God I’ve been banging on about Gonzales and Akira The Don alot lately, but forgive me one more post featuring both of them and then with luck I’ll have got it out of my system for a while.

A few days ago Akira sent me a remix he’d spent the day doing of Gonzales’s new single “Working Together“.  As he explains on his blog, its got intricate new drums, an “ace rap”, and as always manages the impressive trick of making me laugh without being some kind of novelty record.

The section about Freecycle is particularly inspired:

I’m signed up with Hackney Freecycle, I got a free fish tank… its delightful

Find out what else Akira The Don got off freecycle on his blog.

Gonzales – Working Together (Akira The Don remix)” (MP3) / Get a 320kpbs version from Don’s site

The MP3 would have been up sooner, but I wasnt sure if I was allowed to post it.  Midway through writing an email to ask permission I noticed Akira had already posted it on his own site!

On the subject of acts featured so often the thin line between blogger and groupie is in danger of being crossed, a quick plug for Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

Their new single is out April 28th, and theyve only gone and written this generations “I Need Love” with added noughties angst. What’s more it features Dan singing, and he’s the perfect Santos to Scroob’s Lupe, the Chris Martin to Pip’s Jay-Z, the Fergie to the bearded one’s Will I Am… ok perhaps the last comparison was a step to far.

Look For The Woman