Floats, dancers, steel drums and over forty sound systems shaking the ground and perforating eardrums with everything from soca to dub, reggae, jazz, house and calypso – it’s time for Notting Hill Carnival 2015.
What will those mighty speaker stacks be blasting out this year?

To be honest, I’ve no idea! To hear from those that know check Heatwave’s always essential Carnival mix but I’ve bundled up eighty personal Music Like Dirt carnival selections into handy playlists for your listening pleasure:

SOUNDCLOUD (at the top of the page) / WHYD (bottom of the page) / SPOTIFY (Web / URI)

Here are a few standouts from the playlists above:

MAJOR LAZER V MØ – “LEAN ON DUB” – Zion I Kings Reggae Remix

Modern Roots production team Zion I Kings touch the massive Major Lazer x Mø song “Lean On” with golden hands on this wicked one drop remix.

The I Grade Dub General, Laurent “Tippy” Alfred gave it his knob-twisting expertise on this live DUB mix.

There’s also an excellent Punjabi Lean On mashup to be found on Soundcloud.


“Tippa should need no introduction but in case you didn’t know, Tippa emerged in the early 80’s as part of Saxon Sound alongside Smiley Culture, Maxi Priest etc. Releasing a couple of underground hits including “Complain Neighbour” before topping the charts with Hello Darling and in more recent years getting Grammy nominated for his guest spot with Black Eyed Peas”.
WrongTom & Tippa got chatting backstage after a friendly clash, which Tom lost, but Tippa was still up for teaming up and “Afraid A’ You” is the result.


A beat as menacing as the big shark it’s named after on Manchester’s Swing Ting label. Very cool cut up video featuring the Spielberg classic too.


Denmark’s deadliest riddim construction duo Maffi are back with a vengeance and a fresh 6-track EP. With killer vocals by Junior Roy, Colonel Maxwell, Peter King and Asher Senator.


Green House presents, the follow up to Clinton Sly’s solo debut with Ready Remixed. Calling on a variety of talented and seasoned producers from around the globe.


Kush Arora teams up with Gappy Ranks on “Anything A Anything” featuring his signature Punjabi Dancehall sound and Gappy’s unmistakable heated delivery. Also includes the riddim version of “Delhi Cowboy Riddim” at 104 BPM. Flutes, Tablas, angular drums, and a good nod to the Wild West all come together for a bashment thing.


Well done, well done, mr politician man
U done such a great job a sellin out we country Wid u business plan

Kabaka speaks directly to the corrupted politicians of Jamaica and to a larger extent the world in true sarcastic manner. Instead of the usual lashing out expected he instead “congratulates” the leaders of Jamaica for the problems they have caused the people of Jamaica and the situation the country finds itself in after over 50 years of independence.


Already a smash at her home carnival in Antigua, Tian Winter delivers a fusion soca-meets-dancehall track.


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