Two months in and still some people refuse to let 2007 die! Smashing my own record for the tardy posting of “year end best of’s” my brother declared his judgement on the year in late February.

Visit Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This Before’s Top 100 of 2007
Featuring descriptions like “it goes off like a motherfukka” and “as addictive as a McCrack Burger” its packed full of discovered and undiscovered gems (many of which are downloadable). Here’s one such delight:

Pase Rock – So Fucking Disco” (MP3)Pase Rock Myspace

Rough Trade also waited until February to take a considered look back, and as ever their Counter Culture 07 compilation is an absolute must buy.  Even a self confessed musical geek as myself found completely unheard of but soon to be favourites of every style scattered across the 41 track double CD.  Who’d have guessed for example that Julian Cope had returned and was producing spoken word classics like this warning to future loves.

Julian Cope – Soon To Forget Ya” (MP3)Cope Website

Various versions of Alela Diane’s “Pirate’s Gospel” seem to date back to 2004. Last year however saw its first full release and Rough Trade made it their Album of 07, calling it “enchanting and endearing in equal parts, this album will endure long after this year is done“.

Alela Diane – The Pirate’s Gospel” (MP3)Alela Myspace


Chilly Gonzales is back!! A man with the talent of ten rolled into one, comedian, classical pianist, inventor of jew-funk and more. He can leap genres and enchant audiences using only his irresistible charm, and a blessed gift for a cracking tune.

Solo Piano“, his last album showed off his virtuoso skills as a classical pianist, but “Soft Power” sees a return to the eclecticism of old. Gonzales has always been equally at home having “Hot Pink Hot Sex” electro style with Peaches as he is with an old fashined ballad.

For all the reasons that I gave so that I would not be an asshole, that I am

Apology” finds Gonzales wrapping up his failings as a lover and a friend in a gorgeous song, that had me hitting rewind for another dose of beautiful self loathing!

Gonzales – Apology” (MP3)

Myspace / Website / Video’s (inc. being forced to take singing lessons by his label)


Having your ipod set to random shuffle on an added “last month” playlist is a very lazy way of being constantly spoon-fed new music, but we all have our foibles.
Its worth it though for the moments when a new tune appears that has you reaching for your pocket to discover just what this unheard beauty is. During February nine times out of ten when I dragged the ipod out, the track in question was from the new album by Kelpe. It happened so often it may need to be added to the urban dictionary: To “Kelpe“, def: the act of taking ipod (or other MP3 player) from ones pocket to discover the title of the amazing tune that just popped up on shuffle.

Ex-Aquarium” is out now on J.Saul Kane’s DC Records, a label so consistently brilliant my eyes now read the words “DC Records” as “Enter Your Credit Card Details”.  If you’re a fan of Boards Of Canada, Fourtet or any other “Electronica” you’ll love this record.

KELPE – Myspace / (visit for FREE download)

Kelpe – Skylla” (MP3)

Buy: Kelpe – “Ex-Aquarium” from Amazon / MP3’s from Bleep