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Polka-dotted popstresses The Pipettes graced Rough Trade Records last Saturday for a lunchtime freebie gig. It was a case of breathe in and prepare for the squash as hordes of Pipettes fans (is there a plural for that… Pipette-ettes?) crammed themselves in to catch the most intimate of gigs.

With the girls themselves looking fantastic in trademark polka dots and the female half of the audience following suit, the number of retro dresses per square metre made Rough Trade resemble the set of “Heartbeat” but thankfully without Nick Berry.

They played a short but rapturously received performance of six or so numbers with Top 40 hit “Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me” and “I Like a Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)” going down particularly well.

Becki & Rose“Lets have some more dancing” cajoled The Pipettes…unfortunately there wasn’t enough room to breathe let alone boogaloo!

In the spirit of spontaneity they didnt bother with a set list, seemingly randomly pulling out ABC, Because It’s Not Love, Your Kisses, One Night Stand, Pull Shapes, We Are The Pipettes, and School Uniform.
I’ve never quite understood why The Pipettes are so often dismissed as a Phil Spector/Supremes novelty act by the same people who will quite happily come over all “Life On Mars” proclaiming the current crop of 1970’s sound-alike guitar bands as a “New Rock Revolution“.

The Pipettes are pure pop fun, and as such always a pleasure, and not even a guilty one.

Rose again

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