The Superimposers – Harpsichord Treacle

Criminally under-appreciated, The Superimposers return with a third album packed full of their trademark gorgeously crafted songs coupled with irresistibly lush instrumentation. It’s rare enough to find an album containing not one duff track, but the Supers achieve this with ease and for extra effect if you buy the album from Rough Trade you get a free bonus disc full of side projects/remixes/etc which is in itself virtually flawless. Mixing the best of Brian Wilson, The Kinks and The Beatles, without ever sounding like a tribute act.

Now we’re past January it’s more than time to wheel out the phrase “Early contender for album of the year”!

So good were the first two Superimposers albums that having already ordered the new one online, I passed Rough Trade and couldn’t wait for the postman I had to nab a copy immediately.

To win my spare copy of “Harpsichord Treacle” simply email on the address in the top right with “I’ve never heard the Superimposers album but I agree its the best album of the year by far” in the subject line. Enjoy.

“oozing from your i-Pod like treacle from a Harpsichord”

The Superimposers Myspace / Wonderful Sound label / Side project Dan Solo Myspace

The Superimposers – Golden” (MP3)

The Superimposers – Leave It All Behind” (MP3) – from 2nd Album

An hour of the Superimposers music and influences on the Wonderful Sound Podcast – Visit here.


The Superimposers – “Harpsichord Treacle” from Rough Trade / Pre-order deluxe edition from Wonderful Sound (out Feb 11th)


Over the years many acts have been kind enough to send in music for my listening pleasure, and in response I sometimes rudely fail to mention this or even worse simply don’t find the time.

Two highlights from this months postbag (which included another Celine Dion CD!!!) are a new EP from LPX, and a remix album courtesy of Dr. Rubberfunk.

LPX Myspace (inc. 3 FREE downloads)

Visit LPX’s blog “Easy Music For Difficult Ears updated practically daily with irreverent musings on music and life by “a miserable irish wanker


LPX – When The Gods Punish Me” (MP3)


LPX – “Seventeen” from Road records

In an effort to placate those who can’t wait for the summers promised new material Dr. Rubberfunk has assembled some of the finest remixers around for a fresh take on 2006’s “My Life at 33” LP.  Yam Who?’s rework of “Theme For A Latter Day Lothario” surpasses even the high standards we’ve come to expect from him, while my own personal favourite is Dan Shannon’s Dub version of “Taking Over“.

Dr. Rubberfunk (free mixes)


Dr. Rubberfunk – Theme For A Latter Day Lothario (Lost Idol Remix)” (MP3)


Dr.Rubberfunk – “My Life @ 33 Remixes” – 12″ / Digital downloads (with bonus tracks)

January was to be the month to cast aside two decades of ambivalence/downright hostility to the charms of Stephen Patrick Morrissey. To repent and move happily on gladioli planted firmly in back pocket.

All looked good as the fervour of his fans and the sheer presence of Morrissey just a few feet away (thanks to the ever excellent Roundhouse) swept me up. Then five songs in, he was gone. No words of apology, no explanation, just a timid exit stage left.
As the minutes ticked on without any announcement it began to dawn on the crowd that their dream chance of seeing Mozza in such intimate surroundings was going badly wrong. Bizarrely Jonathan Ross, David Walliams, and Russell Brand suddenly appeared with Ross and Walliams seemingly believing that the best way to placate a disappointed crowd is to stand about giggling while taking snapshots of them on your mobile.
It was left to Brand – a huge Morrissey fan – to step up to the mic and announce what everyone had feared “Stephen Patrick Morrissey is too ill to continue”. This was greeted with a barrage of boo’s and eventually anything to hand was thrown at the stage, as a visibly shocked Brand spluttered “Calm down its Morrissey, he’s ill” followed by “Fucking hell I dont even work here, I just came out to tell you“. (YouTube video)

As one projectile narrowly missed David Williams head, security informed them the crowd weren’t receptive to 20 minutes of “I’m a Lady” sketches and they were ordered off sharpish. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for Brand, but also sorry to have missed what looked set to be an incredible evening.

Morrissey @ Roundhouse 25/01/08

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Morrissey’s record label have discarded the traditional 50’s/60’s icon sleeve design, and for his new releases have gone for what appears to be a theme of Mozza breaking wind. The new single has Morrissey rein-acting Eddie Murphy’s Trading Placeswhen I was growing up, we want a Jacuzzi, we had to fart in the tub” gag, while the greatest hits seems to feature Mozza savouring his own potent brew.
It was also noticeable that NME never received that promised lawsuit over the “racism row”. Thats not to suggest Morrissey is racist, but you cant sue someone if they repeat your John Major-esque wishes for a bygone and fictional time when England was England.


BBC Introducing @ Maida Vale 30/01/08

I was lucky enough to get down to Radio 1’s fantastic “Introducing” night. Over half a dozen of the most hotly tipped new bands packed into the legendary Maida Vale studio’s, like a smaller, fresher, funkier, less boogie woogie version of Jool’s Later.

The Beeb have a whole site packed with more info and live video’s from most of the bands featured including Late Of The Pier, The Ting Tings, Riz MC and Le Sac & Pip.

Visit The BBC Introducing site for more.

The Ting Tings “Great DJ (Live @ Maida Vale)” (MP3)Myspace
Riz MC – “Sour Times” (Live @ Maida Vale)” (MP3)Myspace
Late Of The Pier – “Space and the Woods (Live @ Maida Vale)” (MP3) – Myspace
Amy Winehouse – “No Good (Scroobius & Le Sac Bootleg)” (MP3) (repost) – Myspace

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