Officer Owl

But not just any Owls.

Officer Owl is a secretive duo, one half with more than a hint of Mancunian treasure Stickboy – the other – well, all we know is she’s a lass from Leeds.

What with only coming out at night, Officer Owl have been hard to pin down.  What started in September ’08 as a Listen To This feature is now an abbreviated “Officer Owl says Listen To This” (perhaps the tracks I picked out just didnt turn their heads).

Read on to find out what musical delights Officer Owl discovered when rummaging through their nest.  As for the Owl’s own music I can’t recommend it highly enough, beautiful, enchanting classic songwriting,  with backwards loops, banjo’s and luscious melodies all floating in and out of the mix.  A guaranteed delight for all fans of laptop folk and to my ears at least The Postal Service.

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Listen: Officer Owl – “Untitled Number 7” (MP3) – Recommended
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and the animals spoke, as the buildings turned to smoke

OWL CHOICE 1: Firstly a rather unknown Manchester band called These eyes are cameras….. i bumped into these on myspace and instantly fell in love…. traditional kinda music, bit of a Bright Eyes feel but still very British.
I love that Manchester is always known for its Oasis, Stone Roses type bands but every now and then something unexpected raises its head above the skyline.
I love all their tracks but would like to point you towards “Sacred Blue“.


These Eyes Are Cameras – Myspace / Full album previews on

Listen: These Eyes Are Cameras – Sacred Blue” (MP3)

babooOWL CHOICE 2: Next, Sweet Baboo…. i first heard this chap on Marc Rileys BBC 6 music show and got hooked and HAD to buy the album. Right now it doesn’t leave my player, its so diverse and fresh.
Has a beautiful lo-fi feel that never sounds false. I guess its for fans of Bonnie Prince Billy and Daniel Johnston. An amazing understated voice and a great talent.

Sweet Baboo – Myspace / Sweet

Listen: Sweet Baboo – Emotionally Alone” (MP3)

elliot1OWL CHOICE 3: And my final choice… well there is so much out there but i will point you in the direction of Howard Eliott Payne. Once frontman of the often overlooked “The Stands” and now flying solo. Hes been to America and recorded what i think will be a beautiful album with the genius that is Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams).
This is just amazingly written music, its not complicated…. its how music used to be. One man, a guitar and a few bits to fill it in. Album is due out soon and i think its going to be rather special. Take a listen to “Until Morning

Howard Eliott Payne – Myspace

Listen: Howard Eliott Payne – Until Morning” (MP3)