The Music Like Dirt top tracks of the year list returns for a fifth edition and once again falls short of being the most comprehensive, the most knowledgeable or the most bleedin’ edge. It is however consistently the latest and for that I apologise and hold out the hope that as the light fades on January there are still a few hardy souls who still wish to pick over the embers of 2009.

Compiled from a shortlist of around a 1000 tracks through a process of demented indecision until “only” 200 remained.  Breathtakingly good tracks were chopped in fits of peak, and the order could still change at any time. The point is these lists are slightly point-less, but these 200 tunes have enriched my life over the last 12 months.  Besides half the fun of making charts is looking back at the previous editions of 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 and realising you shouldn’t be left in control of the car stereo, let alone pontificating on the finest musical output of the year. Declaring Beyonce’s “Single Ladies the 45th best of 08 is as far as I’m concerned excuse enough for you to all to leave now.

It’d be great to hear your own favourites and you can now join me in heated debate on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section of this page.
Emails with the subject line “How can you call yourself a music blogger when you don’t have the Animal Collective in your list” will also be accepted.

If you’re an artist and object to me giving away the fruits of your labour please let me know and I’ll remove the link ASAP.

mc1. McAlmont and Nyman
In Rai Don Giovanni

although surgeons fixed his eyes,
He never sees how vulgar he’s become

All is not well with the musical universe when the glorious voice of David McAlmont is not present at the top of its table. Despite his phenomenal talent McAlmont’s career trajectory has been anything but smoothly ascendant, but in the unlikely form of Michael Nyman he may have finally found his perfect foil.
As this countries most celebrated contemporary composer you wouldn’t expect Nyman to struggle for inspiration but the pair only came together after discovering they shared a similar artistic block. Nyman needed words to spark his compositions to life, while McAlmont lacked the songs. The resulting album “The Glare” is the finest showcase for that unique voice since the first McAlmont & Butler longplayer way back in the mists of the 90’s.

Its no surprise that the project’s concept is suitably highbrow, how many LP’s take inspiration from the 19th century French painter Gericault? He saw his art as a documentary on canvas, telling the tale of news events of his time, sometimes in collaboration with people actually involved in the stories. McAlmont took this on by twinning some of Nyman’s finest works with lyrics written in the first person perspective of the subject of a current headline. So “Going To America” finds captured Somalian pirate Abdiwali Muse worrying about FBI agents and Navy seals, while the title track has Susan Boyle contemplating life as an overnight sensation.  Zimbabwe, Joanna Lumley and the Gurka’s… it all sounds painfully clunky as an idea but aside from a few tracks it works phenomenally well.  Its also worth reading McAlmonts blog on the lyrics with links to the headlines that inspired each song.

In Rai Don Giovanni” gives Veronica Lario, the long suffering wife of ageing lothario and statue catcher Silvio Berlusconi a chance to tell her story. Despite first catching Silvio’s eye while stripping off in a play she eventually finds the “skinny blonde model’s” and “floozies younger than his kids” too much to bear and is off “to better things“.  Her or rather David’s voice declares all this in celebratory style, the music is bouncy and vibrant, strings pluck and horns parp as she throws off the shackles of a “shameless playboy pimp“. With the P of pimp emphasised with spitting indignation.

What better way to start 2010 than with David McAlmont back centre stage, in his pomp, overblown, exuberant, camp as hell but gloriously beguiling. Even better according to his twitter the pair have re-entered the studio to record a new track together.

Myspace / McAlmont Twitter / Facebook / Michael
McAlmont reveals inspiration behind the songs
Buy: Amazon / MnRecords
Watch: Guardian TV featuring interview and exclusive new track.

2. Octave Mouret
Locked Doors (feat. PolarBear)” (MP3)


No one ever says that Im like you, but there are times when I’m frightened they might do

Lyrics are often the songwriters neglected art, a catchy tune may stick in the head but the right turn of phrase can stop you in your tracks or send the mind spiralling.  As such when you stumble across a true wordsmith you tend to hold them tight (or in my case enthuse about them at length on a blog).

The current crop of poets, or at least those that stray from purely spoken word into music seem to be in a rich vein of form when it comes to matching jaw droppingly good lyrics with a decent tune.  Scroobius Pip returns with a new single “Get Better (YouTube)” in March and Kate Tempest’s Sound Of Rum LP was a highlight of last year, to name but two.  At the top of that tree sits Polar Bear, an act Ive plugged so much that as I said in a previous post I’m dangerously close to donning a ra-ra skirt, energetically thrusting pom poms in the air and demanding readers “Give me a P… give me an O“.

“Locked Doors” a collaboration with Octave Mouret is achingly beautiful, with deceptively simple deft production allowing the words due prominence.  PolarBear draws his stories from the ordinary, and the simple truth that there’s nothing more powerful or easy to relate to than everyday life.  In this case the father/son relationship, and dealing with a dad who mostly isn’t there. The words are defiant yet laced with damage, the son may never “google his name, or sit on night buses wondering where he is” but the pity for the fathers loss can’t help but reflect back… “If I ever put even one foot into your shoes, I have people who’ll stop me“.    As with all of PolarBear’s work its deeply affective, brilliantly judged and has more in common with Mike Leigh or Jimmy McGovern than any songwriter I know.

He’s always got several projects on the go at any one time so I’d recommend signing up for his mailing list to keep uptodate, or Twitter, although that mostly features the amusing things a son says to his dad.
PolarBears latest major piece is a collaboration with BAC called “Return” in which an entire film is conjured up and imagined through spoken work. The run starts in March, snap up your tickets here (I will be).

Octave Mouret Myspace
PolarBear Twitter / Myspace / Home Of Polar / Buy PolarBear

3. Moodymann
Freeki Mutha F cker” (MP3)


you don’t even like this song, you just dig the hook

With its rumbling bass, subtle keys and whispered fruitiness “Freeki MF” is the sound of a pre-Jehovah Prince getting upto no good with some early Chicago/Detroit house. Riding a spartan backing Moodymann throatily intones his tale of voyeurism while the lady in his sights sighs and coo’s at his every line.
It’s probably the most sexually charged record since Lil Louis’s peak or at least since Prince released the Scandalous Sex suite, a 25 minute recording of his seduction of Kim Bassinger. Thankfully its a far better record than listening to half an hour of Prince & Kim shagging, but like Scandalous it has a comical quality. You can whisper the line “You used to ride the bus, today you took the train” in as gravely a voice as you like but it’ll raise a laugh before anything else.

One of the finest records of the year even if it does swing wildly across the lines of steaminess, comedy and creepiness.
In the interests of accuracy I should point out that I’ve discovered this actually came out in Dec 08, and has been a live favourite since 2005.

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Watch: Moodyman performing the song at the Montreaux Jazz festival 2005 and in 2007.

4. Terry Lynn
IMF” (MP3)

There will not be a good future for the rich, if there is no prospect of a better future for the poor

A critique of the IMF’s systematic destruction of the Jamaican economy as told through the medium of a stonking great pop reggae anthem.  It doesnt matter that as a sheltered speaker of our Queens English I cant understand half of what Terry is saying, the chorus is still cutting yet unbelievably catchy.
The IMF’s mantra of liberalize, privatise and deregulate is infamous, and its bullying of countries like Jamaica into selling their assets in return for access to loans has been the subject of entire documentaries. The award winning 2001 film “Life & Debt” examined what the Jamaican Prime Minister called the “imperialist” actions of the IMF. Its available to watch online, and features the speech by IMF Director Horst Kohler sampled by Terry on this track.

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xx5. The XX
VCR” (MP3)


Watch things on VCRs, with me and talk about big love(lyrics)

Aside from the obligatory Animal Collective, The XX were probably the most blogged about band of 2009. Unlike the Animal Collective however they broke through into the mainstream aided by a huge marketing spend from their label XL.  Three or four promos were sent to me alone, posters plastered the tube, and it worked as critics applauded and the kind of people who buy their CD’s at Tesco bought into the band.  That may sound outlandishly snobby, but on several occasions people I know who have never expressed any particular love for music beyond Radio 2 blasted out The XX and evangelised wildly on their behalf.   And the reason beyond the hype and the major label? Its quite a simply a bloody good album.

VCR” is the poppiest and lightest of the albums tunes, a simple love song about “watching films” together with the musical accompaniment of little more than a bass and sweet xylophone.   I could in truth have picked four or five off the disc as my favourite, without even going into all the fine remixes on offer (eg Pariahs fantastic “Basic Space”).
Recently I attended xx: A Sculpture of the Album,  a “3D physical interpretation” in a large empty storeroom beneath Soho’s Phonica records.  It’s a decent idea, with three pillars, each containing a video performance from one band member and depending where you stand the mix of the album changes.  I can’t say I was exactly bowled over by the experience but the visit did offer an opportunity for a bit of banter with my brother over the merits of The XX.
In his eyes the sparse sound of The XX is not beautifully simple, its just simple full stop.  All the tracks fairly similar and unremarkable… its just pleasant.  The debate concluded with my brother insisting he made sounds like the XX when he first tried to play a guitar.  He confidently stated he could therefore easily toss off an XX LP in an afternoon.  Needless to say I didnt agree but I’ve offered to pay for the release of this LP should he be able to deliver on his bold claim!

Myspace / / Buy
“VCR” (Youtube)
/ “Basic Space (Pariah mix)” (YouTube)

6. Talen
The Vibes – A Sizzla Tale” (MP3)


Don’t fight the Vibes… I like the vibes

Winterthur, Switzerland – Not the first place that comes to mind when imagining hotbeads of 21st century Reggae sounds.  Ok, old Pipecock Jackxon aka Lee “Scratch” Perry made Zurich his home but the 2 DJ’s/2 Producer’s team going by the name Talen should put Switzerland on the reggae map.
Dancehall meets dubstep with an absolute thumping bass drum made fiercer still by ragga royalty Sizzla booming his love of “Reggae music“.
The track works especially well when played very loudly on motorways (I havent tested it on A roads). Many long journeys out West were accompanied by me hitting continual repeat on this “Talen Sound“.

Myspace / Facebook / Talen Soundcloud (inc FREE mixes)
Buy / itunes

7. Jay-Z
Empire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)” (MP3)


Mommy took a bus trip and now she got her bust out,
Everybody ride her, just like a bus route / Myspace / Buy
Watch: Video / VMA Awards performance / Alicia Keys solo version of “Empire State”

8. Mayer Hawthorne
The Ills” (MP3)


You know the ills of this world they can get you down
But then you get back up

Facebook / Twitter / Myspace / Video Interview / Buy
New “Soul With A Hole” 24 track compilation of Mayer Hawhornes favourite Soul originals.

Watch: Unofficial video for “The Ills” as beautifully crafted by an annoyingly talented bloke I work with (below). Inspired use of archive footage, unlike a similar-ish attempt at Coldcut’s Beats & Pieces I bashed together but never finished about 15 years ago.

9. Glasser
Apply (Lemonade Remix)” (MP3)


If the walls were too thin, You would break right in

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Watch: The making of the 12″ limited edition sleeve / “Apply (Original version)” Video

10. DJ Quik & Kurupt
9x’s Outta 10“(MP3)


Irradiated mushrooms irradiate entire rooms

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Watch : 9x’s Outta 10 Video / Interview about the Album

11. Fort Knox Five
Funk 4 Peace (Nick Thayer Remix)” (MP3)


Turn the music, its time to release

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Watch: “Funk 4 Peace (live)”

12. Cracks In The Concrete
Ballad of Ashley Marie
“you cant afford me, you sad sorry fuck… im dearer than rubys, you’re shit out of luck”

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Louise McVey & Cracks In The Concrete Myspace
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13. Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow
Hear Mi” (MP3)


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Watch: Bob gives a tour of the treehouse where he lives in Scotland. / “Hear Mi” a very pretty video

14. Desire
Under Your Spell” (MP3)


I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, I do nothing but think of you

Blog / Myspace / Italians Do It Better Blog / Buy
Listen to the equally good/better “Don’t Call” (below)

15. William Elliot Whitmore
Mutiny” (MP3)


I want to wrap my hands around his crooked neck
and throw him overboard

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Watch: “Mutiny” Live

16. Shafiq Husayn
Lil Girl (feat. Fatima)” (MP3)


diggin for them secret doors, one day you shall find it

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17. Jamie T
Chaka Demus (Ben Bones & Jamie T remix)” (MP3)


I love her, she loves me too. That’s why we get togetherrr

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Watch: “Chaka Demus (Original)” (Video)

18. Laura Veirs
July Flame” (MP3)


Can I call you mine?(lyrics)

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Watch: The Making of “July Flame” (Video) / “July Flame” (Video) /

19. Clock Opera
White Noise (Django Django remix)” (MP3)


Rejoice in d chords, white noise and drums

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Watch: “White Noise (original)” (Video) / “White Noise” Live on Diesel:U Music Video

20. Black Meteoric Star
World Eater (12″ version)” (MP3)


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Watch: Snippet of Gavin Russom (Black Meteoric Star) Live show

21. Dinosaur
Kiss Me Again (Tim & Pauls Edit)” (MP3)


Tim talks about the edit / Arthur Russell Documentary Trailer
Listen: Original 12 and 13 minute versions

22. La Roux
In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)” (MP3)


Full stops and exclamation marks
Oooh my words stumble before I star

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Apply for tickets to special Heaven 17 / La Roux live collaboration

23. Fashawn
Samsonite Man” (MP3)


Look in the mirror, realise you getting older

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Watch: “Life As A Shorty” (Youtube)
Read: Fashawn picks his top 10 west coast hiphop albums of all time

afrozen24. Afrozen Orchestra
Togana” (MP3)



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25. Gold Panda
Quitters Raga” (MP3)


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slew26. The Slew
Robbin’ Banks (Doin’ Time)” (MP3)

[audio:] / Facebook / Myspace /
The Mighty Slew YouTube Channel / Buy the LP
Kid Koala backing Meaghan Smith on turntable (YouTube)

27. Lupe Fiasco
The National Anthem” (MP3)

Health care hair, Drive by thighs
Education lips, HIV eyes

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Download FREE Lupe mixtape “Enemy Of The State: A Love Story
Watch: “Muhammad Walks” – Lupe’s take on Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” from a Muslim perspective

28. Mount Kimbie
Maybes” (MP3)


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Watch: Video for “Maybes” made as part of a fan’s final year at Art School.

29. Left Lane Cruiser
Big Momma” (MP3)


oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah, yo mama

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Watch: “Big Momma” Live in a record shop and a radio studio. / Interview

30. Randan Discotheque
Daily Record May 18th 1993” [audio:]

I forgot about that, Cliff Maier sold his wife to an arab millionaire

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Watch: “I’d Like To Be Alone” (Live) – Another Randan classic from a few years back

31. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate
Kala Djula” (MP3)


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Watch: Kala Djula (Youtube) / Short film about the making of their 2nd and final album together

32. Jeremy Warmsley
If He Breaks Your Heart (Miyauchi Yuri remix)” (MP3)


If he breaks your heart, Will I stand a chance?(lyrics)

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DL Free EP / Watch: “If He Breaks Your Heart (Acoustic)”

33. Little Boots
Earthquake (Stonemasons Club Remix)” (MP3)


I know some days are hard, But must you make mine too

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Watch: “Earthquake (Single Version)” (Youtube)

34. Nine High
Cookout (M-Phazes Remix)” (MP3)


Give me bacon chops, give me steak on top

MySpace / Taos Records Blog
Their distribution company just went bust so they’ve put the full album up as a FREE download
Watch: “CookOut” (Video)

35. Neon Indian
Should Have Taken Acid With You” (MP3)


Should have taken acid with you, Melt our tongues and become unglued

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Watch: No offical video but 1 trippy Super8 fan made alternative as well as another featuring an off his face bloke falling over in a shop.
Read: Pedestrian Interview with Neon Indian

36. Badly Drawn Boy
Is There Nothing We Could Do?” (MP3)


Who am i to ask you why you feel the way you do

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Watch: “The Fattest Man In Britain” (ITV Player)
26 min GuardianTV interview with BDB
(winning Mercury/New LP/songwriting) “Is There Nothing We Could Do? (Acoustic)”

37. Leyland Kirby
When We Parted, My Heart Wanted To Die (Friedrichshain Memory)” (MP3)


Website / Facebook / Blog / Buy LTD LP
Watch: “When, We Parted, My Heart Wanted To Die (Youtube Edit)”

38. Lee Fields & The Expressions
Ladies” (MP3)


When I saw you walkin by. Girl you blew my mind.(lyrics)

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Watch: Lee Fields rehearsing “Ladies” / “Love, It Comes and It Goes” (Live)

39. Frida Hyvönen
Jesus Was A Crossmaker” (MP3)


Sweet silver angels over the sea, Please come down flyin’ low for me

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Watch: The Judee Sill Original

40. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Sugarfoot” (MP3)


Brought me down straight to my knees, She’s doing things I’ve never seen

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Watch: Youtube Channel / “Sugarfoot” Live on Late Late Show

41. Jack Penate
Tonight’s Today (Extended Mix)” (MP3)


And my filthy palms, Reach for the harms

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Watch: “Tonight’s Today” (Video)

42. Major Lazer
Can’t stop now (feat. Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell)” (MP3)


My love for you coulda never drop

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Download Diplo “Free Gucci” Mixtape
Listen: The Techniques – “You Dont Care” Heavily sampled on this track.
Watch: “Pon De Floor” Video, features JA dance style “Daggering” or dry humping as its known round these parts!

“Hold The Line” Prince Zimboo’s brilliant remix. (below)

jul43. Julianna Barwick
Bode” (MP3)


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“Sunlight, Heaven” (Video)

44. Kelis
Acapella” (MP3)


Before you, My whole life was acapella!
Now a symphony’s, The only song to sing

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Kelis talks to Vibe magazine
about her new album, motherhood and split with Nas.

45. Shakira
She Wolf” (MP3)


Starting to feel just a little abused
Like a coffine machine in an office

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Watch: “SheWolf” (video) / The Oxford Union invite Shakira to give speech / Katie Courik interviews Shakira

46. Lily Allen


So you say it’s not okay to be gay, Well, I think you’re just evil
You’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces, Your point of view is medieval

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Watch: “Fuck You (single)” Not very good Video /

47. Windmill
Airsuit” (MP3)


the stars and planets all align

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Download the epic “Big Boom” for free from RCDLBL
Watch: “Big Boom” Video featuring spaceman Matthew

48. Peggy Sue
Lover Gone” (MP3)


Ohh Lover gone, this song is not a love song, because our love is gone

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Buy their debut album and ticket for launch gig in March for 14 pounds.
Watch: “Lover Gone” (video) / “All N My Grill” Missy Elliot Cover version

49. Juice Aleem
KunteKinteTarDiss” (MP3)


Ive got no tattoos because Im not a viking

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Watch: “Higher, Higher” (Video) / “First Lesson” (video)

50. Busdriver
Least Favourite Rapper (Feat. Nocando)” (MP3)


Your favourite dude champions every Chicago city slum
From his condominium

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Download: “Least Favourite Rapper (Anti-Pop Consortium remix)” Free from XLr8r
Watch: “Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsest)” – Excellent video / Busdriver on Blinddate!

51. DJ Food
All Covered In Darkness (Parts 1 & 2)” (MP3)


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Visit DJ Food Soundcloud to download mixes including hour long Kraftwerk covers Vol.6
Read: DJ Foods favourite music of 2009
Watch: DK & DJ Food “Now, Look & Listen” a Solid Steel AV Mix

52. Rocco DeLuca & The Burden
Bright Lights (Losing Control)” (MP3)


Honey, you know I Love You
there’s no one above you… And no one below

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Watch: “Bright Lights (Losing Control)” (Live) (Video)

53. The Cubical
Like Me I’m A Peacock” (MP3)


You never even liked me, how the hell you wanna save me

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54. Florence + the Machine
You’ve Got the Love (XX remix)” (MP3)


When food is gone you are my daily meal

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Watch: “Youve Got The Love (Original)” (video) / Candi Staton @You Got The Love (Live @ Glastonbury)” / 1991 Source feat Candi Staton

55. Miike Snow
Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)” (MP3)


at your, own burial, dont forget to cry

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Watch: Absolutely beautiful video shot in Varanasi, India. Makes me want to go back to India again. View below.

56. Peaches
Billionaire” (MP3)


Fu*k you like a billionaire. Debonair, in my Fred Astaire footwear

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Watch: “Billionaire” (Live with Yo Majesty)
Miss Piggy performs Peaches most famous song “Fu*k The Pain Away” (see below)

57. The Melting Ice Caps
A Good Night” (MP3)


Anyone who says Shoreditch folk are arseholes has obviously never tried playing an indie gig in a pub in Colchester(lyrics)

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Download 5 Melting Ice Caps Singles for free + bonus tracks! Totally essential!
Listen: The Soft Close Up’s (Myspace) – David’s other band

58. Sea Skid
Swami” (MP3)


I was made for loving you, baby, You were made for loving me

In Flagranti MySpace / Codek Records (inc loads of videos. most of which are NSFW) /

Watch: Kiss – “I Was Made For Loving You” (Youtube)

59. Gable
I’m Ok” (MP3)


I’m really fine, I’m well balanced, I’m OK, Im OK

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Watch: “Drunk Fox In London” (Video) – Gable

60. Withered Hand
Hard On” (MP3)


A Hard On, A Hard On, A Hard On dont mean you’re in love

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Listen: Interview with Withered Hand on Edinburgh Student Radio

61. Indigo Jam Unit
Arctic Circle” (MP3)


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Watch: Indigo Jam Unit – “Pirates PV” (Video)

62. Popular Tyre
Febbre Del Discotheque” (MP3)


This is your… D.I.S.C.O

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Watch: “The Old Walking Man” – Popular Tyre

63. Alice Russell
Let Us Be Loving” (MP3)


keep on keep on lovin ..lovin….”

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Watch: “Let Us Be Loving” (Video)

Video below: At last years SXSW Alice & her band were kind enough to let me follow them around for BBC News during a day (and well into the next) of gigs.

64. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize
Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)” (MP3 Removed)

Alkan: Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / Website / Buy
Gonzales: Twitter / Website / Myspace
Watch: Chilly Gonzales challenges Andrew W.K to a Piano Battle. / Jarvis Cocker & Gonzales perform “Francaphobia” @ Pigalle Club

65. Floating Points
Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)” (MP3)


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Watch: The original version by Reel To Reel – “Love Me Like This”

66. Akira The Don
Ask Amanda Palmer” (MP3)


She said pop culture reffrences will date your shit like Futurama, he said fie that bullcrap,
I that Bratpack, ask Amanda Palmer

Twitter / / Facebook / Buy
Listen: Tons of superb tracks to buy and free download @ Akira’s Soundcloud

Watch: ATD’s tribute to Steven Wells: He was the greatest
210 Songs in 10 minutes
Akira interviews Raekwon
ATD – “I Dont Hate The Beatles Anymore”

67. Dirty Projectors
Stillness Is The Move” (MP3)


after all that we’ve been through
i know that i will always love you

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Download: “Ascending Memory” Free Digital DL 7″ feat two unreleased tracks.
Watch: “Stillness Is The Move” (Youtube)

68. The Leisure Society
Pancake Day” (MP3)


Im not an evil man, on pancake day Ill lend you my frying man

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Buy the brilliant Willkommen Collective Vol.1 compilation CD

69. La La Lepus
We’re Taking Out Your Family” (MP3)


We’re zeroxing your legacy, while we feed you on your shame

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Watch: “We’re Taking Out Your Family” (video) /

70. jj
Ecstasy” (MP3)


When I’m in the club. I’m always on a drug. If you get a hug. Guess what drug.
I’m on ecstasy

jj artist page on Secretly Canadian
Download: New free Download MP3’s from jj
Watch: “Ecstasy” (Video) / Lil Wayne “Lollipop” (The original) / “Pure Shores” jj ruin the All Saints original

71. Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz
Tipsy Cat” (MP3)



Bill Wells MySpace / Mahar Shalal Hash Baz Myspace / Buy

72. Fatman & Tropical
Simple Things (feat. Sarina Leah & Ty)” (MP3)

Just relax and follow me, until we start to fly. Apostrophe

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Ty: Twitter / Facebook

73. Various Production
Tricycle” (MP3)


Blog / Website / Facebook / MySpace / Misc (Various offshoot for more unusual work) / Buy
Look: Various Production are known for their beautiful cover art and David Bray the designer responsible has a blog packed with his stunning work.
Watch: “My Girlfriend Has A Problem With It” – A profile of the illustrator David Bray

74. Kid Harpoon
Childish Dreaming” (MP3)


Why are there nightmares? And who made my shoes?
Why are there children shedding blood on the news?

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“Childish Dreaming” (Live) (Youtube) / “Childish Dreaming” Guitar Tabs

75. Bill Callahan
Jim Cain” (MP3)


In case things go poorly and I not return
Remember the good things I’ve done

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76. Chase & Status
Saxon (OH SNAP!! Edit Stylee)” (MP3)


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Watch: “Against The Odds (feat Kano)” – C&S
Ninki Minaj, singing over the top of “Saxon” possibly as demo for Rhianna (who knows)

77. Quantic And His Combo Barbaro
The Dreaming Mind (part 1)” (MP3)


Website / Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / Buy
Watch: “A Postcard From Cali – Tradition in Transition Trailer” (Video)

78. Delphic
This Momentary (Shoplifters’ Split Second Remix)” (MP3)


Can we make the time to leave it behind and reshape, remake our Fate in what we see

Website / Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / Buy
4track EP Free Download
Watch: “This Momentary (original)” (Youtube)
BBC Sound of 2010 Video

79. Maxwell
Pretty Wings” (MP3)


Your face will be the reason I smile
But I will not see what I cannot have forever

Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / Website / Buy
Watch: “Pretty Wings” (Video)

80. Julian Casablancas
4 Chords of the Apocalypse” (MP3)


I can hear it in your voice, There’s always a catch…
We’re going nowhere, And we’re going there fast.

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Watch: “11th Dimnesion” (Video)

81. FrankMusik
Little Words (King Cannibal Remix)” (MP3)


the three words always end
and you know we can’t pretend

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Watch: “Little Words (original)” (Video)

82. Larry Jon Wilson
Shoulders” (MP3)


God never gave me a shoulder, baby, strong enough to carry your goodbye tearstains on

Website / Twitter / Facebook / MySpace
Watch: Larry Jon Wilson: Canoochee Revisit/Ohoopee River Bottomland (Video)

83. Etienne Jaumet
For Falling Asleep” (MP3)


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Watch: Etienne messing around in his studio
Etienne Jaumet – “Clementine M06” (video)

84. Drake
Best I Ever Had (Skeemix) (feat. R. Kelly)” (MP3)


You the fucking best, you the fucking best
You the best I ever had, best I ever had

Twitter / Website / MySpace
Watch: “Best I Ever Had” (Video) – Every hiphop/r&b cliche in the book but seriously what do you expect

85. Joy Orbison
Hyph Mngo” (MP3)


oooo a jew, ooo a jew, a jew

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Download: Joy Orbison “Greenmoney mix”

86. Breakage
Together (feat. David Rodigan)” (MP3)


We dont want too many speeches, its all about the music

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Watch: “SIR David “RamJam” Rodigan” (Amusing Rodigan dancing)
Rodigan interviews Bob Marley

87. Sam Amidon
How Come That Blood” (MP3)


what are you gonna do when your daddy finds out

Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / Website / Buy
Watch: “Wedding Dress” – Sam Amidon

88. DJ Sprinkles
Sisters, I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To” (Youtube)


Website / MP3’s to sample / Free “10 Years of Amazing Demo Tapes” Comp
Buy / Comatose Catalogue
Download an “acoustic-electro ambient mix” by DJ Sprinkles for Resident Advisor

89. Sound of Rum
Prometheus” (MP3)


building my sanctuary on sinking sand

Facebook / Website / MySpace / Kate Tempest Myspace / Buy
Watch: “Slow Slow” – Sound Of Rum

90. Eliza Doolittle
Money Box (Jamie XX Remix)” (MP3)


take your dollar, your buck, I couldnt give a… penny

Twitter / Facebook / Website / MySpace

91. Pictureplane
Goth Star” (MP3)


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Read: Pictureplane’s Top 10 tracks of 2009
Watch: “Goth Star” (Video) / A very “arty” new performance video

92. Tune-Yards
Hatari (Karn Remix)” (MP3)


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Watch: “Hatari (Live)” – Tune-Yards / “Real Live Flesh” (Video)

93. Washed Out
Feel It All Around” (MP3)



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Watch: “Feel It All Around” (Video)

94. Patrick Wolf
The Sun Is Often Out” (MP3)


Was your work of art so heavy that it would not let you live?

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Watch: “Accident & Emergency” (Video)
Read: Quietus interview and session with Patrick

95. Neko Case
Vengeance Is Sleeping” (MP3)


Damp and bruised by stranger’s kisses on my lips
But you’re the one that I still miss

Website / Facebook / MySpace / Buy

96. Wave Machines
Keep The Lights On” (MP3)


Hold your fingers up to the sun,
trace the bones feel the blood run

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Listen: “Keep The Lights On (Metal On Metal remix)” – 13 minute mix (Download here)
Watch: The Wave Machines (Live @ Rough Trade)

97. Father Abraham
Helpmesaveme” (MP3)


Let me the first to say congratulations God

Twitter / Website / Buy
Visit: All 52 songs from his year long, 1 song a week project. All Zipped up for free download / Download more MP3’s on the new Father Abraham site

Read: Father Abraham was kind enough to take part in one of Music Like Dirt’s irregular features “Listen To This“. He picked 3 songs for me, and I did the same back. Did he really hate them all!!?? Read Pt1 / Pt2 (and download some fantastic music too)

98. Emily Barker
Little Deaths” (MP3)


All the plans I had, like butterflies on my hands
have now flown from reach

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Watch: “Little Deaths (Live)”

99. Build An Ark
In Her Smile (Daedelus Remix)” (MP3)


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Listen: Live @ Cargo – Full gig

100. Mike Dehnert
Umlaut2 (Levon Vincent Ny Basement Mix)” (MP3)

MySpace / Buy

101. Paul White – “Hustle (Bullion Remix)”

102. The D.B. Buxton Revue – “Sex With My Ex (Cadence Weapon’s No Sex Mix)”

103. Slim Twig – “Black Eldorado”

104. Vybz Kartel – “Yuh Love” (MP3)

105. White Denim – “Say What You Want”

106. Pangaea – “Memories”

107. Laish Quartet – “In The Morning”

108. Wale – “TV In THe Radio (feat. K’naan)”

109. Richgirl – “He Ain Wit Me Now”

110. Jay Electronica – “Exhibit C”

111. Gucci Mane – “Lemonade”

112. Tony Lionni – “Found A Place”

113. Mike Slott – “23 Halfs”

114. Generationals – “When They Fight They Fight”

115. Caspa – “Lion’s Roar”

116. Palov & Mishkin – “Jack The Nose”

117. The Emperor Machine – “Kananana”

118. The Gossip – “Heavy Cross (Siriusmo Dub)”

119. The Miserable Rich – “Muswell (Chicken Feed Remix)”

120. Alan Wilkis – “Pink and Purple (Father Abraham Black and Blue RMX)” (MP3)

121. Diego Bernal – “Bring It On Home” (MP3)

122. Titiyo – “Crystal Clear Mud”

123. Headless Heroes – “Hey,Who Really Cares (Jon Hopkins Remix)”

124. Cobblestone Jazz – “Fiesta”

125. The Heavy – “How You Like Me Now? (Joker Remix)”

126. Blakroc – “Stay Off The Fuckin’ Flowers (Featuring Raekwon)”

127. Bibio – “Jealous Of Roses”

128. Twi The Humble Feather – “Finale”

129. Two Fingers – “Straw Men”

130. People Under The Stairs – “Trippin At The Disco”

131. Jah Wobble – “Get Carter Version (Cliff Brumby Mix)”

132. Kurt Vile – “Beach On The Moon (Recycled Lyrics)”

133. Pepe Bradock – “Path Of Most Resistance”

134. Nils Frahm – “Ambre”

135. Kenny Glasgow – “Jump Up In The Air (MFR Remix)”

136. Fanon Flowers – “Acid Kush” – Website / Myspace

137. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – “15 To 20”

138. Jee4ce & Riddlah – “Never (Father Jack Remix)”

139. The Duckworth Lewis Method – “The Age Of Revolution”

140. Vic Chesnutt – “Flirted With You All My Life”

141. Tifa – “Talk Of The Town (feat. Natalie Storm)”

142. Myd – “Train To Bamako”

143. The Very Best – “Warm Heart of Africa (feat. Ezra Koeing) (Theophilus London Remix)”

144. Micachu – “Lips (Clark Kunt’s Heavy Mental Remix)”

145. Shit Robot – “Simple Things (Work It Out) (Main Mix)”

146. Danny Norbury – “This Night Is For You And For Me”

147. Trans Am – “Wounded Monkey (feat. Tim Soete)”

148. Regina Spektor – “Laughing With”

149. Dennis Ferrer – “Hey Hey (Df S Attention Vocal Mix)”

150. Poirier – “Marathon”

151. Douglas Wood – “Folk Ghost”

152. Screaming Females – “Boyfriend”

153. Lunice – “One of Me”

154. Alan Fitzpatrick – “Face Of Rejection”

155. The Gentleman Losers – “Ballad Of Sparrow Young”

156. Joker & Ginz – “Purple City”

157. The Hundred In The Hands – “Undressed In Dresden (Jacques Renault Remix)”

158. Pink Dollaz – “Dont Need No”

159. Mike Bones – “What I Have Left (Alexis Taylor Version)”

160. Willie Isz – “The Grussle”

161. Alif Tree – “Way Down South (With Tony Joe White)”

162. DOOM – “Angelz Featuring Tony Starks”

163. The Black Keys – “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles”

164. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – “Where Was My Brain?”

165. The Go Away Birds – “Highwire”

166. Alan Pownall – “A Life Worth Living (Jakwob Remix)”

167. Omo – “Advantage”

168. Capitol 1212 – “Everybody Move Like Robot (feat. Daddy Scotty)”

169. Olivia – “Take It Off”

170. Raekwon – “House Of Flying Daggers (Feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface & Method Man)”

171. Nino Moschella – “We Fight”

172. Dizzee Rascal – “Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome”

173. Wet Paint – “It Rots”

174. The Mars Volta – “Cotopaxi” (MP3)

175. Levon Vincent – “Late Night Jam (Original Mix)”

176. Forest Swords – “Miarches”

177. Hifana – “MONDEW (feat.Pro.Chinnen)”

178. Thom Yorke – “All For The Best”

179. Burial & Four Tet – “Moth”

180. Ellie Goulding – “Wolves

181. Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks

182. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Alyo”

183. Starkey – “Miracles”

184. Toro Y Moi – “Blessa”

185. Jonathan Kane – “Smear It”

186. Volcano Choir – “Island, IS

187. Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp”

188. Mux Mool – “MERLINFIST!

189. Sébastien Tellier – “Kilometer (A-Trak Extended Dub)

190. Efdemin – “Acid Bells”

191. Matty G – “Layin in Bed, Overture: Watermelon City (feat. Elizabeth Alex)”

192. Motor City Drum Ensemble – “Raw Cuts #6”

193. Tokyo Black Star – “Black Star (Feat. Rich Medina)”

194. Zigmat – “Watch the World”

195. Charlie Parr – “Don’t Send Your Child To War”

196. Animal Hospital – “A Safe Place”

197. Bishop Lamont – “Hallelujah (feat. Xzibit)”

198. Ghost – “From The Beginning

199. Player Piano – “Anything At All

200. Phoenix – “Lisztomania” – Watch Video tribute to the movies of John Hughes below

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