Ryan (StopMe): After a months break I feel refreshed and ready to bring you another TEN4SE7EN. By the way, if you’re a Simon & Garfunkel fan, HMV are currently selling a boxed set featuring their entire recorded output (That’s 71 tracks across 5 albums) in Deluxe-Vinyl-Replicas plus a live DVD for just £8!!! Truly music has no value anymore, I’m trying not to think too hard (It makes my head hurt) about whether I’m contributing to that situation or helping to promote artists. As usual you’ll find links at the bottom to buy music from this weeks artists because they need your support to keep producing music of this calibre:

Claire Hux is not a lady but a trio who’ve scored big by getting none other than Thom Yorke to produce and guest on their new track. ‘Fucked Up’ sounds like a classic Soul tune, it also sounds like a classic Radiohead song… not sure how it manages to be both at the same time.

After hearing a less than impressive free demo called ‘Fire Fire’ that Jamie T recently made available, I was worried about his new album. So I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’, the title track from his new EP. It already sounds just as catchy and lyrically tricksy as anything off his wonderful debut LP (I adore the acapella bit in the middle).

Naturally I loved 2004’s ‘Float On’ and it’s parent album but that’s as far as I’ve gone into Modest Moue’s discography. The manic vocals of their brand new single ‘Satellite Skin’ reminds me why I loved that album (I’m digging it out now).

‘Supernova’ is the latest track I’m hearing from Mr. Hudson’s eagerly anticipated second album. Kanye West is producing and he even steps up to the mike for a verse on this magnificent Robo-Soul cut.

Rachelle Garniez’s ‘My House Of Peace’ has the honour of being one of the first four releases on Jack White’s highly collectible Third Man Records label (Jack’s also producing). It’s a bit like Patti Smith covering Cockney Rebel which of course means it’s amazing.

I’ve no idea how I’ve got this far without hearing the undeniable talent of future star MC Skilf. ‘Slow Me Down’ has the funky beats of Run-DMC, soulful guest vocals from Michelle Ericsson and so many great rhymes you’ll still be spotting them after after a dozen listens. Go check out his two MySpace pages ’cause I swear every track is genius.

I adore the dreamy Jazz sound and fruity Oboes of Speech Debelle’s ‘The Key’. It’s Hip-Hop like the last rays on a summers evening from the ever reliable Big Dada Label. I could listen all day to the way she sings “Your need for attention, makes you attract the bee”. My tune of the week!

David Shah is giving away another double A-side single under his The Melting Ice Caps moniker and guess what… it’s a sublime Indie ballad (What else did you expect?). ‘Night School’ is my pick of the two but you can get both (And much more) by clicking here.

Rap/Dance star Tittsworth featured on TEN4SE7EN back in January with his brilliant ‘WTF’ single. Now he’s back, enhanced with rhymes from The Federation and more bad-language-choruses on new track ‘Drunk As Fuck’. Check out all the mixes, but my fave is the hard biting Funk of Meterhead’s Dark Disco Mix.

While Absentee’s Dan Michaelson has been doing his own solo thing the rest of the band have released their ‘It Rots’ album under the name ‘Wet Paint’. The title track has the charm of both The Vaselines and those early singles by The Cribs.


Claire Hux MySpace / Mixtape
Jamie T MySpace / Pre-Order
Modest Mouse MySpace / Purchase
Mr. Hudson MySpace / Pre-Order
Rachelle Garniez MySpace / Purchase
Skilf MySpace / Purchase
Speech Debelle MySpace / Purchase
The Melting Ice Caps MySpace / Download
Tittsworth MySpace / Purchase
Wet Paint MySpace / Purchase

There are two Videos this week ’cause I just couldn’t pick which I liked more:

The first is an infectiously high energy promo for Jamie T’s ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’.

The second is a video of Speech Debelle and her magnificent band doing an even more chilled version of ‘The Key’.

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