Never work with children, animals or musicians they say. The latest edition of “Listen To This” has been in the pipeline so long one of the bands have split up! Apparently touring and making fantastic music is more important than writing for random music blogs… some people just don’t have their priorities right!! (Only joking, thanks go to both bands for taking part).

Music Like Dirt is pleased to have two of its most blogged about bands taking part in “Listen To This” and picking three tunes each for the other to digest, discuss and hopefully delight in. More on The Superimposers in Listen To This Part two (click here) but first a little on Glass Shark – three grown men with serious man crushes on LCD’s James Murphy (or is just the drummer/singer Tam who suffers from Murphy Love?).

Check out my review of their live show. They claim to be “Tighter than David Gest’s face” and I can’t recommend catching them live highly enough (even in the unlikely event that you don’t rate them on record). Their riotous mix of cowbells, dance floor destroying disco, and unlikely cover versions has even been known to get Londoners dancing! I even ventured out from behind the comfort blanket of this blog to show a little Shark love on the BlogFresh Radio show (Listen in here). Apparently I’m their favourite blog named after a reggae song (wow theres a lot of competition in that field too!)

Glass Shark have a new single The “Model” EP out now and they’ve also sworn me to secrecy about a top collaboration thats in the pipeline (oh please let me at least hint!).

Glass Shark Myspace / Website

Glass Shark – Toni Collette (Shark Attack mix)” (MP3)
Glass Shark – Clap Yr Hands (extended version)” (MP3)
More Glass Shark downloads

Download/Listen to ‘Model’, ‘Intruder’ and ‘You Got Served Again’ from iTunes now.

Glass Shark vs Brains from Thunderbirds – Disco Robot” (YouTube)

Right over to Tam from Glass Shark to kick off the choices:


Jenny LindforsNight Time” (MP3)

Glass Shark:
It was her voice that drew me in first and then the layered vocals and arrangement of the song. I absolutely love her album – it’s very simple and stripped down and so far away from the stuff I’d been listening to/working on.
I did a General Store gig where she was also on the bill, that’s how I got into her music and I’ve been telling her (and anyone else who’ll listen) how awesome she is ever since!

This track has a strong intro, almost reminiscent of a Zero 7 song with the guitar riff and percussion giving it a loop feel which is something that we’ve been naturally drawn to in the past, particularly when we’ve been sifting through old records. There’s certainly an influence there, more so the vocal and melody which is hard to put a finger on what that might be. You can almost imagine Stevie Nicks doing a cover of this song.
Well rounded, nice vibe and hooky with a warm rootsy feel. Not come across this artist before so it would be interesting to hear the whole album. A good choice.


Citizen Helene‘Till Tomorrow” (MP3)


We stumbled across Helene whilst surfing a folk blogsite a while back, can’t remember which site but glad we found her all the same. The first track we heard was this song, ‘Till Tomorrow.

Our first thoughts on hearing this track was what a unique voice she had, quite low, almost a touch of Nico going on but very melodic, great harmonies and strong guitar picking matched to a low-fi recording which was enough to draw us in and find out a little bit more about this Lady.
One quick visit to her Myspace and everything started to fall into place. Reading through her influences we realised that the familiar sound we were first drawn to was no accident. Helene’ main influences, to name a few, The Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Van Dyke Parks, the list goes on. You can certainly hear these artists in Helene’s song-writing and vocal harmony deliveries, heartbreaking chord changes and curious lyrics.
There is a slight comic angle to some of her lyric writing yet when she performs these songs live, currently with her vocal backing group ‘The Racists’, you can really hear the soul in her delivery, she really means it and stands strong with guitar in hand and closed eyed concentration.
We were lucky enough to have her come down and play a few songs at our Superimposers night in Clerkenwell recently and if we can entice her down again we’d recommend you coming down and checking her out, you won’t be disappointed.

Glass Shark:
As soon as this track began, way before the vocals came in, I thought “Beach Boys” and I absolutely WORSHIP the Beach Boys, especially the post-Pet Sounds era when Brian had totally lost his marbles on acid and the other Wilson brothers took up the slack. (Ha! I just checked out Helene’s Myspace! Helene: you really need to check out The General Store, one of my many side-projects). (MLD – Jump here to check out another side project).

This track really reminds me of that whole ‘Surf’s Up’/ ’20/20‘ period but also it’s very Bacharach and Byrdsy and I can totally hear Dusty Springfield covering it on some ’60’s pop show with a grandiose Scott Walker-esque arrangement.
I love her voice, too. Marvellous!


MachinesKiller” (MP3)

Glass Shark:
I’ve been trying to get these guys to support Glass Shark for ages but apparently they’ve split up. They won’t return my emails, no matter what I bribe them with. Shame.
I guess what they’re doing isn’t that original but when I stumbled upon them a year or 2 ago, I thought they were really exciting.

Unfortunate to hear this band has split up, in fact its always a shame to hear about a band splitting up but everything runs its course in time. An interesting sound and again can’t help to make a few comparisons. Perhaps a bit of Franz Ferdinand, some Scissor Sisters (Sorry!)
It’s a very ‘up’ tune with all the right ingredients to take it away from being too indie, which isn’t a bad thing but there is a lot of it about, bit like a cold doing the rounds. A slight dancey feel with a heavy dash of electronica.
It’d be interesting to see this band live but by the sounds of it that might be a bit tricky going by their current situation(!!) which is a shame as i could imagine their live set to be pretty energetic and entertaining.