” obviously. 😉

The Guardian suggests these running songs

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