Anyone up for just one more self indulgent end of year list? No…? Well, tough! After a month of crippling indecision I’ve finally whittled down a 1000 song short list to this, the 2008 MLD “Best of”.

As always with any list it’s a personal choice so please feel free to leave a comment along the lines of you don’t know the first thing about music. In truth any of the top 20 could on a different day or mood been No.1 and everytime I look I end up wanting to push the No. 89 up to 35.

These are though the tracks that gave me the most pleasure in this, another fine year for music. Check out co-musiclikedirt writer Ryan’s Top 100 of 2008, or look back at my own historical folly with the 2005, 2006 and 2007 lists.

Hopefully I’ll write a bit more during the week but I’ve really got to post this while its still January. Any requests to take down an MP3 please let me know.


1. GONZALES‘Working Together (Akira The Don Remix)’ (MP3)
I’m signed up with Hackney Freecycle… I got a free fishtank… its delightful

In the process of compiling this list most of the top ten were at some point pencilled in as my favourite of the year. Each has its own merits as No.1 whether it’s my most listened to, the one with the best song writing or maybe the most innovative. All good reasons but in the end I opted for this simple question “Which track made you happiest?” and to that there is only one answer: Gonzo & Akira.

Misery’s not an option when listening to the stomping piano of Gonzales coupled with the wit and infectious enthusiasm of Akira The Don’s raps. On his blog Akira says he “got all excited” when he heard Gonzo’s new tune and spent the next day remixing it.
Akira always writes the most hilariously quotable raps and “Working Together” is no exception. It takes in everything from how good Freecycle is to his girlfriend pointing out the lack of space for a pig in their flat!
You can read more about the remix and all the other stuff he got from Hackney Freecycle on his blog.
If you bookmark only one blog make it Akira’s for exclusive MP3’s, a superb free mixtape, video’s, comic strips, and of course the “Thanks For All The AIDS” tshirt – the man is a god damn one man multimedia empire! In his latest post he even manages to pen the most eloquent tribute to Tony Hart I’ve read. (RIP Tony).

Akira also joined Gonzales on stage to perform the remix live back in May, and were it not for seeing Kraftwerk in a Polish steel factory, it may have been my gig of the year. Look out for “A fuck-off massive pop album” from Akira soon and if you keep an eye on the blog he’ll probably rope you into singing on it.

Forget Little Boots, if there’s any justice, 09 will be the year of the Don.

(Buy) / Myspace / (Essential!! Go visit) / Akira’s latest podcast (best of 08-09)

(Video – Original version) / (Video – Best/Worst of Gonzo Live in 08) / Working Together (Making Of)

1014422. JULIAN COPE
‘All The Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise The Minute They Die That They Were Suckers)’ (MP3)

Self styled arch-drude (half druid/half dude) Julian Cope vanished off my radar in the 20 years between watching him perform “World Shut Your Mouth” on TOTP’s in 1986 and 2007’s “You Gotta Problem With Me“. What was Cope doing in that time??? Oh only releasing a dozen or so albums, numerous side projects, a book on Japrock, two epic five-hundred page guidebooks to Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments and a BBC 2 documentary to match. So…I didn’t miss much then!!

Leaving aside the current butchery of hundreds of Palestinian’s, Cope manages to sum up the idiocy of Islamic Extremism in one admittedly very wordy but sing-along chorus of…”All The Blowing Themselves Up Motherfuckers will realise the minute they die that they were suckers“. It’s quite simply the best pop song about suicide bombers ever.
The “Black Sheep” album is quality from start to finish, with even a b-side on British history making StopMe’s Top 100 of the year.

(Buy the album)

HeadHeritage (Julian’s sprawling website) / Julian’s thoughts on 2009 and some record tips

The Modern Antiquarian (web guide to ancient monuments) / Watch the BBC doc “The Modern Antiquarian” documentary

‘Blighty (feat. Natalie Williams)’ (MP3)
You stay in my veins like the Smith in my name… from this tiny little island that I came

Hidden away on Hip-Hop Connection’s cover CD “Blighty” turns the history of Black Britain into a love song – a stormy love but love nevertheless. Natalie Williams provides the beautiful chorus that at appears based on the standard “troubled relationship”… it could be Rhianna’s latest until Doc Brown subverts the norm with his insightful rap.

When I originally posted the track I mused on just why I found it impossible to listen to without getting tingles down my spine. Looking back my summation that I was clearly “a soft Guardian reading, humous eating namby pamby liberal who sees London as some kind of multi-cultural playground where the worlds people join hands and skip happily to work everyday” seems fairly accurate.

‘Blighty’ is proof that glossy production can’t trump honest emotion. The strings may sound like they were done on the D10 keyboard I’ve got in my loft but who cares when a track has a simple power to move. Sadly if his myspace is to be believed Doc Brown has now ‘retired’ from music to concentrate on a career as a standup comic!

I’d love to hear a ‘Blighty’ remix project featuring guest verses from other UK rappers like Ty.

(Buy) / Myspace /

Listen to Doc on Radio 4 doing an Archers Rap (Youtube)… “Ambridge like a modern day Soweto“!

FACT: Doc is the younger brother of the author Zadie Smith.

4. JOHN FAIRHURST‘Obnox Stomp’ (MP3)

The sound of the spirit of Django Reinhardt, Ravi Shanker, Bukka White, and Nick Drake all channelled through the body of a humble soul from Wigan, John Fairhurst. Thanks must go to John’s dad for introducing him to slide blues at an early age. He was also a late comer to Indian classical music, getting in K.Sridhar at the age of 8 (an age at which my tastes were more Shaky than Sridar).

Humble Soul may not put out many records but you can guarantee everyone they do is just that little bit special, and Fairhurst’s “Joys Of Spring” is no exception. Each track is totally different to the last, taking the listener on an acoustic guitar powered world tour. The Blues bar romp of “Obnox Stomp” is the pick of the bunch with its foot stomping beat, furious guitar and wheezing mouth organ. If Clint Eastwood ever returns to Westerns this should be the soundtrack… so good it makes me want to dig out a two-tone brown waistcoat and matching chaps.

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51shnbdcohl_sl500_aa280_5. PLASTIC LITTLE
‘I’m Not a Thug (Explicit)’ (MP3)
I was raised middle class, and I love my life

Plastic Little are like Digital Underground on speed, larger than life comic book rap, fearless of boundaries of either the sonic or taste and decency kind.
“Thug” features a gloriously upbeat squelching beat, mad “ahhh, ahhh” chants and the unrepentant joys of being a middle class rapper. ‘I’m at your house-party, Tiger Woods… he’s my nigger!

Does anyone have the lyrics to this? I’d love to work out what he says about why women love the marzipan he keeps in the cupboard of the home he shares with his invalid grandmother!?

(Buy) / Myspace

Thug Live in London Video / Plastic Little on

Plastic Little – “Dopeness” (The moment Plastic Little are “born” is hilarious) (Youtube)

‘Another World’ (MP3)
I need another world, This one’s nearly gone

Songs about the environment are rare and listenable ones rarer still. Antony however takes the simple approach of listing everything he’s going to miss “the snow, the beach, things that grow“. Doesn’t sound that good does it? But with the barest piano accompaniment Antony’s voice produces a sound and mood that is as indescribably beautiful as the vanishing natural world it mourns.

Hegarty’s performance of ‘Another World‘ with the London Symphony Orchestra last year was one of the most magical moments of all the times I’ve seen him live. The orchestra provided muted almost inaudible but spine tingling backing while Antony stood in near darkness, invisible but for his utterly unique voice cutting clearly through the still air of the Barbican. Not bad for a man dressed in a roman toga, and who later transformed Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” into a mesmerising torch song (Check that out here).

(Buy) / Website

Another World” Video / Track by track video interview with Antony talking about the new album

djrevolutionkingofthedeckslpcoverart7. DJ REVOLUTION
‘The DJ (feat. Krs-One)’ (MP3)
I’ll be spitting this way past 60

DJ Revolution puts the blast back in the Blast Master Krs-One as they rage at wack DJ’s, MP3’s, Sorato and people who don’t do it simply for the love of hip-hop. Their initial anger is mostly expressed through the medium of saying “shit” a lot, e.g. “I gotta pay you to play my shit, my shits already hot, so I aint got to pay for shit

It’s a complete joy to hear the distinctive delivery of one of hip-hop’s iconic figures back at his best and bellowing “stand-up for the culture, don’t just grab a cheque!“

An orchestral sample of huge proportions drives the track along giving Kris the perfect base to deliver his 10 commandments for DJ’s.
Does anyone know where the sample’s taken from?

(Buy) / Myspace / Website

Read a step by step account of how DJ Revolution produced “The DJ”

‘Again and Again (Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) Remix))’ (MP3)
With every breath and every noun… we dare not stop burning babylon down

Roots Manuva is as English as tea, fish & chips, and self deprecation, and as if to illustrate the fact “Again and Again’s” video is set on a cricket field. Watching it now I’m starting to wish I’d picked the bouncing reggae lilt of the single version over Matt Monkey’s dubbish buzzing remix.

I’ll stick to my guns though and declare that Matt Helder’s dub chamber version shows just how much the Arctics truly know and love hip hop and reggae. The first time I saw them at the tiny Islington Bar Academy they took to the stage to the deafening thump of Dr. Dre. On Rodney’s last album the Super Furries turned in one of the best mixes and the indie remixer policy has paid dividends again.

Can I start a campaign for either a Manuva knighthood or for his face to replace the Queen on notes as the face of the UK?

(Buy) / Myspace /
Video (almost as good as his classic “Witness” vid) – Essential!

unitxt9. ALVA NOTO
‘U_08-1’ (MP3)
Diecisiete, Nueve

Mathematics meets the dancefloor with poet Anne-James Chaton reciting numbers corresponding to the principle of the golden ratio. Wikipedia helpfully explains that “Two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller“. Got that?

Whatever formula Noto uses it works, take coldly delivered monotone numbers, add the whir and clatter of electronics and finally divide and conquer with a thumping kick drum. All this equals one stunning track.

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Unitxt (Excert) Video

1000298710. PAUL HEATON
‘Everything Is Everything’ (MP3)
Feminism’s fast asleep with a cock in either hand

Thankfully the demise of The Beautiful South (due to “musical similarities”) was merely a fresh start for Paul Heaton and his wonderfully acerbic lyrics. “Everything Is Everything” is what happens when the finest lyricist of the last 25 years sits down and lists all the things that annoy him… and simply can’t stop.

It was originally performed as a poem by the legend that is Bootsy Collins for fellow ex-Housemartin Fatboy Slim’s “Late Night Tales” compilation. Heaton takes a full seven minutes to get the diatribe off his chest, bemoaning “5 and 75 year olds worrying about their figure” although in a recent interview Paul claimed he cant sing angrily without “starting to sound like Ronan Keating having a tantrum. It doesn’t work at all.”

(Buy) / Myspace / Rehearsal video
Listen to Paul’s radio show every Sunday night

hercules-antony-blind11. HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR
‘Blind (feat. Antony Hegarty)’ (MP3)
When I find myself alone, I feel like I… I am blind

I was salivating from the moment Jez from Innersounds told me about the Antony Hegarty fronted disco flavoured Hercules & Love Affair way back in March 2007.

When “Blind” finally arrived it didnt dissapoint, whats more all the various mixes are fantastic from this flawless original to Frankie Knuckles classic house take.

(Buy) / Myspace / (Video)

estelleamericanboyrq312. ESTELLE
‘American Boy (feat. Kanye West)’
Don’t like his baggy jeans but I’m a like what’s underneath them


(Buy) / Myspace / Video
POINTLESS FACT: Will I.Am produced the track for Estelle, using samples from his own 2007 tune “Impatient”.

‘One Ting (Dabrye Remix)’ (MP3)
Flowers bloom and die, since you said your goodbye

A glorious slice of melancholy from King Midas and a contender for remix of the year. Dabrye creates a gold standard for downbeat modern soul with electronic washes, subtle chords and the most inspired sample since Diplo peppered the chorus of M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” with gunshots.

Just as adding the sound of bullets firing transformed “Paper Planes” from great track to classic, Dabrye’s use of Derrick May’s “Interval 1” transform this song (the original was a “sound interlude” on the essential detroit techno compilation “Relics“) .  As Ill-ec-tro-nic perfectly puts it “the soaring pitch-bending strings that are May’s hallmark sound.. elevate this track to the stratosphere.
Listen below to Derrick May’s strings (and why not buy “Relics” too)


(Buy) / King Midas Sound Myspace / Dabrye Myspace (inc Podcast and free MP3’s)

r-1403566-121672764614. THE LAUGHING LIGHT OF PLENTY
‘The Rose’ (MP3)

Hide from the light, neon in my head, e-lectric shadows

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15_raekwon_lgl115. RAEKWON
‘Once In A Lifetime (feat. Mika)’ (MP3)

The problem is the love got lost

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loopsplash_sm16. THE CRIMEA
‘Loop a Loop (Stuart James remix)’ (MP3)
Elvis on the answerphone, Adonis in the trailerpark

(Buy) / Myspace / / Stuart James Myspace
Download a dozen different mixes of Loop-a-Loop for FREE

selfish3156986bdf06075da8d17. THE MELTING ICE CAPS
‘Selfish Bachelor’ (MP3)

I’ve had too much time just pleasing myself, now I am too stuck to please anybody else

Myspace / (More Free Downloads)

grace-jones-1118. GRACE JONES
‘Williams’ Blood (Aeroplane Remix)’ (MP3)

You can’t save me, you can’t save a wretch like me

(Buy) / Myspace / Corporate Cannibal Video

shark656142jpeg19. GLASS SHARK
‘Casual Sx’ (MP3)

I think I know what you want, I want it too

(Buy) / Myspace / Website (Loads of FREE MP3’s)
Thunderbirds Brains meets Glass Shark Video / Promo Video

569274520. RENFRO
‘Invite The Bullets In’ (MP3)

When you said that words were healers, I let them in … let them pierce my skin

(Buy) / Myspace
Half Life Of Happiness Video

1biggerl21. WARNING HEAT RAY!
‘Spit It out’ (MP3)
Amongst green hills, dead mills and losers

Marking the 60th anniversary of Windrush and the 50th of the Notting Hill Riots “Spit It Out” by Warning! Heat Ray! was a firm favourite on this blog. MLD co-writer Ryan loved the disturbing way “the icy vocals and bleepy electronics combine with archive voxpop samples” while reader Renee perfectly judged the track if not our readership, flatteringly declaring “Thanks for bringing wonderful music to the masses“.

Warning! Heat Ray! also started a campaign to get the BBC to release their Windrush 60th anniversary documentary on DVD (Click the link below to watch). Find out more, email Auntie, do the facebook thing and get this essential historical document on the shelves and in the classroom.

Ash from Warning! Heat Ray! also very kindly agreed to a musical duel with MLD co-writer Ryan, both picked 3 tracks they love for the other to either gasp in delight or feign enthusiasm for. Read more here.

Buy handnumbered Ltd. Edition 7″ / Myspace / WHR!’s Top 10 albums of 09

Watch (or download) the BBC’s wonderful 4-part documentary on Windrush (Highly recomended) / Spit It Out Video

some-peoplef955bad73a6844f3122. MEANEST MAN CONTEST
‘Some People (Just Get Off on Breaking Hearts)’ (MP3)
You lost sight of any goal, made it all about control

(Buy) / Myspace / MeanestMan Blog
Read Meanest Man Contests Top 10 Mixtapes of 08

aec11223. ARCADION
‘Ghostfeeder’ (MP3)

Ryan (StopMe): ‘Ghost Feeder’ is the sound of Keith Moon grabbing a couple of wooden spoons and going wild in the bake-ware aisle at Tescos.
Add on some burbling sub-sonic Bass and you’ve got an enthralling instrumental from Arcadion.
(MLD: Go-Go is back…Check out those cowbells!! It sounds like Shady Groove covered by The Aphex Twin. I’m off to dig out my Go Go – The Sound of Washington D.C compilation…. Drop The Bomb ya’ll!! Troublefunk)

(Buy) / Myspace / Arcadion – ‘ARC’ (Video)

kanyearticle-1044309-0242d28500000578-921_468x32324. KANYE WEST
‘Champion (Cousin Cole Acid Dub SLOW)’ (MP3)
Did you realize…That you were a champion? In their eyes

(Buy) / Website / Myspace
Original Video

ricardo-villalobos-enfantsthumbnailthumbnailjpeg25. RICARDO VILLALOBOS
‘Enfants (Chants)’ (MP3)


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fall517rhvv8x3l_sl500_aa240_126. THE FALL
’50 Year Old Man’ (MP3)

That Steve Albini, He’s in collusion with Virgin trains…Against me (lyrics)

(Buy) / The Fall Online
Watch the BBC 4 documentary “The Wonderful and frightening world of Mark E. Smith”

poppy1dig27. THE OPIATES
‘I’m Not Simone Choule’ (MP3)

The new sound builds on the classic Electribe 101 template, so there’s a definite place for songwriting, but also a dry wit and intelligence you don’t often find in the pop charts.  Their press release jokes that the group started as an ambient project before they decided “f…ck this, and wrote the kind of songs that moved them in cerebral as well as booty shaking ways.” “I’m not Simone Choule” certainly comes under the cerebral tag inspired by Polanski’s “The Tenant“.  Solheim provides a perfectly judged backdrop for Billie Ray MArtins plaintive voice, referencing Kraftwerk to such an extent that some synth swoops had me searching the memory banks to recall what ‘werk track it borrowed. Someone even turned up in a “I’m not Simone Choule” tshirt!
(from Opiates @ Rough Trade review)

(Buy) / Myspace / Live @ Rough Trade video

busy-signal-tic-toc28. BUSY SIGNAL
‘Tic Toc’ (MP3)
Me mix my guiness with the Bull to the Red

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2f9f4e5e-0d14-41e2-992e-9378d0790b4229. DAN BLACK
‘Hypntz’ (MP3)
And I just love your flashy ways, Guess that’s why they broke, and you’re so paid

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white-denim30. WHITE DENIM
‘Look That Way At It’ (MP3)

(Buy) / Myspace
Video collaboration with The Modern Plow Collective

sallydium31. SALLY MURRAY
‘Changes On The Ground’ (MP3)

Strange how you read me now

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Video (Live on Channel M)

kyletru159_200x200132. KYLIE AULDIST
‘Make Me Want More’ (MP3)

I know just where I stand, I’m your everything, and you’re my man”

(Buy) / Myspace

foreign69834_fdb11b5bfd33. THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE
‘Take Off The Blues (feat. Darien Brockington)’ (MP3)

So much to do, so much is new for you to see

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6885_image_134. THE RACONTEURS
‘Consolers Of The Lonely’ (MP3)
I’m told it’s everything a man could want
And I shouldn’t complain

(Buy) / Myspace / Website
Live on Jools Holland (Video)

south3rn-fullyloaded35. SOUTH3RN
‘Muslim Dub’ (MP3)


portishead-machinegun36. PORTISHEAD
‘Machine Gun’ (MP3)
I saw a saviour, a saviour come my way

(Buy) / Myspace / Website
Video / “Machine Gun (Live on Jools Holland)”(Video) / Portishead in Portishead (33 min Video)

514ydpr7frl_sl500_aa280_37. BRASSICA
‘Welcome (A Piss In The River)’ (MP3)

Brassica’s album “Microvictories” is limited to 200 copies and comes in a beautiful screen-printed, hand-stamped and sewn sleeve. Each numbered copy also includes ten mini artworks by ten artists interpreting a track each. Such care and thought has been lavished on the release that if you buy a copy Tartaruga actually send out one of their employees cradling the CD on a cushion direct to your front door!*

With all that in mind I put the actual CD on with some trepidation.. “please don’t let the music be terrible, I really WANT to like this!”

Thankfully the music – which is what matters after all – lives up to the high standard set by it’s painstakingly created packaging. It ranges from beautiful ambient electronica, found sound collages, almost pop-ish melodies through to the clattering “Welcome (a piss in the river)” with it’s driving bass line.

All kinds of samples, sounds and experiments are lovingly woven into the mix, with new elements being revealed to the repeated listener. While some of the more “out-there” glitchy machine noise found sound tracks may try the patience of the kind of people who think ambient or electronica means “Cafe Del Mar” there’s a well judged mix between the more experimental end and lush beauty at the other.

It all marks Brassica, his label Tartaruga and the Brassica Fuzzpedal blog as ones to watch, listen to and love.
*I made that up

(Buy) / Brassica’s Fuzzpedal blog is always a good read / Myspace

withers_web38. BILL WITHERS
‘Harlem (Eamon Harkin Edit)’ (MP3)

Eamon Harkin’s re-edit of Bill Withers “Harlem” layers soaring strings, stabs, killer drums, social commentary and more up and up, building till you think it impossible to rise again, only for another blast of strings to floor you again. Phenomenal!
Piccadilly Records first brought Eamons name to my attention, stocking his wonderfully warped out version of John Carpenter’s “Assault on Precinct 13“. His website features mixes and edits that are usually of a far higher quality than you find on most expensive limited edition 12″ runs.

(Buy) / Visit Eamon’s blog for more edits

tmr_cd_single_510x51039. THE MISERABLE RICH
‘Monkey’ (MP3)
I dont know what you want from me, whatever I do just for you isnt right

(Buy) / Myspace / Website (inc. FREE Hot Chip cover and more)

‘Monkey (Live)’ (Youtube)

image-3440. METRONOMY
‘The End Of You Too’ (MP3)

(Buy) / Myspace / Website
Metronomy – “Radio Ladio” (Video) – superb!
Metronomy pick out their favourite videos – a musical video mix tape

owl1988807141. OFFICER OWL
‘Untitled Number 7’ (MP3)

and animals spoke as the buildings turned to smoke

(Buy) / Myspace

punk3ec42cc68172258a523f0714def9c6b142. THE KING BLUES
‘What If Punk Never Happened? (Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Mix)’ (MP3)

He said “Are you Michael J Fox?” I said “No I’m Jonny Fox”… He said “Close enough, get inside (lyrics)


polar1d6a7b211bf57f234fe7734843. POLARBEAR
‘David (Player Piano mix)’ (MP3)
He’d rather do stuff with his hands,
said he plans to lay bricks, squeeze tits, and sip cans

Myspace / HomeofPolar
Listen to Afrobearmoves on AfroSaxons Myspace – how good??

afterpartybabiessmall44. CADENCE WEAPON
‘Unsuccessful club nights’ (MP3)
Hard working people are dying to get loose

(Buy) / Download “Separation Anxiety”, Cadence’s Name-Your-Price album available NOW!
“Unsuccessful club nights” (Brilliant one take rap spoken word version – Video)

beyonce-knowles-thumb45. BEYONCE
‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ (MP3)
I put gloss on my lips, a man on my hips
Hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans


Video / Saturday Night Live Parody (feat. Justin Timberlake)

‘Tell me it ain’t so’ (MP3)

Tell me it aint so, Please tell me it aint so

(Buy) / Myspace / Website
Acoustic Video

m_26e538c94bd1040dd4a6008f3b67756f47. PVC STREET GANG
‘Cutlass’ (MP3)

You’re so gutless

Myspace / Video

r-150-778262-115780415648. WALTER JONES
‘Deuteronomy Brown (If edit)’ (MP3)

Best heard loud in the car, club or by destroying your hearing on little white earplugs. The slap bass just kills me.
*Apparently this came out in 2006 (oops)

(Buy) / Myspace
rich1213991695jpeg49. JONATHAN RICHMAN
‘You Can Have A Cellphone That’s OK But Not Me’ (MP3)

No you can’t call me there!

(Buy) / Blog / Richman on Space Ghost (Video)
milli50. LIL’ WAYNE
‘A Milli’ (MP3)

If hip hop is dead i am the embalming fluid

(Buy) / Website / Myspace
Look like Lil’ Wayne iphone app / Video

count01151. THE DEATH SET
‘Intermission’ (MP3)

Motherfuckin’ Death Set

(Buy) / Myspace / Remixes Myspace / Website
Video / Acapella’s for remixing

db2d7f193fddc973c5701a4791a9ed14f99a2c86_m52. DRUMS OF DEATH
‘Ozzzy! (Black Sabbath vs. Drums of Death)’ (MP3)

His first album’s due on Hot Chip’s Greco-Roman International Sonic Wrestling label soon and Drums Of Death’s building the buzz with a new EP along with what he’s calling a “Black Sabbath Blend Bootleg Of Ginormous Proportions“.

(Buy) / Myspace
DoD on BBC Introducing

‘Bootay Bitch Beat (feat. Amadah Blank) (Megasoid Remix)’ (MP3)
Push it, shove it, suck it, love it

(Buy) / Myspace
Original video / Bangers & Cash Top 10 Songs To Do It To (Video)

ex10268454. KELPE
‘Colours Don’t Leak (The Boats Remix)’ (MP3)


(Buy) / Myspace / Website / Boats Myspace
Kelpe’s soundtrack to 1969 Oscar nominated animated short “Walking” / Three Piece Band Video

empirel_6c55970dbc6b48bda1a1c1ff6e5a07d155. EMPIRE OF THE SUN
‘Half Mast’ (MP3)
Go hiking through the hills in a summer gown

(Buy) / Myspace / Website
“Walking on a dream” (video)

‘Burning Skull Blues’ (MP3)

The Honkeyfinger sound hotwires the electric freak rock of vintage Beefheart, Blue Cheer, ZZTop, and Black Sabbath into a jumping, lurching monster. Boiling up the ghosts of Bukka White, Leadbelly and John Lee Hooker with the bones of the country blues, laced with the acid fried heaviosity of the Buttholes Surfers – this is the thick stinking soup that Mr.Honkeyfinger serves hot. (PR text)

(Buy) / Myspace / Website
black0000214350_35057. SAM SPARRO
‘Black & Gold (Original Mix)’ (MP3)

If you’re not really here, then i don’t want to be either

(Buy) / Myspace / Video

laternsl_dd1b22f7dde0004ae93e2e0ad32a5d5458. LANTERNS ON THE LAKE
‘My Shield’ (MP3)

Myspace / (Buy)

readyforthefloor30059. HOT CHIP
‘Ready For The Floor (Extended Version)’ (MP3)

I can’t hear your voice, do I have a choice?

(Buy) / Myspace
Video / Making of Video

mgmt_time_to_pretend60. MGMT
‘Time to Pretend’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

tonyrebelwall61. TONY REBEL
‘My Love On Fyah’ (MP3)

(Video) / (Buy)

kuna2348073937_db7eeabd7162. THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS
‘Kuna Matata’ (MP3)

(Video) / (Buy)

daru_sampler-thumb-413x41463. DARU BEATS
‘Its On You (feat. Ketha Doree)’ (MP3)
(Video) /
‘Can You Feel It’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)
kings_of_thatmusic65. KINGS OF LEON
‘Sex On Fire’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

‘Can You Deal With It?’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

3166342304_f862bc0c3a_m67. THE BACAO RHYTHM AND STEEL BAND
‘P.I.M.P’ (MP3)

reml_23026e0febdcb85b1f961a9502c450a068. REMEMBER REMEMBER
‘Genie’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

monm_c1542b604cecfde7e4a61ffb22e2225369. MONDKOPF
‘Sainte’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

ldunkarge70. THE GRITS
‘The Sons Of Your Funk Mother’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)
mindless00971. IN FLAGRANTI
‘Emotional r (in flagranti edit)’ (MP3)

micgoldenphone-ac3072. MICACHU
‘Golden Phone’ (MP3)


tapel_6dbe93e11dc923d5f8d0b7184ae64db273. TAPE
‘Fingers’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

greatmuti01874. GREAT SCOTT
‘Chai Overdose’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

dirty01a7b684fcdad9787ddb3f2681b275. AMY PENNINGTON
‘Dirty L’il Secret’ (MP3)

33376. GABLE
‘Noone Knows Why?’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

count01477. JOHN MATTHIAS
‘Stockwell Road’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)


prodfrontcover-178. PRODUCERS WITH COMPUTERS
‘Summer 98 (Remix)’ (MP3)
Britains got talent… We got most of it

I thought the chorus went ‘it was the middle of summer… we had sex’ until the other day I finally heard the last bit as ‘In Essex‘
(Buy) / Myspace
sk_sl5_promo.indd79. NIKOLAJ GRANDJEAN
‘The First Picture’ (MP3)

(Video) / (Buy)
fel_543d964cc2844c9cbc47e6c631cd51b180. FEVER RAY
‘If I Had A Heart’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)
7x781. ONRA
‘My Comet’

(Video) / (Buy)

00djmujavatownshipfunkwjk082. MUJAVA
‘Township Funk’ (MP3)

(Video) / (Buy)

monkey_journey_to_the_west_cover83. MONKEY: JOURNEY TO THE WEST
‘Monkey Bee (Diplo mix)’ (MP3)
Diplo has the genius idea of strapping the Monkey to the downbeat reggae swagger of Shineheads ‘Billie Jean‘ cover version (or at least that’s what gets stuck in my head when I hear it…don’t think twice…he he he). Midway through it morphs into Dr. Dre style cruising in my bimmer hip-hop before the swirling synths and Chinese lyrics of the original version take us back to Beijing.
If all music were this inventive, we’d have to invent The Killers just to give our brains a rest.

(Buy) / Remix the Monkey Bee Video
Visit MonkeyWorld for wallpaper, downloads and a build your own Monkey theatre set for the kids.

lpxl_59fb59cd673960e3b24584b71158b44a84. LPX
When The Gods Punish Me’ (MP3)

(Free downloads)

Check out LPX main man Leigh’s blog for musings on music, Formula 1, Dr.Who and more.

chasevrkdwcl_sl500_aa280_85. CHASE AND STATUS
‘Eastern Jam’ (MP3)
(Video) / (Buy)

art6a00d834527ec969e200e54f8e256d8833-800wi86. ARTHUR RUSSELL
‘I Couldn’t Say It to Your Face’ (MP3)


vamp6a00cd970e83b84cd500e398d7e9b40005-320pi87. VAMPIRE WEEKEND
‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Teenagers Remix)’ (MP3)


chap188. THE CHAP
‘Ethnic Instrument’ (MP3)


raphael_saadiq_the_way_i_see_it_cover-thumb-473x47389. RAPHAEL SAADIQ
‘Seven’ (MP3)



superl_e8b9f42cb6a747c6afdcb1cd5331f81d90. THE SUPERIMPOSERS
‘The Northern Song (Ashley Beedle’s Southern Psychedelic Mix)’ (MP3)

(Buy)/ Myspace / (sign up to the mailing list for exclusive MP3’s)
Visit the Wonderful Sound blog for news and updates on the Wonderful Sound Libaries Radio show.

91. FLYING LOTUS – ‘Parisian Goldfish’ (MP3) / (Buy) / Myspace


va-ed-banger-records-ed-rec-vol392. JUSTICE
‘Stress (Auto Remix)’ (MP3)


Myspace / “Stress (Auto Remix)(Live)” Youtube / “Stress” (Original) Video
walemixtapecover93. WALE
‘The Kramer’ (MP3)
A nigga write nigga in a lyric, expect the white boy to omit it(lyrics)

(Visit here to download Wale’s FREE mixtape)
nikeatrak94. A-TRAK
‘Mastered (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)’ (MP3)
(Video) /

51j4hdtpk0l_sl500_aa280_95. YAW
‘Where Would You Be’ (MP3)
(Video) /

080327_249_cowandfield96. TORCHE
‘Triumph Of Venus’ (MP3)


‘Boxes & Angels (edit)’ (MP3)

(Video) / (Buy)
voluntarybutlerscheme98. THE VOLUNTARY BUTLER SCHEME
‘Tobasco Soul’ (MP3)

Buy VBS De La Soul T-Shirt / Myspace / Download FREE Vol-Au-Vent EP

147886theverybest99. THE VERY BEST
‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ (MP3)

(Download full album FREE)
9a15b2b610b16623100. THE ROOTS
‘Criminal (feat. Truck North & Saigon)’ (MP3)


101. JEGSY DODD & THE ORIGINAL SINNERS – ‘Liverpool (So Good They Named It Once)’ (MP3)
102. THE FUN YEARS – ‘Fucking Milwaukee’s Been Hesher Forever’ (MP3)
103. D-FROST BEATS- ‘Big Bwoy’ (MP3)
104. PETER BRODERICK – ‘And It’s Alright’ (MP3)
105. NUFREQUENCY – ‘Go That Deep (feat. Shara Nelson) (Charles Webster Remix)’ (MP3)
106. MENAHAN STREET BAND – ‘The Contender’ (MP3)
107. KING KHAN & THE SHRINES – ‘Took My Lady To Dinner’ (MP3)
108. NOAH & THE WHALE – ‘5 Years Time’ (MP3)
109. FAN DEATH – ‘Veronica’s Veil (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework)
110. DAEDELUS -‘Fair Weather Friends’
111. NAS – ‘Get Down (Quantic Soul Orchestra mix)’
112. TAN LINES – ‘New Flowers’ (MP3)
113. ANDREW WEATHERALL VS. THE BOARDROOM – ‘Through The Robot Chicken Shed’
114. LULU ROUGE – ‘Bless You (MKLSMPSN remix)’ (MP3)
115. EL-P – ‘Mike Douglas’ (MP3)
116. MAYER HAWTHORNE AND THE COUNTY – ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’ (MP3)
118. SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE – ‘Rockist (Part 1)’
119. Q-TIP – ‘Move’
120. GAS – ‘Zauberberg Vii’
121. SHAM SHAM – ’99 Hearts (Jay-Z vs. Architecture In Helsinki)’ (MP3)
122. DAN LE SACE VS. SCROOBIUS PIP – ‘Look For The Woman (Live @ Maida Vale)’
123. BOYS BOISE – ‘Shine Shine (Apparat Remix)’
124. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS – ‘The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)’
125. HEADLESS HEROES – ‘Blues Run The Game’
126. MAVIS STAPLES – ‘Eyes On The Prize (Live)’
127. BRAINDEAD – ‘Stig Of The Dump (feat. Ra The Rugged Man)’
128. KID CARPET – ‘I don’t want to fall in love with you’
129. THE HOURS – ‘Can You See The Light (Dekker & Johan Dub)’
130. OST & KJEX – ‘Milano Model (Mungolian Jet Set Remix)’
131. THE EYE JAB – ‘Who Still Believe in Love’
132. SARGASSO TRIO – ‘Low’
133. JACASZEK – ‘Taniec’
134. WE/OR/ME – ‘Tell Sarah’
135. TY – ‘The Scheme Of Things’
137. JIB KIDDER – ‘Windowdipper’
138. JUBA DANCE – ‘Favorite Words’
139. TOBACCO – ‘Dirt (feat. Aesop Rock)’
140. BENGA – ‘E Trips’
141. JOHNSON & JONSON – ‘Hold on John’
142. MERCURY REV – ‘Senses On Fire (Fujiya & Miyagi mix)’
143. SWEET BABOO – ‘Emotionally Alone’
144. ASTRAL MANHOLE PROJECT – ‘Perfected Love’
145. BLEEDING HEART NARRATIVE – ‘Braids And A Necklace’
146. RICHARD SKELTON – ‘Brook’
147. FUNK AGAINST JUNK – ‘Rusty Fingers’
148. THESE UNITED STATES – ‘Sun Is Below and Above’
149. MR. KONFUSE – ‘Sabu’s Delight’
150. THE MATINEE ORCHESTRA – ‘Slow boats’
151. LIZ GREEN – ‘I Do Wrong’
152. ALESHA DIXON – ‘The Boy Does Nothing’
153. DUSK + BLACKDOWN – ‘The Bits (feat. Trim)’
154. RUSTIE – ‘Zig-Zag’
155. TM JUKE – ‘My World Is Empty Without You (feat. Alice Russell)
156. WADE NICHOLS – ‘Wanda Rode Again’
157. SIMEON MOBILE DISCO – ‘Sleep Deprivation (Simon Baker Remix)’
158. SHED – ‘Estrangé’
159. CHARLIE LOUVIN – ‘There’s a Higher Power’
160. LADYHAWKE – ‘Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)’
161. AU – ‘RR Vs. D’
162. MODERNAIRE – ‘Taste’
163. THE SHOES – ‘Knock Out’
164. CAGE AND AVIARY – ‘Television Train’
165. SON OF DAVE – ‘Hellhound (Boombass “Jack on the Rocks” remix)’
166. KING CANNIBAL – ‘Flower Of Flesh & Blood’
167. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – ‘Street Flash’
168. MR OIZO – ‘Two Takes It (Feat. Carmen Castro)’
169. MINOTAUR SHOCK – ‘Jason Forrest’
170. KEYBOARD CHOIR – ‘In This Situation, Thinking Won’t Help!’
171. DISRUPT – ‘Kozure Okami’
172. ENSEMBLE DU VERRE – ‘Striped And Incredibly Bright’
173. AL GREEN – ‘No One Like You’
174. SPIRITUALIZED – ‘Soul on Fire’
175. THE DEAD TREES – ‘Shelter’
176. THE REAL TUESDAY WELD – ‘The Decline & Fall Of The Clerkenwell Kid’
177. DON CAVALLI – ‘Aggression’
179. CASHIER NO.9 – ‘To The Death Of Fun’
180. PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS – ‘The Mike & Chris Story’
182. ACTRESS – ‘I Can’t Forgive You’
183. J.RAWLS – ‘Tribute To The Beatnuts’
184. MARTYN – ‘Suburbia’
185. WIZARD SLEEVE – ‘Don’t Cry Girl’
186. GIRLS – ‘Hellhole Ratrace’
187. THE WILD BEASTS – ‘The Devil’s Crayon’
188. AARON MARTIN AND PART TIMER – ‘Nureyev (Soft Shoe Mix)’
189. BLACK MILK – ‘Give the Drummer Sum’
190. EMC – ‘Traffic (feat. Little Brother)’
191. MATTY G – ‘Street Knowledge’
192. PIGEON FUNK – ‘Purple Pigeon’
193. CAPTAIN PLANET – ‘Boogaloo’
194. GIRLS ALOUD – ‘Loving Kind’
195. TOUMANI DIABATE – ‘Cantelowes’
196. CHARLES HAMILTON – ‘Two Left Feet (Swaggerless Swag)’
197. THE DODO’S – ‘Fools’
198. WILEY – ‘Wearing My Rolex’ – Visit Heatwave to download a fantastic dancehall version featuring Beenie Man (Thanks to Fatima for the tip!)
199. SIGUR ROS – ”Gobbledigook’
200. LAST OF THE SHADOW PUPPETS – ‘The Age of the Understatement’

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