Welcome to another musical smörgåsbord of tunes, freshly stumbled across this very week. As ever there’s a lovely WHYD.COM Playlist enabling you to listen or indeed swiftly click next on any track without having to scroll through loads of words, or visit MLD’s Whyd page to sample selections from previous weeks.
The huge ever-growing SPOTIFY Playlist continues to do just that but this week our Swedish friends only had five of the tunes.

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While weeding out the seemingly random collection of numbers and words collected in the notes of my old mobile I came across one from six months ago saying “PSB Spitfire“. I almost deleted it, safe in the knowledge that I’d heard enough late era Pet Shop Boys for one lifetime but thankfully a google later and up popped, Public Service Broadcasting.

The London duo of J. Willgoose Esq & Wrigglesworth build tracks around samples of old public information or propaganda films, with “Spitfire” being a fantastic collaboration with the BFI who gave the pair permission to extensively plunder 1942 war flick “The First Of The Few”(YouTube). “Spitfire” is taken from The War Room EP, the cover of which features an amazing picture of Holland House library with Londoners still browsing the books as if untroubled by the destruction.

The sign of a great fighter in the ring is… can he get up from the fall after being knocked down… London does this every morning

London Can Take It“(Youtube) is an inspiring Blitz themed tribute to the capital and if anything out guns Spitfire. Imagine the KLF meeting Kraftwerk and duelling on banjo’s whilst sampling an American journalist intoning about our mighty city, it might sound like this. The film of the same name was shown to American audience to bolster support for Britain and its allies.

New single “Everest” (video above) sees them broadening the concept out a little to include the 1953 film ‘The Conquest of Everest‘, which told the story of Hillary, Tensing et al’s successful ascent of the worlds tallest mountain. It ends with the most famous four word answer in mountaineering history, when asked why “should a man climb Everest“, George Mallory who died trying replied simply “because it is there“.


Several months have passed since Bradford’s Amarik Singh, aka Psychedelic Singh last featured on the site so “Ghara Wajda King Wajdi” is well overdue. As is his trademark and very much unique style Singh has taken Saain Mushtaq Hussain’s Punjabi folk song and turned it into a 60’s style Psych-rock stormer. Listening to the original Im not sure Sain Mushtaqcould ever have imagined his voice leading a chorus of wah-wah guitars, beats and samples.

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Brooklyn based ‘City Brat’ are Alex Fippinger on drums and Jason Grad on vocals, guitar, keyboards, video direction, and PR. If people still sent out physical promos, I’m sure Jason would deliver them by hand. With such a DIY attitude you can forgive slight hiccups like forgetting to blind CC the 400 music blogs you send your promo to, or somehow sending the mail meant for me to my dad at Music Like Dirt Publishing (yes I have no originality).
The Song By Toad blog has a regular PR Hall Of Fail feature focussing on the failings of people actually paid to do pr. It’s so entertaining it could be spun off as a separate entity (think of it as Frasier to the main site’s Cheers).

Luckily my dad particularly enjoyed lead single “Yeah Its There” and forwarded it on with the suggestion that i’d appreciate its David Byrne/Talking Heads-esque sound. He was right, and you can add Vampire Weekend and The Strokes to Talking Heads as a list of obvious influences. It’s a very slick sound with jangling guitars, an infectious bassline and multi part harmonies which is impressive given its all (bar the drums) the work of one man.
Such is the songs maddeningly catchy nature I’m amazed it hasn’t featured on more of the 400 or so blogs they mailed. Perhaps music bloggers should listen to their inbox more often?

Download “Yeah It’s There” for FREE below, if you’re in NYC catch them at a CMJ showcase soon or watch their first music video “Savage Friends” which features Jason “playing multiple instruments and throwing down epic jungle dance moves“.

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All bets are off, the crown for best album cover of 2012 goes to “East London” the latest in the “WrongTom meets” series, with artwork by legendary Greensleeves illustrator Tony McDermott. Feast your eyes on some more of Tony’s work and read an interview with the man himself here

WrongTom meets Deemas is “brimming over with vintage dancehall, grubby old dub and even a Monkees cover version” and available to purchase from Tru Thoughts. Nab the free Edit of “Riot Ting” covering the ‘disturbances’ in East London where the album was recorded.
Lovers of 80’s dancehall should probably head to LargeUp.com who’ve got a mix from Wrongtom featuring vintage gems from Horace Andy, Courtney Melody, Sanchez, Ninjaman and a slew of lesser names, too.

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The Breaking More Waves blog featured Laurel back in May as “one to watch” from his local Portsmouth/Southampton scene. It seems he wasnt the only one watching as negotiations were already ongoing with mega record conglomerate Universal and in June Laurel signed a deal with one of their development arms.
She recently said that her new material is more “chilled and a bit dubsteppy” than her older stuff but let’s hope she doesn’t move far from the fragile beauty of “This Time” which Breaking More Waves accurately described as “church like pianos, a voice that gets near angelic and a string arrangement that kisses with the lightest of heavenly touches Laurel has created something just a little bit special“.


Someone who to my knowledge hasn’t yet signed a record deal but must surely be on the radar of any A&R men still in gainful employment is Devon based singer Alice Jemima. She’s just released her debut EP “All The Boyfriends” which was written, recorded and produced at home, although “By Your Side” sounds like she kidnapped The XX’s Oliver Sim and kept him in the spare room until recording was finished.

By Your Side is available on the “All The Boyfriends EP” which you can purchase from Big Cartel

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The Casket Girls are a new project from Ryan Graveface (Black Moth Super Rainbow/Dreamend) that according to their press release came about by fortuitous accident.

Graveface was visiting Savannah, Georgia, and in walking through one of the city’s 22 squares, he happened upon two girls playing autoharp and singing bizarre songs. He watched from afar, eventually approaching them with the idea for the band. Ryan had been (and still is) obsessed with the Shangri-las, and the sisters personified his desire of a far darker and more complex version of the 60s group. The band’s debut album, Sleepwalking, came about rather quickly. Ryan sent Elsa and Phaedra 20+ songs he thought they could add to, and they came back with vocals for 15 of them.

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Along with working on his new LP, releasing the “Bags Of Time” EP, and providing a Ping Pong inspired mix for a clothing firm, Kelpe found time to release a little gift celebrating reaching 5000 Soundcloud followers in the shape of “Midsommar”.


Big Cats! released the “For My Mother” LP on Strange Famous on October 2nd, with “One” serving as a taster to help spread the word. Big Cats describe the record below:
This is a record that I’ve spent more than two years on. It began on April 29th 2010 when my I lost my mother, Christi, following a 3 1/2 year battle with ovarian cancer. When she was going through chemotherapy, surgeries and countless procedures, she often used music to help her relax and take her mind off of her treatment. When she passed, I knew I wanted to create something in her honour. It seemed only fitting that I create a new album. After all, if it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be making music today. Growing up, she devoted an incredible amount of time, effort and money to my music. She drove me to lessons, rehearsals, and band practices. She put up with noise at all hours, records strewn around the house, and my tendency to play the largest instruments possible. She was always the first to hear any new music I was working on and give feedback. This album is my eulogy for her.

Download Free EP from Big Dada Records here

LA’s one and only Busdriver is preparing a new album for NinjaTune’s Hip-Hop offshoot Big Dada due to arrive in early 2013. To mark the event Busdriver has put together a FREE seven track EP which as Big Dada say “reminds us that, rather than being one of the most eccentric MCs out there, he’s just one of the best MCs out there“. Featuring guest appearances from Das Racist, Terra Lopez, Open Mic Eagle and Nocando, it’s the curiously named “Wernor Herzog” that had caused my jaw to drop.

I love the idea of using Wernor Herzog as an adverb. Equating it to going particularly ham. Try using it today and feel how rewarding it is

Over an absolutely massive synth riff, Busdriver, Open Mike and Nocando trade incredibly quick fire, quick witted and downright nasty lyrics encompassing everything from throatfucking, fair trade cheese, and Egon from Ghostbusters 2. Roll on the album in 2013.


The first single off Pharoahe Monch’s ‘PTSD’ project and the third and final instalment to his bullet trilogy. “Damage” chronicles inner city killings and mass murder from the perspective of a bullet. Monch flips a line “Ooooohhh listen to the way I slay your crew” from LL Cool J’s classic “Mama Said Knock you out” and turns it into a mighty hook.
I take aim when the gun draw, For ever-lasting fame I will maim those who change the gun laws

Buy 2 year anniversary album

To celebrate Marshall Teller Records turning the grand age of 2 years old this summer they got four of their bands to select an act each to feature on a compilation along with a track of their own. It’s limited to 250 with the artwork and posters hand screen printed by the bands themselves.

Cheetahs picked London band Sauna Youth to join them on record and a fine choice it was.

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Heatwave have an unnatural gift for adding that extra bit of magic to transform a track from good into an absolute dancefloor killer. In the case of the already fairly massive “Jump by RDX they mixed in the great and the good of Jamaican dancehall including Gappy Ranks and Cham & O, a snatch of Tony Matterhorn’s smash “Dutty Wine”, Natasja’s raver “Calabria” and soca favourite “Roll It Gal” by Alison Hinds.
As if that wasnt enough they created their refix while on a boat party in the Croatian ocean, taking inspiration from “the beautiful women and their amazing dancing“. Some people make you sick!

CAT POWER – ‘MANHATTAN (Cousin Cole’s NYC Mix)’

As part of his Stations mix (available to download on Soundcloud) Cousin Cole has sprinkled some of his magic over “Manhattan”, the stand-out tune from Cat Powers new album. Have a listen, then tell him how much you like it as he promises a dub version if there’s enough demand.