In part one Glass Shark & The Superimposers had each other dreaming of cover versions. Glass Shark heard echoes of Dusty in Citizen Helene while The Supers imaged Stevie Nicks reworking the pared down beauty of Jenny Lindfors. Glass Shark also got the Superimposers all excited by Machines before breaking it to them that they’d already split.

Long time readers of this blog (no really there are some) will be familiar with The Superimposers. Back in January readers could win their latest album simply by emailing in with the subject line “I’ve never heard the Superimposers album but I agree its the best album of the year by far”. I also went on Blogfresh Radio to rave over its lush 60’s influenced sound and it not containing a single duff track.

Since then Dan Solo broke his leg but wrote an album, while the Super’s put on their own nights, started a blog and last week entered the legendary Maida Vale studios to record a session for Gilles Peterson. Their Wonderfulsound Libraries Radio show has also reached Volume 15 over on the Radio Page @

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Buy: The Superimposers – Harpsichord Treacle” – Highly Recommended

The Superimposers – Kicking Around (Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios)” (MP3)
The Superimposers – Superimposters” (MP3)
The Pretty Things – “The Good Mr Square (superimposed)” (MP3)

On with the final three choices:


Fleet FoxesWhite Winter Hymnal” (MP3)

We’ve come to this lot maybe later than most but glad we did none the same. White Winter Hymnal is taken from their critically acclaimed new album of the same title and a gem of an album it is too.
This track has some great vocal deliveries and the vocal hooks they come up with are really addictive. There’s moments of The Beach Boys, CSNY, America but these moments are a feel thing rather than an obvious take off and the vocals are strong and carry the songs effortlessly to their conclusion.

The instrumentation is simple but solid and the overall sound they produce is really earthy and complimentary to the songs, that subtle reverb always does it for us, especially on vocals and drums.
The band recently played at the 100 club which sadly we missed. By all accounts they have a very strong stage presence and a real interesting mix of band members so an effort to see these Seattle minstrels is definitely on the cards for their next return to Europe.

Glass Shark:
Like the ‘Posers (sorry), I’ve heard much about this lot but this is the first time I’ve actually heard anything by them. This is totally up my street. Again, I hear the Beach Boys influence – the track almost sounds like a traditional song covered by a modern band (see the Beach Boy’s ‘Sloop John B’) but I also hear My Morning Jacket and The Flaming Lips in there.
Like Helene’s track, it kind of ends and you want it to carry on (unless Neil has done some crafty editing) but this is a good thing. Songs that outstay their welcome are a nightmare (unless you’re sitting round a campfire, trying not to fall asleep incase you get frostbite or eaten by a bear in which case they’re totally necessary.)
Long story short, I love this and will definitely be buying the album.


O.B.E.Sex Offender” (MP3)

Glass Shark:
We supported these Glaswegian chaps. Unfortunately they had a nightmare gig, as the power kept cutting out.
For me, this song stuck out. Very !!! and The Rapture-esque live.

Fast and furious, nice, like the upbeat sound this track kicks out, bit of a frantic Saturday night record that has got the potential to be a bit of a dance floor filler at an alternative club night near you.
Pretty catchy with some fine guitar riffing, slightly Ska influenced and a bit Dead 60’s in a way. A rather short tune but that’s a good thing as it seems to do all the right things in that space of time. We’re fans of short tunes that don’t need to hammer their point home.
Good pop music. Another band that sounds like their worth checking out live.


Pete GreenwoodPenny Dreadful” (MP3)

This is Petes debut release on the Red Bricks label which is a lovely slice of country folk with good lyrical content and Petes own style of speed folk finger picking.

Pete has recently joined the Heavenly Recordings family which will see him doing various gigs up and down the country. A great live player, we first saw Pete some time ago sharing the bill on a few Red Bricks nights we played at and have always enjoyed his sets. This single has a fresh, up feeling, a pretty happy affair brought on perhaps by his backing band, the nicely recorded guitar bouncing off excitable drum rolls which is rare to hear with Pete after seeing him mostly play solo in a live environment.
The keyboard sounds and chimes are really uplifting in the instrumental break down and the change of tempo and feel at the end of the track brings things to a lovely, 3/4 close. We’ve always liked a bit of 3/4.

Glass Shark:
A-ha! Pete was in the Loose Salute, wasn’t he? I played banjo in The Loose Salute once. We supported The Polyphonic Spree at the Camden Barfly. Picture that in your mind – they had to build the stage out! But, I digress.
I was really surprised to hear Pete had left the band but I guess these things happen and people move on (thanks a lot, Machines.) This is my least favourite of the three although it does bring to mind a lot of bands I like: Nick Drake, Neil Halstead, the Lilac Time… but it doesn’t seem to have its own identity whereas the other 2 definitely do.
Nice, but I wouldn’t cross the street to help it up if it slipped over in the snow. That’s just how I roll.