A few gigs and new releases I haven’t had the chance to write up properly.


First up a chance to play your part in securing the highest chart placing for a bearded man since ZZ Top hung up their stratocaster’s. The song of the summer ((c) Guardian/Metro/Irish Times etc) “Thou Shalt Always Kill” is finally out for digital download, and Lex have posted the Video plus loads of links to sites who’ll kindly swap you 80p for a pristine MP3. The B-side “Angles” was one of my top tracks of last year too, so get downloading good people 🙂

Lex records Le Sac vs Pip page – Video + downloads


While on the subject of new releases, Robyn’s re-released debut album is also out, with the bonus of the breathtakingly good Kleerup collaboration “With Every Heartbeat”. Its quite simply the best pop album this decade, almost every track sounds like a hit single. If Kylie/Madge released this album they’d have to retire the No.1 album spot, and start counting from No.2.

Buy it from Amazon for £8.99


Music like dirt favourites The Rumble Strips are finally re-releasing their debut single “Motorcycle” in May. They’ve needlessly re-recorded it but I still stand by my ridiculously over the top ravings way back in 2005:

Your granny will dance to it at your cousins wedding, slaughtered rugby lads will holler along while pouring beer over their heads, and squadies in Iraq will film their own hilarious video to it (a la Amerillo) featuring an iraqi pow recreating the high note in the middle as they attach diodes to his vernaculars!

They’ve also sprinkled a little Rumble Strips magic over the permanently pickled Amy Winehouse, recording a cover and a remix. I think the cover will be on the b-side of Motorcycle, but here’s the Amy remix.

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (The Rumble Strips remix)” (MP3)


I’ve missed the first day of spring, but its still a good enough reason to share a bit of vintage Tom Lehrer. What better way to spend a beautiful spring day than listening to mine (and Ken Livingstone’s probably) favourite ode to the season “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park“?

Tom Lehrer – Poisoning Pigeons In The Park” (MP3)


No, not the king of rock and roll, but “JV & Elvis” who present a radio show in New York. For reasons best known to themselves they subjected middle of the road indie band “A Brief Smile” to a torrent of faggot, gay, taking it up the *&^% style abuse.

Listen to it… I promise you won’t believe what you’re hearing. The heart sinks to think that people still behave this way in 2007. The most embarrassing part is the member of “A Brief Smile” who remains in the studio struggling to carry on with the interview, and sailing perilously close to disowning his band mate.

Listen to the interview (MP3) / Visit FreeFM / A Brief Smile Myspace


The Teenagers first London gig, and Jenny Wilson @ Water Rats… I may get around to reviewing one day :s

Jenny Wilson @ Water Rats 02/04/07

The Teenagers / The Chap @ Hoxton 29/03/07

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