Ryan(StopMe): I was spoilt for choice this week but after much agonising, here are the ten best songs I could find:

B. Fleischmann delivers a swoon-some nursery-rhyme ballad called ‘Still See You Smile’. Sit back as the music-box sounds, dreamy Organs and brushed Drums caress your ears for three and a half minutes.

I’m mainly choosing the Tru Menace Remix of Daniel Merriweather’s Hip-Hop/Soul cut ‘Chainsaw’ because it’s a got a rare guest Rap from Skinnyman. If you’ve regularly read this blog you’d know that I’ve been bangin’ on about the guy at every opportunity for the last couple of years (Check out Skinnyman’s sensational LP ‘Council Estate Of Mind’).

Grand Duchy are husband & wife Black Francis & Violet Clark and it seems like Frank has found a partner to match Kim Deal because this sounds like one of the best things he’s been involved with since Pixies (Grand Duchy has the same spirit as that legendary band). ‘Volcano!’ has got screechy vocals, rumbling Bass and it’s even got passages in different languages à la Pixies.

I’m absolutely in love with Jay-Z’s Obama saluting rework of Young Jezzy & Nas’ ‘My President’ (Re-titled ‘My President Is Black (DC Mix)’). It’s doing the rounds in different versions but the one I’ve got is just Hove on his lonesome spitting incredible verses like “My president is black, in fact he’s half white, so even in a racist mind he’s half right, if you have a racist mind you be a’ight, my president is black but his house is all white”. The new American national anthem.

Swanton Bombs’ ‘Shock’ is a supremely catchy Indie ditty in The Strokes mould. Check out their ‘Mammoth Skull’ EP for three more brilliant cuts.

‘So Messed Up’ begins as a woozy and boozy, shambling shot of Americana then coalesces into a magnificent Psychedelic ballad. Tall Firs conjure up The Doors at their most unhinged and mystical.

‘Keep That Control (Dancin’ Shoes Mix)’ is an irresistible body-poppin’ Dance tune from The Shoes and Scream Club. There’s Punk-Funk, Dance, Rock, Funk and hooky Raps to please every taste.

The Travelling Band’s ‘Only Waiting’ is a gorgeous Alt-Country song, graced by subtle production flourishes. Check out their album ‘Under The Pavement’ which brims with tracks of equal quality.

I like just about everything that Erlend Øye touches and the first track I’m hearing from The Whitest Boy Alive’s (His four piece band) second album doesn’t disappoint. ‘Island’ has an incredible toe-tapping Indie-Funk sound.

I adore both Kid Sister and Pase Rock so I was ecstatic to discover they’d both dropped guest Raps on Tittsworth’s ‘WTF’. The available Remixes are all great but for me DJ Wool’s is the pick.


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Check out this amazing (But unfortunately low quality) clip of Jay-Z and Young Jeezy performing ‘My President Is Black’ to a delirious post-inauguration crowd (You might wanna skip the annoying sweary bit at the start though). The parts where Jay-Z does his lines acapella, nearly causing a riot, give me goosebumps every time:

(MLD): I think it was actually pre-inauguration (Jan 19th) but yes delirious is the word. As for the “annoying sweary bit” I think you’ll find it was a “hate filled racist anti-Bush rant“… at least thats what Fox News says here and here