Ryan(StopMe): Almost all my Christmas shopping is done and I’ve still found time to pick ten more tunes from across the world, the web and the musical-spectrum to tickle your taste buds:

On ‘Sabali’, hugely successful African musicians Amadou and Mariam let producer Damon Albarn mess with their sound to create somethingkin to Jean-Michel Jarre. This defies all expectations of what you’d imagine a “World Music” record would sound like.

Benji Hughes is an ambitious chap since his debut album ‘A Love Extreme’ is a sprawling double LP taking in Folk, Synth-Pop and Beatles-esque-Songcraft. It’s a richly varied affair but for me the highlight is the melodic, warm, bouncy-Bass-Guitar Pop of ‘Tight Tee Shirt’. Clap along and shake yo hips!

In the expert hands of Erol Alkan, Fan Death’s ‘Veronica’s Veil’ takes you on Kaleidoscopic journey through Disco, Prog, Folk and Electronica (Or more simply, it sounds a bit like Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’).

Florence and The Machine’s first single featured in my first TEN4SE7EN and they’re back with a soaring cover of The Source & Candi Staton’s already stratospheric ‘You Got The Love’. They seem to have nicked the strings from Manic Street Preachers’ ‘Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky’. I’m thoroughly addicted at the minute.

The Invisible’s ‘Monster’s Waltz’ is a bit like a much weirder, much Funkier, much more Indie Foo Fighters. On second thoughts, it’s nothing like the Foo Fighters but it’s brilliant none the less.

Jegsy Dodd is a man seemingly incapable of recording a bad track, so I leapt for my wallet when I saw his new LP was available for pre-order. It’s in the post but in the meantime he’s shared a rather wonderful track called ‘Liverpool (So Good They Named It Once)’ that he felt didn’t fit onto the new album. Once more his band The Original Sinner’s have created a superb backing track for Jegsy to recite his typically hilarious poetry about his native Liverpool over.

Jegsy Dodd and The Original Sinners – Liverpool (So Good They Named It Once)‘ (MP3)

Producer and Remixer Kwes is all over the place doing his thing for other artists like Hot Chip and Mr Hudson. ‘Hearts In Home’ will be his first solo single and it’s something truly special. Melancholic yet celebratory, Electronic yet organic and serenely beautiful. The B-side ‘Tissues’ is nearly as good, so go get a copy when it hits the shops.

Kwes – Hearts In Home‘ (MP3)

It won’t be long before you spot the huge sample employed on Nadastrom’s provocatively titled ‘Pussy’. It’s pounding sexy Dance music from this Washington DC based Duo.

Berliner Trost (aka Annika Line Trost) brings us a quite unusual Surf influenced tune called ‘Cowboy’. It’s like some peculiar 60s Pop song that would’ve appeared on the German version of the “Nuggets” compilation.

Lastly, Soul legend Mavis Staples brings us a searing live rendition of civil-rights song ‘Eyes On The Prize’ (A song she already recorded for her 2007 ‘We’ll Never Turn Back’ album). She roars the words while her band smoulder away and you can really feel the fire in the bellies of the performers. It’s from her new ‘Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout‘ LP which I’d highly recommend (She has the crowd eating out of her hands).


Amadou and Mariam MySpace / Purchase
Benji Hughes MySpace / Purchase
Fan Death MySpace / Purchase
Florence and The Machine MySpace / Purchase
Jegsy Dodd and The Original Sinners MySpace / Purchase
Kwes MySpace / Purchase
Mavis Staples MySpace / Purchase
Nadastrom MySpace / Purchase
The Invisible MySpace / Purchase
Trost MySpace / Purchase

Here’s a live video of The Invisible performing ‘Monster’s Waltz’ (Featuring some excellent live Guitar work):

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