So many Blogs so little time! Here’s my roundup of the best blogs and MP3s to slurp!

Madonnas new ABBA sampling track is pretty good, but my god the video is more SAGA than ABBA. For those who wish to know what their gran would look like in pink hotpants straddling a man half her age then watch and enjoy, or altenativly check out the first of many mashups, as Madonna meets bloggers favourite MIA “UR Hung Up”.

Into The Groove have the unlikely pairing of Ben Folds & Rufus Wainwright covering the Wham…erm classic “Careless Whisper”. I believe its taken from their joint ‘Odd Man Out’ tour.

Its a good day for White Stripes fans with two offerings. First up you can stream Jack and Megs cover of Tegan and Sara “Walking with a ghost” here and why not grab the High Contrast remix of “Blue Orchid” too. While you’re on Blackdrop i’d suggest checking out Pendulums superb remix of Voodoo People by The Prodigy. Fantastic stuff.

Ignoring the terrible name Green Pea-Ness is worth a click for the new and totally sold out single by Omerta “No Place, That Far”. If you like Coldplay you’ll love this lot, if you hate them…well give them a go you never know.

Breath of Life has to be one of the best blogs out there. Each week they examine a few select tracks, and offer up everything you every wanted to know about them. Its a encyclopedia of music not a blog! Anyway this week is a Nina Simone special…say no more!

While in archaeological mode why not head over to 20 Jazz Funk Greats and grab the master of the twangy guitar, Mr. Lee Hazlewood. As they put it “Your Thunder and your Lightning” is “a cesspool of lasciviousness”.

Former Paper recordings act Crazy Penis seem to have had the snip to become Crazy P, but theyre back with a new LP on the “wow we’re cool we love marijuana” themed Shiva Records (yawn). Fluxblog have a taster“Lady T” and its an absolute gem. Its a bit more pop soul than they used to be, but its armed with a deliciously squelchy 808 bassline, and soul vocals. I’ve had it on a loop for the last few hours (well that and the Lee Hazlewood mentioned earlier).