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Back in December the “Art of The Spoken Word” compilation put together by sometime contributor StopMe proved quite popular. So how to follow that?

Well, who better than the current guru, don, top banana, high priest if you like, of spoken word Scroobius Pip?
His “Spoken Word Furious Seven” are mostly uncluttered by any music at all and stretch from old favourites right up to soon to be modern classics from the current champions of a vibrant scene.

There’s a openwhyd.org playlist below, but over to Pip to introduce his furious seven featuring Justin Timberlake’s adams apple and how to tell a strict Ugandan family you’re so gay your DNA has four letters: YMCA.


Sage Francis – Mullet” (MP3) / (Live performance)

This is one of the first spoken word pieces that I listened to over and over again. Comedy, great wordplay…it has everything! Last year, after being a fan for a long time, we signed with Sage (on his label Strange Famous) in America.
Myspace / Twitter /Francis endorsed free 40 minute mix taking in hip hop and the Spice Girls.

B Dolan – Open Letter to Justin Timberlake” (MP3) / Words

This is the most recent spoken word piece I have listened to over and over again! Another Strange Famous act. We toured with B all over the USA last year and was amazed at his wondrous ways. The “black rage” line kills me everytime.
Myspace / Twitter / House of Bee’s Vol.1 50 minute Dolan/Buddy Peace mix

Joshua Idehen – Dylan on Cupid (Dan Le Sac mix)” (MP3)

I first saw this performed in a tiny venue in Camden about 2 years ago. There were about 10 other people in the room, most of whom were performing. This was the piece that stood out by far.
Myspace / Twitter

Kate Tempest – Balance” (MP3)

As I have regularly said, Kate Tempest has no damn right to be this good! This is just one illustration of how amazing she is at construction complex, yet flowing, tales. Perfection.
Myspace / Sound Of Rum debut LP (7.99!! how much) / Recording a live Spoken Word LP at Puregroove records 20th Oct

Musa Okwonga – Cooper Chimbonda” (MP3) / (Words)

I was once in a slam against Musa and thought I had done well…until he got up and did this one, 10 minute piece. He won. I agreed. Amazing.
Myspace / Twitter / Musa & Joshua’s group Benin City on Myspace

Gil Scott-Heron – Whitey on the Moon” (MP3) / (words)

Well I needed to get an old classic in didn’t I! Gil had an amazing way of switching from spoken word to singing and being effortless with both. This is one of my favourite spoken word pieces of his.

Preview clips from Gil’s new album due in 2010 / Howard Stern’s doesn’t really get it (YouTube) / Whitey on the Moon Dub article

Polarbear – “Straight Outta Compton” (MP3)

I have gigged with and been a fan and friend of Polarbear sometime now. This is a piece that I only heard after seeing him perform about 10 times. When you are a fan of someone often you just want to hear “the classics” so its hard for a new piece to get your interest. This piece certainly did and quickly sat down in a comfortable chair along with the other “classics”.

Myspace / Twitter / See Polarbear, Scroobius, Kate Tempest and more live at Polar’s house (well, The Albany)

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