Ryan(StopMe): I seem to have gone mad this week and bought nine or ten albums (And a few singles). Dammit, there is just too much great music out there. Here is yet more evidence:

Alela Diane’s voice is like Joni Mitchell singing a lament from a porch on the prairie in the chill of the moonlight. The powerful strings on ‘White As Diamonds’ underline the graceful clarity of the vocals.

‘Time I Was Gone’ is as intimate and warm as the reassuring sibling’s shoulder that the lyrics describe. Antony Harding (aka Ant) is like a wonderful Swedish version of Stickboy.

Bloc Party’s last album ‘Intimacy’ was too clinical for my tastes and it never really grabbed my attention. New single ‘One More Chance’ is the polar opposite, employing a super danceable House Piano line to not only grab my attention, but to wrestle me onto the Indie dance floor.

Cosmos’ ‘Nude Metropolis’ has a trippy Prog vibe cunningly tempered with an irresistible Pop beat. Cosmos is just the latest band featuring Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices and Boston Spaceships.

The Duckworth Lewis Method is the new cricket based project from Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh. If you are a fan of The Divine Comedy and The Real Tuesday Weld (So basically if you enjoy music full stop!) then like me, you’re gonna have ‘The Age Of Revolution’ on a loop. Quite why the subject of Cricket should inspire a mix of skankin’ Hip-Hop and 20’s Jazz… I don’t know.

Major Lazer’s ‘Hold The Line’ is another of those partly annoying records that samples phone sounds, but is once again so damn good that you love it anyway. Mr. Lexx’s deep Dancehall vocals are complemented by Santigold’s backing lines.

‘Box ‘n’ Locks’ employs a timeless sample of the riff from Martha & the Muffins’ ‘Echo Beach’. Just by creating a new mix with that sample would be enough for me to certify this track as genius but then you’ve got MPHO’s superb vocals and lyrics too.

Since the sad demise of Larrikin Love, Edward Larrikin has been busy creating music under the new title The Pan I Am (I had an early demo on this site back in 2007). After much anticipation his debut release proper is a double A-side single of brilliant Indie/Electronica/Folk for fans of Patrick Wolf. My pick has to be the second cut ‘O.R.L.D’.

Thecocknbullkid’s ‘I’m Not Sorry’ is a delightful mix of Soul and Eghties Synth-Pop. Thecocknbullkid is London’s Anita Blay and her debut single ‘On My Own’ is also available.

Willie Isz is a Rap duo comprised of Jneiro Jarel and Goodie Mob’s Khujo Goodie. ‘Gawn Jet’ fuses fuzz Guitars, pounding beats, crunching Synths and fantastic rhymes.


Alela Diane MySpace / Purchase
Ant MySpace / Purchase
Bloc Party MySpace / Purchase
Robert Pollard MySpace / Purchase
Major Lazer MySpace / Purchase
MPHO MySpace / Purchase
The Duckworth Lewis Method MySpace / Purchase
The Pan I Am MySpace / Purchase
Thecocknbullkid MySpace / Purchase
Willie Isz MySpace / Purchase

Here is the video for Alela Diane’s ‘White As Diamonds’: