Ryan (StopMe): Still recovering from the heatwave? Still reeling from Murray’s defeat? Well no matter, because here are ten more tunes to soothe those summertime blues:

Apostle Of Hustle has to be one of the best band names ever and luckily they’ve got the music to back it up. ‘Eazy Speaks’ is frenetic catchy Indie with plenty of sharp lyrics like “Keep your friends close, enemy closer, kiss on the cheek from a punk ass poser”.

Chicks On Speed are back again with brand new album ‘Cutting The Edge’. ‘Art Rules’ features their trademark witty rapping with a shiny Dance-Pop production worthy of Chris Lowe.

‘Helpmesaveme’ is from Father Abraham’s excellent and totally free to download ‘I Am Not A Sailor I Am The Captain’ LP. It was a toss up between this and ‘Spacemarch’ but really the whole album is genius (Thanks to Neil for the tip).

Father Abraham – Helpmesaveme” (MP3)

Generationals have cunningly blended Arcade Fire style Epic Indie with a glorious Motown-esque production sound. ‘When They Fight They Fight’ is drenched with Brass, Bass-Guitar, hand-claps and sunshine.

The Grizzly Owls have kindly made their new ‘I Am A Shootist’ EP available for free. All four tracks feature shimmering, beautiful, Americana-Folk but for me, the title track is the best one.

‘Sixteen’ is the latest track I’m hearing from The Heavy’s eagerly anticipated new album. It combines the raw Soul power of the vocals with a darkly Funky fairground waltz.

(MLD): As a bonus treat here’s an edition of Solid Steel featured on the blog a couple of years back in which The Heavy play some of the tracks that influenced them, ie lots of  Zepellin, Stooges, The Beatles, Muddy Waters and Ghostface Killah.

The Heavy – Solid Steel (27/07/07)” (MP3)full tracklisting

After thirty-odd years, Nashville singer Larry Jon Wilson has just made the album of his career, and has appropriately called it simply ‘Larry Jon Wilson’. The majestic ‘Shoulders’ is so intimate and quietly powerful that your lip may be wobbling by the end.

The Lemonheads ninth album is a collection of covers called ‘Varshons’. They deliver a cracking version of Townes Van Zandt’s mournful Country-Blues song ‘Waiting Around To Die’.

‘Cotopaxi’ is from The Mars Volta’s fifth and possibly best LP ‘Octahedron’. Refreshingly, it’s tighter and rocks allot harder than some of their indulgent “Jazz-Odyssey” material while retaining their superb apocalyptic lyrics.

Southside Steppers new double A-side single is the latest essential release on Soul Jazz. The second cut ‘Super Storm Decay’ is like the best thing Tricky never made. It has to be my tune of the week.


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Here is the video for The Heavy’s ‘Sixteen’:

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