What with making up irrelevant and overlong end of year lists, xmas shopping and some other stuff I won’t go into I haven’t posted much of late. Here’s a little round up of, well… stuff:

Spank Rock have ruled the roost in 2006, fantastic live shows, one of the albums of the year, and they end it as only they can, ie. filthy, crude, but funky as hell. Inspired by Britney, Lindsey and Paris’s inability to get out of a car with either legs crossed or knickers on, “Lindsey Lohan’s Revenge” has an insanely catchy but NSFW singalong chorus. By all accounts Lindsey heard it herself recently.

Put your panties on, put that pussy away

Spank Rock / The Pase Rock – “Lindsey Lohan’s Revenge” (MP3)

The Pase Rock – “Fingertips Pt.3″ (MP3) Click don’t Right click – excellent Little Stevie Wonder edit


Kraftwerk fans, run don’t walk to BosBos.net for 4 albums worth of Kraftwerk cover versions, all lovingly compiled, mixed and massaged by Strictly Kev. Krafty samples, archive interview tapes and cover versions ranging from the sublime to the downright mad. BosBos has all four for free download, including tracklistings, cover art. Originally broadcast on Coldcut’s legendary Solid Steel show, if you love Kraftwerk this is nothing less than essential.

Visit BosBos to download Kev’s Kraftwerk Kover Kollection

Pitchfork have compiled the Top 25 Worst Album Covers of 2006 – from Ice-T’s nudie wife, Rod Stewart’s crotch & Eminem crap pencils.

M’s 80’s classic “Pop Muzikmashed up by Hexstatic – YouTube Video (fixed link)

And finally a YouTube gem featuring Sir David “RamJam” Rodigan, a true giant of UK Reggae, but his dancing, shouting, and gurning here (YouTube) had me in fits (Wait 30 seconds before it really kicks off… its worth it 🙂 ).

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