Visit Record Store Day website for list of all the shops taking part, and who’s playing

9.45AM – A large queue forms outside Rough Trade East much to the bemusement of passersby. By 10 as it snakes round the 3455822476_d8b23ca068_mend of the street people begin to ask “whats going on, is someone special playing“?  None of the queue in my ear shot at least seemed able to justify why they were up this early other than its record store day and pointing at the list of bands playing pinned to the door.

Is there anyone here I should of heard of” demands someone examining the list. “Youre all wasting your time, theres no one here I’ve even heard of” exclaims another as he wanders off chuckling.

10.20AM – Based on the huge scrum round the cash desk desperately trying to grab vinyl, there are a lot of Tom Waits fans out today. I’d read somewhere that it was a fairly lacklustre offering from Mr Waits but its definitely the one thats being most feverishly snatched.
The reissue of the Smiths first release is also popular which I dont really understand? Me, I’m just here to try and get the Heavy Weather single (featuring Jack White on drums) for my brothers birthday in a few weeks. Get your hands off that 7″ I saw it first!!!

Record Store Day 09
11AMBetty and The Werewolves are playing and very Rough Tradey they are too. Three girls playing 3 minute chinga chinga guitar songs about falling in love with David Cassidy and odd encounters on night buses.

11.30AM – Forget Tom Waits it’s all about the Sonic Youth and Beck split 7’s. Another scrum forms round the counter as Rough Trade hold a lucky dip for the few copies they have.

1PM – In Soho, Sister Ray prepares for its Macabees instore later with an exclusive 7″ from them. Phonica meanwhile have their record store goodies hidden in the basement, although not well enough hidden to stop all the Beck seven inches from going. Had Sonic Youth Jay Leotard in though.

1.30PM – Whats that, its also “Fried Chicken Store Day“??! What are the chances of me just passing one. Be rude not to go in!

Record Store Day 09
3PM – Patrick Wolf squeezes through the crowds at Pure Groove Records. As always with Pure Groove they have a few additional exclusives to the other stores, including Patricks own limited “Vultures” 7 and a rather nice limited edition Record Store Day Screenprint (for the PG instore).
Wolf comments on how he hasnt seen this many people in a record store for years, and we have to start actually paying for music again, enjoying physical products if we want record stores to survive.  Later while playing the single track he jokingly says “its available at the counter on vinyl” or “you can download it for free off the internet but ill come and shoot you or something”.
Graham Coxon up next but as I have to return to Liverpool St to get home I decide to catch Ebony Bones at Rough Trade on the way.

5PM – Rough Trade are running behind schedule as Dutch Uncles are playing their mixture of “The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, and Steve Reich” or so it says on the PR sheet. Personally I only heard the jingle jangle of indie pop but I only stayed for a few songs. Tempted to stick around for Ebony Bones but as I’ve seen them 3 times already my sore feet win the day. 20 mintues on the train home.

Read Graham Jones’ excellent book on the demise of the Record Store: available from Amazon and all good record stores.