Unlike my Top 100 tracks list I can’t claim to have driven myself insane trying to root out and listen to every fantastic album released this year. In fact its a challenge these days to get me to actually listen to a full album, so destructive has the ipod shuffle function been to my attention span.

Here then are my albums of 08. Its not really a best of, but they are the ones that got the most listens and gave me the most pleasure. As ever I’m sure I’ve forgotten as many future classics as I’ve remembered.

1. John Fairhurst – ‘Joys Of Spring’
“Obnox Stomp” (MP3) – BUY
2. Julian Cope – ‘Black Sheep’
“Dhimi Is Blue” (MP3) – BUY
3. Apparat – ‘Things To Be Frickled’
Nathan Fake – “Charlies House (Apparat mix)” (MP3) – BUY
4. Sigur Rós – ‘Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust’
5. Vampire Weekend – ‘Vampire Weekend’
6. Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – ‘Angles’
7. Superimposers – ‘Harpsichord Treacle’
“Autumn Falls” (MP3)
8. Cadence Weapon – ‘Afterparty Babies’
“Do I Miss My Friends” (MP3) – BUY
9. School Of Language – ‘Sea from shore’
“No Control” (MP3) – BUY
10. Metronomy – ‘Nights Out’
“On The Motorway” (MP3)

11. White Denim – ‘Workout Holiday’
12. Kelpe – ‘Extra-Aquarium’
“Colours Don’t Leak (Boats mix)” (MP3) – BUY
13. Wizard Sleeve – ‘Beyond The Wizards Sleeve’
“Get Ready To Fly” (MP3) – BUY
14. Peter Broderick – ‘Home’
“And Its Alright” (MP3) – BUY
15. Akira The Don – ‘ATD 16’
“Eleven In My Mind” (MP3)Download for FREE or Buy
16. Gable – ‘7 Guitars With A Cloud Of Milk’