‘No Lower Case Kisses’ is from Big Strides’ ‘Super Custom Limited’ long player. They fuse intergalactically funky Indie with off the wall Rap. As if that wasn’t enough, they throw in some squealing Blues sounds on the Guitars and Harmonica.

‘Born In The 80’s’ is near perfect Pop-Rock from Australia’s The Boat People. It’s so fun, summery, catchy and gorgeous, it almost hurts.

MusicLikeDirt predicted I’d like Dan Black and he obviously knows my tastes because I’m absolutely in love with his forthcoming limited 7″ ‘Yours’ (Act fast to get a copy exclusively from PureGroove… I know I have). Hip-Hop beats, shiny Electronics and distinctive vocals make a delicious concoction. For fans of David E. Sugar (By the way… how about a new single David!?!).

To save you that head scratching and annoying “Where have I heard that?” feeling I’ll tell you Diplo’s ‘Must Be A Devil’ is inspired by Pixies classic ‘Hey’. It retains that awesome Spanish Guitar (Diplo’s upped the Spanish flavour with the use of the little heard Castanets) but drops Black Francis’ rants about “Whores in my head” and injects some Electro finery.

I just picked up London rap-superstar-in-waiting Example’s new 10″ ‘Girl Can’t Dance’ (A limited sample of his forth-coming material). He’s up to his usual tricks, laying down rhymes about girls over shoplifted samples from unlikely sources (This time it’s R.S.I legends The Quo).

Example – Girl Can’t Dance‘ (MP3)

The vocal samples employed on Golden Bug’s Kraftwerk inspired track ‘Midnight Rabbit’ are the kind of thing mix makers would kill for. The “My name is white rabbit…” one has me doing robot dances every time.

Howling Bells’ ‘Into The Chaos’ explodes out of your speakers and plunges into a moody Blues-Rock groove. I’ve liked what Howling Bells have done in the past but this takes it to a whole new epically produced level.

If you’re pining for a new Eels release since 2005’s superb ‘Blinking Lights & Other Revelations’ then Little Trooper are just what you need. ‘Wasn’t Ready’ is sprightly, fun Indie with an infectious sing-along ending.

Menahan Street Band are an instrumental group from the Daptone label incorporating members from various bands. ‘Home Again!’ is a warm and soulful Jazz cut that envelopes your ears in honey (But that Guitar has got something beautifully mournful about it). There’s no words but this really speaks to me.

‘Jailbreak’ is a Kate Bush style cover of the Thin Lizzy single from Norway’s Susanna Wallumrød. It must be all the Ice that makes Norwegians capable of creating tracks of such haunting ethereal beauty. Susanna’s ‘Flower Of Evil’ album combines similarly brilliant covers and her own original songs.

Susanna – Jailbreak‘ (MP3)


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Here’s Dan Black’s brand new video for ‘Yours’:

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