Its been five months since I last rummaged through my analogue past, otherwise known as the boxes of C90’s and racks of vinyl that overstuff my flat. Hopefully this will be the first of a few more regular “Analogue Bye Bye’s“.

25 years ago this month Greg Wilson became the first UK DJ to mix Live on national TV when he demonstrated his skills on the 1’s and 2’s to a rather flummoxed looking Jools Holland.

Jools: “Don’t you think the scratching thing… might annoy the people who spent all that time making the records?”

Visit Greg’s site for tonnes of fascinating historical goodness, and myspace for proof aplenty of his equally stellar future.



Coldcut’s legendary Solid Steel radio showis a relative whippersnapper at only 20 years old this year, but they’re marking the occasion by releasing classic shows from the archive. is the place to go for official shows dating all the way back to the pirate radio days of ’88.

On this site I’ll be continuing with the irregular MP3’s of old shows that have proven surprisingly popular for something I thought was a tad self indulgent when I started putting them up early last year. As always apologies for the questionable audio quality, the haphazard pause button editing, and the all too frequent points where Id either nod off or forget to flip the tape over!

Coldcut – Solid Steel 08/02/92” (MP3)

Jazzy Joint – Give A Little Love” (MP3)
Rebel MC – Rich Ah Getting Richer” (MP3)
Acen – Close Your Eyes (Here Come the Sun mix)” (MP3)

This edition from early February ’92 starts off in typical “broadest beats” style with The Sex Pistols rubbing shoulders with the Rebel MC. There’s a Coldcut Nervous Records Mastermix featuring Jazzy Joints “People Hold On” sampling “Give A Little Love“, which Jon jokingly threatens to get the lawyers on.

With Bobby Konders, Tito Puente, Shut Up And Dance and a 2nd mix titled “Nervous System” its pretty much a typically untypical show. Acen’s rave classic “Close Your Eyes” continues the cheeky sampling theme with huge slurps from George Harrison. It landed them in court at the time, and Coldcut see the funny side saying “In America they put you in the electric chair for sampling like that!“.