This is where a pithy summary of the last month should be but I’m late for my brothers wedding in Manchester. He’d be most upset if he missed the chance to see me in a suit that makes it look like I work in Carphone Warehouse.

Massive Attack – 16 Seeter (Feat. Horace Andy)” (MP3)

After a hugely successful Meltdown festival Massive Attack have a new album due, and fortunately someone took their tape recorder along to a recent show. Visit this site for 8 live recordings of new songs.
Inertia Creeps” was my highlight of the gig with the list of the various lengths of detainment across the world culminating in the uk’s 42 days getting the whole place on their feet. All the flashed text of eroding freedoms under new labour were slightly undermined by security shoving their hands in front of any one snapping away with their mobile phone cams. Fight for your right to grainy distorted barely distinguishable footage!!

Paul Heaton – Everything Is Everything” (MP3)

The Beautiful South main man returns for a cover of some classic Bootsy Collins. The lyrics are absolutely inspired as you’d expect from Heaton, with “Feminism’s fast asleep with a cock in either hand” raising a chuckle from this listener.

Finally this daft take on KC and The Sunshine band from the increasingly brilliant Hedluv. Its an ode to the smoking ban, which just popped up on their myspace.

Hedluv – Smokin’ Ban” (MP3)

Massive Attack @ Royal Festival Hall