Ryan(StopMe): I’ve been feeling dreadful for most of the weekend but luckily I’ve had plenty of awesome music to cheer me up. Here are the ten best things I’ve been listening to:

Ben Kweller’s latest album ‘Changing Horses’ is a gorgeously warm Country affair. ‘Gypsy Rose’ is like a brilliant outtake from ‘The White Album’ recorded in Nashville (Cos Abbey Road was all booked up!).

If you like Lambchop or Magnolia Electric Co. it’s a cert that you’re gonna fall head-over-heals in love with Bill Callahan’s ‘Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle’ LP. ‘Jim Cain’ has a vocal so deep and rich that Bill Gates’ pocket’s ain’t got nothing on it!

Searing Lo-Fi Bluesman Billy Childish’s band The Chatham Singers make searing Lo-Fi Blues (No surprise there). The title track from their latest album ‘Juju Claudius’ wails like a Hurricane ripping through the Mississippi Delta.

Provocatively named Fagget Fairys are (To quote their profile) “An explosive cocktail of Islam, lesbianism, true love, and relentless beats!” and really I couldn’t say it any better. The chorus of incredible pounding Electro cut ‘Feed The Horse (Extended Dub)’ sounds hilariously like “Feed the whores, yum yum” (Which I suspect is no accident).

You might be forgiven for being unaware that Mike Skinner ever released last year’s super low-key ‘Everything Is Borrowed’ LP. But anyway, The Streets are back with three new harder edged productions delivered free (With more on the way). My pick has to be the modern-life-destructing ‘Trust Me’ which brilliantly employs a sample of Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Dies Irae‘.

The latest in a series of covers by Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring is The Pogues’ ‘Lullaby Of London’. They turn Shane MacGowan’s sozzled barroom lament into a delicate Indie gem.

Apart from the sensational music, I was always gonna love Brooklyn MC Theophilus London’s new mixtape because of it’s brilliantly executed Elvis Costello tribute artwork. The whole thing is utter genius but I picked the all to brief ‘Hum Drum Town’ as the best cut. The rest of the Mix takes in samples of Kraftwerk, Amadou & Miriam, Whitney Houston and Bill Withers and it ends with a celebratory rendition of The Edwin Hawkins Singers’ Gospel classic ‘Oh Happy Day’.

It’s not the first time I’ve featured Thunderheist on TEN4SE7EN, but their brand new album is so magnificent I thought they were worth mentioning again. ‘Sweet 16’ is Electronic Hip-Hop that’s so sleazy it should come endorsed by Gorden Brown’s cabinet.

The Weight’s new album is full of straight up Rockin’ tunes and should delight fans of The Hold Steady. ‘Had It Made’ has all the reckless Pop abandon of a lost Chuck Berry single.

Yo Majesty have the spirit of Late Eighties Lady Hip-Hoppers like Queen Latifah or Salt-n-Pepa. ‘Don’t Let Go’ is a highlight from their superb ‘Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid’ LP.


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Bill Callahan MySpace / Purchase
Fagget Fairys MySpace / Purchase
The Chatham Singers MySpace / Purchase
The Streets MySpace / Purchase
The Weight MySpace / Purchase
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring MySpace / Download
Theophilus London MySpace / Purchase
Thunderheist MySpace / Purchase
Yo Majesty MySpace / Purchase

Here is the eye popping video for Yo Majesty’s ‘Don’t Let Go’:

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