Bjork blew away an amazing line up on the last in the current series of Later with Jools Holland. Clearly someone from her entourage restrained Jool’s from joining in on keys, but then when you have a massed choir of Teletubbies, Mark Bell, and a man playing what looked like electronic chess crossed with the vortex from The Adventure Game, you don’t really need any boogie woogie piano!
Declare Independence” was the undoubted highlight: A classic instance where all the “out there” elements of Bjorks sound crash together in perfection to form possibly the finest rave anthem every written about the struggle for independence in the Faroe Islands!

Bjork – Declare Independence (Live on Later)” (MP3)

Bjork – Earth Intruders (Live on Later)” (MP3)

Buy “Volta” especially the 5.1 surround sound version (for a tenner)!!

Check “the unofficial bjork remix home” for… well unofficial Bjork remixes.

For more information on the Reactable – a table top multi touch electronic musical instrument – visit the inventors website for loads of clips.

The show also saw the enchanting debut of Adele performing officially the best song of 2006* “Daydreamer” (*well thats what I thought anyway). Suffice to say she was followed by Paul McCartney playing “I’ve Got A Feeling” and didn’t pale in the slightest.

Check out Adele live if you get the chance, visit her Myspace for more.

Click here for a behind the scenes interview with Adele on the “Later” set.

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