Grace Jones, Andrew Motion, The Royal Opera House, Thom Yorke, Shane Meadows… all at Latitude this weekend and I’m working so i’ll probably miss them all (not that Im complaining).
On Friday night Ill also be trying to look inconspicuous on the Film & Music stage having volunteered to do a bit of filming for Indie Ghetto (I didn’t notice the Pet Shop Boys were on at the same time when I said yes!!).
Back in January as part of a feature on DIY Music TV for BBC News, I hung round a gents toilet for a couple of hours to film Dan & Rick the makers of Indie Ghetto – a video series featuring indie acts recording hip-hop cover versions.  The clip above has La Shark covering Always On Time, and Alexis tackling Trick Me.
For Latitude, Indie Ghetto are going Live, with a host of guest acts trying their hand at the hiphop classics.  Turn up at 10.00 (Fri) to see among others, Alan Powell giving love for Beyonce (see below) and 21 poets covering So Solid.
Hip-Hop purists should probably look away!

lattitudeI was going to do a preview to the festival but then I discovered the Ipswich Calling website.
Visit it for myspace/google/amazon links to every band playing, along with performance times for all the stages.

Latitude 09 – Website / Twitter updates

Unofficial Latitude site / iphone artist list by stage site / Calender for weekend including create your own personal festival plan option.

Drowned In Sound’s excellent Latitude preview / BBC Suffolk Latitude

Latitude Twitters:
BBC Suffolk / Writer Jon Ronson / Mark Thomas / Comedian Robin Ince / Maggie Philbin
You can also follow Music Like Dirt but to be honest I won’t be spending my whole time tweeting (and my phones battery will be dead by Friday night). See this amusing post on the Latitude forum for an alternative view of twitter.

A few Latitude related MP3’s:

Hjaltalín – “Traffic Music” (MP3)
Jeffrey Lewis & Laura Marling – “Brain Damage (Eminem cover)” (MP3) – Jeffrey replaces the ill Lightspeed Champion’s Harold & Maude covers set.
PolarBear – “David (Player Piano mix)” (MP3) / “Creatures Of Habit” (MP3)
Alela Diane – “White As Diamonds” (MP3)
DM Stith – “Pity Dance” (MP3)

But Latitude is about more than just the band stages:
Jeremy Warmsley and Little Words will be playing the songs of Tom Waits and Daniel Johnson
Poet Nathan Jones teams up with The Wave Machines
Jeffrey Lewis gives a lecture on The Watchmen
Pre-release screening of Shane Meadows “Le Donk” followed by Q&A with Shane, and Paddy Considine.