Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the Lily competition… drum roll…

The winner is Alex who suggested something nice to look at (i love polaroids): ilovefake online magazine and the song: The Party Punch, Oh No! Oh My!

Struggled to choose one link out of many good ones, so ended up narrowing it down to a short list and then rolling a dice for the winner (all very professional!)

Congratulations Alex – Let me know where you want the tickets sent, and that you can still make it?

Here are some of the other suggestions that just missed out. Hope some of you can make it down to Lilys free instore gig on Monday at Covent Garden Rough Trade:

H suggested Lilys labelmate: “Siobhan Donaghy (who as you might recall used to be in Sugababes v1.0). She released a solo album (Revolution In Me) a few years ago and unfortunately got dropped but she’s back with new material which you can hear on her MySpace. Have a listen to Sometimes which is a great summer track!”

Lots of good animations and videos were put forward:

The Daily Growl had a fantastic one for Smiths fans – Morrissey and Marr on a bizarre day out with the Kids, (for another Smiths on Kids TV classic visit here) and also what to do in the event of terrorist attacks:

Suzan put forward an end of the world flash animation, and almost won the competition with a very nice picture of herself plus oddly a shot of a Scotsman in a kilt (or the other way around).

Timeon had drunk popstars at McDonalds: “go watch this. cracks me up everytime”.

Stevie: this is devvo the chav, and he’s a mentalist. Burnt face man is funny.

As for musical links, here are some of the suggestions:

Daily Growl: “This got me whistling on the way to the water cooler yesterday (stick to Young Folk – the rest are not as hot):

Timeon: “Apartment should be heard by everyone. Ive been to most of their gigs since 2004 and they never get old. check them out”.

Suzan: Here’s one of my favourite bands, I hope you like them. I’ve uploaded two songs for you

Kate: “Check this guy out…His name’s Akala and he was set to support Kelis at her Hammersmith date last month (which I was meant to go to!) but unfortunately the gig was postponed/cancelled.
Anyways here’s his myspace, and this is his official website”

Magenta – Band worth checking out;