Lily Allen @ Bush Hall 18/07/06

(UPDATE) I passed reviewing duties for this one to Alex who won the competition for Lily Bush Hall tickets (More pics and video from the gig at the bottom of the post). Clearly I should skip writing more often as Sundays Observer Music Monthly (23rd July) quoted musiclikedirt in their full page Lily Allen review (in a bloggers verdict box). Online version and review here:
Anyway back to Alexs review.

Lily came onstage about 9:30pm with a fanfare from her brass section – who at the very least deserve an honourable mention for their synchronised dancing all night whilst playing their instruments – wearing a puffball dress, and started off with LDN.

Most of her songs were performed interspersed with small dance moves and I think the one thing that struck me about her is the way she performed and talked as if we were friends of hers (even though she did have her sister and other friends in the crowd, and it was a small venue). In a way it endears you to her, but I wonder when she will start to get more confident and performs to the audience more.

Lily Allen @ Bush Hall 18/07/06 One thing I was talking to my friend about afterward was how you could hardly hear the words to her songs. It was pretty easy for me, and other long-term fans who knew the words, but my friend has only heard a couple of Lily’s songs before this gig and could hardly hear what she was singing. And one of the great things about Lily are her lyrics, so I think the equipment let her down there.

Overall I thought she was good; it was an enjoyable night, and I think she can only get better.

I’m pretty sure everyone noticed Lily mentioning two ‘superfans’ at the front who kept screaming at every tiny thing and jumping about trying to catch her attention – my friend and I were right behind them, which made for an interesting view of the stage all night.


Set List (pic):

Window Shopper
Shame For You
Not Big
Littlest Things
Friday Night
Knock Em Out
Everything is just wonderful (Flute)
Band Intro
Oh My God

Support: Jack Penate
I didn’t really think his set was that great; apart from some genuinely exuberant dancing, his songs seemed repetitive – the kind where you start noticing and end up not really listening, instead watching the time until it’s over and paying more attention to the crowd reaction than the band. Oh I tried to like him, I really did, but any song in which the chorus consists of ‘learn your lines’ seems well, rather silly to me. Apparently Lily chose him personally to support her (discovered this from a really annoying woman-fan of his)… but really he was like a lesser Jamie T without the lyrics and shuddering beats (MLD: apparently he’s signed to XL).

Pics: (my pics + a few from Rough Trade instore)

Simon Leake keeps it Trilly with pics on Myspace.

More flickr Bush Hall pics from Beenbrun and JamieNaz.

The Flash website is really annoying but some nice Bush Hall pics from Max Tollworthy here

Some excellent pics (from Helter Skelter) of the Rough Trade instore on the Lily Forum.

Lily Allen @ Rough Trade17/07/06


Lily Allen @ Rough Trade (iluvgravy cam) both YouTube – LDN / Littleist Things

Another Rough Trade vid from essexboy – download here


More Mp3’s/videos/stuff on my old post about her YoYo gig.

The Daily Growl has Lily live on Radio 1 session tracks.

Lily Allen – “Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs cover) (MP3) (more at Yeti Dont Dance)” – sounded superb live with horn section.

The Soul Brothers – “Free Soul (MP3) (The original track that No.1 “Smile” is based on)


Had the pleasure to meet The Daily Growl at the gig, and as usual he’s got an interesting take on gig and some mp3’s (if he’s not been carted off by the RIAA for sharing them!)

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