Charlie Brookers just turned 35, and he’s not pleased. As someone who will unfortunately also be 35 this year (at the end of the year I hasten to add), I can’t help but chuckle, weep, and share Charlies observations on the “rapid march of time”.

Sod everything to heck and back. I just turned 35 and I might as well be dead. I’ve left my youth behind. Look, there it goes – waving at me from the rear-view mirror as I race toward cobwebbed oblivion. I’ve failed. I’ll never change the world. It’s far too late for me.

From this point on, everything I say or think will be musty and downright embarrassing….. I should be smothered in my sleep by a man from the ministry. Then slice up my corpse; toss the scraps to the CD:UK studio audience. Let them eat me. They’re young. They could use the protein, which is wasted in my old, rubbish body.

Just a few days ago I was classed as an 18-34 – that’s the same demographic group as Billie Piper, for Christ’s sake. Then I have a birthday, and BANG: overnight, I’m classed in the same bracket as Robert Kilroy-Silk.”

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