Roy Scheider, who died today (Jan 11) should of course be honoured for far more than just his most famous role as the nervy police chief Brody. His ad libbed line “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” may be seared into the public’s consciousness but he was also Oscar nominated for The French Connection & All That Jazz.

This music blog wouldn’t normally cover the passing of actors – no matter how great – but for purely self serving reasons it offers the perfect excuse to post some amazing Jaws related music. Lalo Schifrin’s epic disco take on the theme tune has long been a huge favourite, while sampling pioneers Buchanan & Goodman’s biggest hit “Mr. Jaws” is a noteworthy early example of cut and paste.

Roy Scheider Obituary (BBC)

Lalo Schifrin – Jaws” (MP3)

Buchanan & Goodman – Mr. Jaws” (MP3)

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