How to do a top 20 of the month without giving away 20 MP3’s that technically (actually legally) aren’t yours to dish out? Well I thought I’d give this Imeem gadget above a try. You can play and in some cases buy the tunes but they’re not free to download, so let me know what you think.
It’ll be interesting to see if anyone actually bothers listening or if people just want to nab the MP3’s and run. Anyway give it a go, and look out for a new one next month (or alternatively if no one uses it, I’ll quietly forget I ever mentioned it)!

Its always fantastic when someone takes the trouble to send me a CD, but can I ask Sony to perhaps put a warning on their mail? Hopefully that’ll put a stop to me collecting my parcels from the post office, eagerly ripping them open in the street… only to pull out Celine Dion’s “eagerly awaited” new single! Does my blog really say, “This man would really appreciate a little Celine in his mail“?? Ok dont answer that.

Hot 8

The Hot 8 Brass Band

This New Orleans 10 piece first came to worldwide attention after featuring in Spike Lee’s epic documentary When The Levees Broke, although they actually formed way back in 1995. The original release of the track on a small local label was understandably overshadowed by the tragic events wrought by Katrina and the current administration.
It only takes one listen to this life affirming version of Marvin Gaye’s classic to realise that something this good cant stay hidden, and sure enough word of mouth spread to the UK where Coldcut, Giles Peterson and the usual bunch of left of centre DJ’s went, I believe the technical term is bonkers about the track! A full release on Tru-Thoughts followed, which sadly seems to have sold out (?) although the LP is available from Amazon or Tru Thoughts themselves.

Featuring brass band versions of Marvin, Dr. Dre and others along with plenty of originals, the album is the authentic sound of the New Orleans tradition of face offs between local brass and jazz bands. As well as coming through the events of Katrina, the Hot 8 have also suffered the loss of four of their members, three through violence on the streets of New Orleans. They’re active in anti violence projects and undoubtedly deserve the support buying their LP gives them.

This is not however some bleeding heart story or guilt trip to buy, its simply what happened. You should buy the album not because of their history but because it’ll put a bloody big smile on your face! 🙂

Hot 8 Brass BandWebsite / Myspace


The Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing” (MP3)


The Hot 8 Brass Band – “Rock With The Hot 8” – £9 from Amazon (freeP+P) / TruThoughts Webshop (inc £6 digtal download)


When The Levees BrokeYou Tube clip

Marvin The Martian by Simon Leake

Marvin (The Martian)

Congratulations to my friend Simon who had one of his increasingly brilliant portrait photos picked out by Rankin (who seems to have dropped his first name) in The Guardian. The shot of Marvin The Martian above, isnt actually the winning pic but its pretty damn good, and more importantly gives me an excuse to post Marvins fantastic reversion of Calvin Harris’s “Acceptable In The 80’s“.

Whether you’re a Harris fan or not, most people would admit lyrics are not exactly his forte, whereas the marvellous mind of Marvin is a veritable lyrical gold mine. He adds a brilliantly witty rap to “Acceptable” listing exactly what was and wasn’t acceptable in the 80’s. It takes the tune to another level, and is especially funny if youre old enough to get all the references (although clearly Marvin isn’t).

Marvin The Martian – Acceptable In The 80’s” (MP3)

Visit Myspace for a free download of Jim Noir’s “My Patch“, with a little Martian magic sprinkled on top.

Marvin (The Martian) – Get By (Be Good)” – Myspace video – New single out December the 3rd.

View more of Simon’s photography over on Flickr.

Linkwood Family

Another track I’ve been meaning to post for ages. A little spin on Google informs me its a re-edit of Leo’s Sunship, but I cant pretend to know how the original. What I will say is if you’re looking for a feel-good dubbed out disco monster this is your tune.

The main hook consists of a breathy female voice gasping “Wowwwwww” which will bury itself in your head and refuse to leave. I’m amazed this hasn’t featured on every sports montage cut this year… but its never too late.

Linkwood Family – Piece Of Mind” (MP3)

Linkwood Family Myspace

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