Robert Owens

Back in January I reviewed Coldcut’s performance at the “Sound Mirrors” launch party, but I never got around to posting any of the videos I took, and was also too bone idol to review what turned out to be the best gig of the year so far, Coldcuts Shepherds Bush guest-fest in February.
Following in the footsteps of the Gorillaz who dragged all their “featurings” on to one crowded stage, Coldcut gathered together half a dozen of their finest accomplices for our listening pleasure. Also while the launch party was plagued by technical gremlins this time out they were virtually flawless.

Anyway this is not meant to be a review six weeks after the event, but rather a chance to finally upload something to the superbly time devouring You-Tube. I would have posted them earlier but unfortunately my mac is currently refusing to talk to my video camera… so I’ve been stuck in no firewire limbo.

So later rather than sooner, food for your eyeballs in the shape of the can-can remade, Roots Manuva displaying excellent nodding and staring at the balcony skills, and who could forget Jon Spencers bearded howlings.
Jon Spencer

You-Tube Shep Bush clips (Google video of Cargo to follow):

Walk a Mile (feat. Robert Owens & Mpho Skeef)
Everything is under control (feat. Jon Spencer, Juice Aleem, Mike Ladd, and Mr Manuva MC)
Man In A Garage (feat. John Matthias)
This Island Earth (feat. Robert Owens & Mpho Skeef)
Beats’n’Pieces feat. Mike Ladd & Juice Aleem
Can-Can mash-up

The lovely black and white pics are taken from flickr sets here and here.

As I said earlier I thought the gig was absolutely phenomenal, but its always good to get a second opinion…here are a few I googled:

From London Sky got Jon Mores autograph, took a load of nice pics (see right) and loved Timber the best.

Playlouder declared “People Hold On” as uplifting as ever, slated the “clumsy, overly distorted appearance of Jon Spencer” and worshiped at the feet of Lord Rodney:

Resplendent in suit and a cravat and looking very much like a younger John Coltrane, he holds the stage with style and delivers the night’s showstopper ‘True Skool’.

Contactmusic’s heart stopped beating at one point but was revived by the bass, while being stunned by the feat of VJing talent on display.

The self confessed “Sad Video Gimp” who reviewed the gig for Big Chill bemoaned the lack of reception for Robert Owens bona-fide “House Legend”:

“I distinctly heard some younger fans loudly ask what the hell were Coldcut doing playing this rubbish? Perhaps the spirit of eclecticism in which their debut ‘What’s That Noise’ album arrived has since evolved..?”

To prove that music is nothing if not a matter of subjective opinion a poster on the Beebs Collective site moaned about it being an utter waste of money:

“Roots Manuva seemingly had spent the night smoking weed, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing, and Jon Spencer needs some singing lessons, even I can scream like he did on stage. I almost walked out before the encore, but I was still hoping for something unexpectedly good… that didn’t happen.” I haven’t actually listen to the new album yet, but as a long time fan of Coldcut something tells me I should avoid it like the plague.”

If you went, and didnt almost walk out you can buy the gig cut up into bite sized MP3’s from Tune Tribe for a frankly extortionate £7.99 or £79 a track.