Marathon over, along with night shifts. Hopefully normal service and a bit of music will resume shortly.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped me raise almost £950 for the Macmillan Nurses. Your kindness and support astounded me, and I take back all those things I said about you.

When Haile Gebrselassie dropped out I briefly thought I might be in with a shout but in the end I was pipped at the post by two Rhinoceroses and a Scooby Doo. Land speed records remained untroubled by my 5 hours and 16 minute finishing time.

Other things I discovered:

1. When a person in the crowd cheers you on by screaming “Come on you great big red pie face” always check behind for giant Cherry Bakewell’s before telling them where they can stick their support.

2. If you wear khaki running shorts and insist on pouring water over your head, the proud picture of you with medal will be slightly ruined by what appears to be a bad incontinence problem.

3. The London Marathon is one of the most amazing life affirming things I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of. All the clichés apply, the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the Elvis impersonators outside East End pubs, and the adrenalin rush as you realise you might… just might… make it to the end.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. My brief running career is now over, my blogging will resume shortly.

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