Ryan(StopMe): As an update on a previous TEN4SE7EN, Dinosaur Pile-Up’s fearsome ‘My Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is about to be released on 7″ (I uploaded a demo in September). You can pre-order a copy from Rough Trade. Meanwhile, here’s another ten new tunes for you to peruse (And merry Christmas, by the way):

First up is a track from Amazing Baby’s free-to-download ‘Infinite Fucking Cross’ EP. ‘Supreme Being’ is a lethargically wasted epic bringing to mind Spiritualized moving in a new Psychedelic Prog direction.

Amazing Baby – “Supreme Being” (MP3)

If all you’ve heard of ‘Bruises’ is the catchy 30 seconds used in one of the latest iPod adverts, then you’re missing out. Chairlift deliver shimmering Guitars, wounded Victoria Bergsman style vocals and a keyboard bit that could break even the hardest of hearts.

Emmy The Great’s ‘We Almost Had A Baby’ is all sweetnes and light on it’s Pop-Folk surface but beneath are her lyrics recounting the demise of a relationship.

Franz Ferdinand are back in the new-year after what seems like an absence of several centuries (In fact more like three years). You can listen to the new album on their MySpace page in a cool record-box-diggin’ player. ‘Ulysses’ sounds like classic Franz and I love the way Alex whispers the line “Last night was wild!”.

The Glimmers’ cover of Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ is from a new album that features nothing but recordings of said song. They turn it into a minimal Hot Chip style Funk workout.

The Glimmers – “Let’s Get Physical” (MP3)

‘Asleep On A Sixpence’ is from Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan new EP ‘Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart’ (Comprised of outtakes from their last album). Naturally their voices are gorgeous and the beautiful closing Piano rendition of ‘While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks’ makes it a wonderful listen at this time of year.

‘Phil Lynott’ isn’t quite a tribute to Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, it’s more about the way music can take you back to a place and time. Jape keeps the acoustic production sparse to give his lyrics room to breath.

Next up is Of Montreal’s cover of M.I.A’s ‘Jimmy’ which itself was a reworking of ‘Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja’ by Parvati Khan. They smooth out M.I.A’s technicolour beats and disco strings for a sprightly Indie take on the song that showcases her lyrics.

Parov Stelar takes Piano-Jazz out on to the dance floor with his track ‘Blind Alley’. Guest performers Sax Max and Lylit provide brilliant Saxophone and vocal work.

‘Dumb Terminal’ is a schizophrenic collision of Indie, Jazz, Electronica, Pop, Folk and any other genre you can think off. Odd doesn’t even start to describe this track from Simon Bookish.


Amazing Baby MySpace / Download
Chairlift MySpace / Purchase
Emmy The Great MySpace / Purchase
Franz Ferdinand MySpace / Purchase
Isobel Campbell MySpace / Purchase
Jape MySpace / Purchase
Of Montreal MySpace / Purchase
Parov Stelar MySpace / Purchase
Simon Bookish MySpace / Purchase
The Glimmers MySpace / Purchase

Here’s the fruit-assassinating video for Jape’s outstanding 2007 track ‘Floating’:

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